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    Try our development release by checking "Development Release" on the TRiBot Loader. Note that these new features are currently in beta. This release features: Re-sizable mode support for both LG and the regular client Slightly improved login bot Removed final access modifiers from API classes Added RSServer hook wrapper to get the client's cached list of server/world info [NEW] Bug fix for intelligent banking [NEW] Improvement to the stability of LG over time [NEW] Vastly improved the reliability and speed of Screen#getColorAt on both LG and the regular client [NEW] Fix LG login problems [NEW] Fixed re-sizable mode container bug [NEW] Fixed re-sizable mode mouse bug [NEW] Use of public constants in the Banking API [NEW] Use of other various constants such as Projection#NULL_PT and Screen#EMPTY_COLOR More features to come very soon! Please test it and let us know here if there are any new bugs introduced in this release.
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    Updated world hopper Added firewall disable feature, both by command line and TRiBot settings Fixed Grand Exchange offer bug Added better support for detecting resizable mode TRiBot Firewall Settings There has been a number of requests for a feature to completely disable the firewall. We've included this feature in the general settings menu for your convenience. By default the firewall will still be enabled. This comes along with a few other bug fixes; including a GE bug that didn't allow users to purchase items, a world hopper update, and a more accurate method to detect resizable mode.
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    It seems like the update today broke a number of things with the TRiBot client. We are working hard to determine exactly what is broken and apply patches as soon as possible. In the meantime feel free to leave reports in this thread. I will be updating this thread as I get new information. Edit: 10:50PM MST. The hooks have been fixed but there seems like there are some other roadblocks we are looking into fixing. The encoding and other things seems to have changed for Game Objects. I'm not too sure about the technical details and I'm trying not bother TRiLeZ while he is working on a fix. I will give y'all another update in the morning. Like always if the fix takes longer than 24 hours we will provide compensation. Edit: 4:53PM MST. It seems like we are close to pushing a fix for normal TRiBot, but Looking Glass may take a bit longer to fix. I'm hoping it's possible to do a patch that fixes normal TRiBot soon.
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    This release features: Re-sizable mode support for both LG and the regular client Slightly improved login bot Removed final access modifiers from API classes Added RSServer hook wrapper to get the client's cached list of server/world info Bug fix for intelligent banking Improvement to the stability of LG over time Vastly improved the reliability and speed of Screen#getColorAt on both LG and the regular client Fix LG login problems Fixed re-sizable mode container bug Fixed re-sizable mode mouse bug Use of public constants in the Banking API Use of other various constants such as Projection#NULL_PT and Screen#EMPTY_COLOR We have much more in development to be released through the next few weeks! Stay tuned
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    This update will: Fix the RSMenuNode bug which also fixes the bug with bank opening Fix the incorrect object positions bug Fix and re-enable the LG Objects API Accelerator Fix the RSObject#getAllTiles bug
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    Fluffee's Server Setup 2.0 [BETA] As some of you may know, I released an automated server setup script a little over a year ago. Albeit that script worked well, I was never fully satisfied with it, as I found it to be kind of messy to use. As a result, I rewrote the script, and restructured it, to add more, and stronger support for the different versions of Debian, the different versions of CentOS and the different versions of Ubuntu. However, with so many different Operating Systems being supported, and many different server providers having different setups, it's hard for me to test every possible scenario on my own. Which is why I've been privately handing this script out, and am now publicly looking for help. What does the script do? Similar to my previous setup script, this script changes the SSH port and creates a new user for connecting and using the server and disables root SSH connections; it installs the latest version of TightVNC Server (1.3.10) and sets that up with the desired port and password. It installs JDK 102 (32 or 64 bit depending on the OS), and installs TRiBot and OSBuddy and sets up the appropriate .jar file associations. What operating systems does it support? - CentOS (6.x and 7.x) (32 and 64 bit) - Debian (7.x and 8.x) (32 and 64 bit) - Ubuntu (12.x, 14.x and 16.x) (32 and 64 bit) Does it work? As far as I know, yes it does in fact work, and it works well if I might add. However, given that I can't test every possible setup, there is the potential for differences and issues, which is why I need help. I want to beta test, how can I help? The next time you setup a server, or if you just want to reinstall your old one, use this new script and let me know if you encounter any issues or things that you think are missing. Ideally, after you answer the questions the script prompts you for, you shouldn't have to touch the keyboard again. Therefore, if during installation the script prompts you for any kind of input that isn't the first few questions, please let me know as this is probably not supposed to happen. Also, if things don't work, like TRiBot doesn't open, there's no internet browser, LG won't hook, etc. make me aware of those issues as well, so I can try and fix them! I've found a bug, what do you need from me? A few things, I'll need the operating system and bit type and a description of the bug. I may ask you for SSH access to the server, as well as ask you to reinstall the server a few times, while I attempt to troubleshoot the issue. The issues may only arise on your server, so I might not be able to recreate the issue on my end, as my hosting provider may have a different server setup than your's. I've added in a bug report format below which would be the best way to report a bug, but simply shooting me a PM or messaging me on Skype also work, assuming you're willing to allow me to troubleshoot. How do I run the script? Login as root to a fresh VPS/dedi running one of the supported operating systems. From there run the commands listed below and follow the onscreen instructions. For those who would like to see the script's code, it can be found on my bitbucket here. The commands to run are as follows: wget --no-check-cert https://bitbucket.org/Fluffee/fluffees-server-setup/raw/master/fluffees-server-setup.sh && chmod +x fluffees-server-setup.sh && bash fluffees-server-setup.sh -v Version History
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    Improved web walker clicking accuracy Improved Clickable#click accuracy and made it also use RSModel's human clicking point generation algorithm. Clicking now uses DynamicClicking upon models when the entity's model isn't null. DynamicClicking is now the default clicking method used by Clicking.
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    This release will: Fix Settings UI placement bug Fix game object location bug Fix small layout bug making the client shift up and down Fix client crashing bug where loading the client with a small display area will cause the client to crash Fix annoying Linux bug relating to painting events and peers Fix settings saving bug where settings are saved to disk more often than they should Fix RSInterface#isBeingDrawn bug affecting a limited amount of people Drop Java 1.7 bytecode version for 1.8 Important: Since the downloadable RS client uses Java 7, it will no longer be compatible with Looking Glass. To make up for this, we will add support for using other clients such as RuneLite (at a later date). This change was necessary to allow us to use Java 8 syntax. It also paves the way for Java 9/10/11 support. Edit: Release 9.312_1 will: Fix LG GZIP error Fix Client Starter for Linux
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    Today we are unveiling our new TRiBot help desk. This will efficiently help new and old members alike get the help they need. While we have solely relied on community support in the past, we are now moving forward to ticketed support. The help desk gives us many amazing features; easy to find help articles, tickets with statuses, secure and private conversations with our moderators, and lots more! Furthermore it will speed up the time that it takes for our users to get the help they both need and deserve. Click here to visit it it. Advantages over the forums: Software designed to help users with common issues Private conversations for more personal support issues Keep our forums clean and less cluttered Easy to use self-service with an organized knowledge base A couple things to keep in mind: We are currently working on creating more support articles to be released steadily in the next few months We aren't replacing the forums by any means We are still experimenting with the man-power required to respond to all your support questions. Response time may vary over the next few weeks. Finally, Here's why it's good for our power users that don't have many TRiBot problems: Quickly check on the status of appeals / script submissions / applications Ask about updates on features/suggestions Report bugs and issues more efficiently Find support articles more quickly We strive to continue being the best botting platform, including customer support which is very lacking in this industry. We hope everyone will benefit from this decision. We have plenty coming soon, including command line integration (CLI) as an easy means to automatically start clients with specified configuration files.
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    A couple of things... 1) There has been an unwritten and ENFORCED rule that if you sell a 'lifetime' script, you must provide support for at least 6 months. 2) It seems the reason for this change is to target gold farmers. Then why the hell are you revoking my 1-instance lifetime Agility script? I purchased this because botting 1-99 agility takes over 250 hours (assuming you always get 50k + xp/hr which you don't). To keep it safe for my main account I have to bot it slowly over a long period of time (>1 year). Why not just cap the lifetime auth count per script? So if it really is big botters that are a problem, change the max auth count to 3 or 5 for lifetime purchases.So if they want to run 100 bots at a time, they have to buy 20 copies of the script... I think you can see the general consensus from users is that this is a shitty change for us, even if you are updating our subs for 1 year.
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    i've masturbated 9 times since the apocalypse
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    Vastly improved banking API intelligent withdraw/deposit Fixed a banking API deposit bug Updated substance look and feel to version 8.0.2
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    There was an investor (Ron Wayne) who sold his 10% share in Apple for USD 800 in 1976. Both him and the buyer agreed that it was fair price at that moment. Now that pack of stocks worth billions, it still does not mean that the buyer shall forfeit the deal, give back the stocks for free and then repurchase them from Wayne at the current market price.
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    Hello all, It seems that the latest update has broken an important aspect of TRiBot causing some scripts to not work properly or at all. We are working on a solution and will update when we can.
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    Hundreds of hours of work have been invested into this project. Probably the best Woodcutter on TRiBot ABC2 level 10 - full implementation Complex anti-ban system based on real human biometric data that emulates human behavior Full support for the Woodcutting Guild - script can also teleport there using a Skills necklace Redwood chopping Lumberjack outfit Infernal axe Beaver support Custom random-event dismissing system 5 different log disposal methods, including Firemaking and Fletching the chopped logs Automatically trades logs to the mule account - unlike other woodcutting scripts, this feature is offered completely free! Intelligent axe switching upon leveling up Buys axes from Grand Exchange Progressive mode: Tree switching upon leveling up Human-like inventory items re-arranging Support for re-sizable mode Looking glass compatibility Goldfarming tools CPU Optimization F2P Goldfarming support Interoperability with Bot Supplier & Mule script The ability to Save / Load / Quick-Load / Reset profiles Intuitive and user friendly GUI Custom World Hopper World switching if there are too many / any players nearby. This will maximize your profit or even allow you to avoid player reports entirely by automatically hopping worlds if someone is nearby. Dynamically changing paint and lots of visual cues that indicate the script's current state Custom Walking System Over 50 preset locations all over RuneScape and the ability to define your own custom areas Anti-Detection System: Train your account safe Einstein's Woodcutter implements Anti Ban Compliance version 2, level 10, which is the highest level possible. Based on statistical analysis of real human playing data Human-like reaction times generated by a complex algorithm that takes into account 9 different factors Unique profiling for every RuneScape account that runs this script Emulating typical human behavior through timed actions based on internal timers and game interaction preferences Furthermore, I have started to collect and analyze real human playing data in order to extend the functionality of ABC2. The code is updated and improved on a regular basis. Here is inventory items re-arranging, one of the human behavior emulating features of this script: (Left) The red dots represent points chosen by an algorithm for dragging and dropping items (Right) The script is taking the axe from its random position and places it at the top of the inventory, like most humans do The script was specifically designed to be as human-like as possible. New features are being added on a regular basis and the already existing features are improved based on more real human playing data. Woodcutting is notorious for its high ban-rate. No script can guarantee a ban-rate of 0, but Einstein's Woodcutter will give you the best odds against Jagex's automated data analysis system. Goldfarming Mode Many powerful goldfarming automation tools have been included into this script. Switching from the 'casual' to 'goldfarming' mode can be done through a single click on the User Interface. Full list of Goldfarming features: Updating and improving Einstein's Woodcutter This script is currently powered by over 5000 lines of code, but its size will continue to grow as I add more features. You as the user, are free to request features to be added. If I like your idea and consider it to be a positive addition, it will be added to the script. I don't care how much time and effort it takes, and I am completely determined to keep this software the most complex, up-to-date and loved Woodcutting script. Is this the best Woodcutting script on TRiBot? That is for you to decide: Casual botter: Goldfarmer:
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    Note: Does not work for resizable. https://bitbucket.org/snippets/Encoded/reBAbg
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    The following script payment methods are being removed: One Payment Auths Monthly Two Week One Month Two Month Three Month Six Month The reasons for this decision: Bot farmers taking advantage of unlimited script instances, costing us more money than what we get from them. Most of our revenue comes from individuals whom run one or two instances at a time. Then there are bot farmers whom pay $8 for VIP-E and use an unlimited script instance purchase which they purchased years ago. These bot farmers consume most of our computing resources compared to all other users. It doesn't make sense for us to support bot farmers in this way when they are costing more than the revenue they bring in. This loss of profit from bot farmers taking advantage of unlimited script instances ultimately is being paid for by the majority of TRiBot users. When we lose money from allowing bot farmers to carry on with not contributing their fair share, there's less money for us to spend on development, support, and various projects. Scripters are less inclined to provide adequate support when they're expected to provide long-term support for scripts which are no longer making them any money. Removing these script payment methods will force scripters to be more responsible and accountable for their scripts and customers. Script prices are expected to decline for users whom only run one or two instances while increase for bot farmers running 10+ accounts. Since the former represents most of our customer base, these new prices will be more fair overall for users. We are using the increased revenue flow to hire more developers, like how @Todd was recently hired as a developer, provide better support How are we providing better support? FreshDesk is being setup to better allow us to handle customer issues, emails, and tickets. We are also writing guides to be included in an easy to use, frequently updated knowledge base. After it has been setup, we will be hiring some support staff to actively work as an agent behind the help desk software. What kind of projects are coming? A few weeks ago, we hired a team of experts to redesign our back-end systems, front-end for repository, and back-end API endpoints for TRiBot to communicate. This will then allow us to more easily maintain our web services as well as introduce new features, or bring back old ones such as the bot panel. The project is expected to be completed within a few months, and is currently on schedule. Sneak peeks are soon to come. Old, outdated, or bug filled components of TRiBot are to be overhauled and redone progressively over the course of the year. A total remake of the TRiBot client is going to being development starting late Spring, which will address all of the problems TRiBot currently suffers from. The new client will have a fresh, responsive new UI, a new scripting API with a much, much better design than the current one, better anti-ban, overall better mouse movements for all users (not just VIP-E), more overall stability, better automated testing and code review to prevent issues, and lots more. Many of you may of heard TRiBot was getting a new client years ago. That was the plain, but unfortunately the developer behind it (not me nor any of the other TRiBot admins) disappeared due to personal issues, and misled me about his software engineering and general programming abilities. This project was abandoned last year. Do not let the development of a new client make you think the current version of TRiBot isn't going to keep getting updated. I will keep working on it, and Todd's main focus is on maintaining the current version of TRiBot. It's possible for us to not have to focus on only one project. What happens to previous unlimited or lifetime script purchases? All premium unlimited or lifetime script purchases will be converted over in the following manner: Those non-private script sales which have occurred in the past 6 months will automatically get converted over to 1-year script instances starting from the time of purchase. The running instance count will remain the same as to what was purchased. This is longer than what is stated in the point below because at the time of purchase, the customers would have believed they were getting more than they're actually going to get. To make it more fair for them, they are getting a longer time period. Those non-private script sales which have occurred previous to the past 6 months will automatically get converted to 6-month instances, starting from today. The running instance count will remain the same as to what was purchased. Private script instance purchases will be capped at 100 running instances. I hope everyone will deem these changes as fair, TRiLeZ
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    I actually played the game today without a bot for the first time and almost died (in the game). Please fix so I don't have to go through that experience ever again.
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    This release features: Replacement of Random (which uses a linear congruential formula) with SecureRandom with the RNG methods in the General API. This will prevent possible detection of bots through the flaw in the linear congruential formula. Fix resizable mode client crashing bug Add support for side panels in resizable mode Make better use of caching with minimap projection Add better detection of trade windows Add better viewport detection for resizable mode Fix broken hooks with today's OSRS client update
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    Hi all, I'm currently in the process of rewriting this script to add some additional, theoretical antiban features as well as tidy up the code a fair bit. I'm also adding in a much nicer GUI to replace the old Swing UI I had. While I have a decent list of things I'd like to add, I'd like to gather as much input as possible, as it's always easier to add new features while things are being designed, versus adding major features after the fact. My current list of new features to add is as follows, but I'd love to have some extra ideas should anyone have them: Add support for specifying your proxy to use during account creation and captcha solving. Unsure if this actually makes a difference as TRiBot (as far as I know) proxifies the account creation, but doing it manually can't hurt. Add support for specifying user agent, and other HTTP request headers during account creation to make the creation requests look human. Add other captcha site support, outside of just 2Captcha. I don't think this serves any purpose outside of variety, perhaps some services are faster than others. Save/Load script settings, specify profile as a script argument. Remove the old script argument format, no more specifying values for each setting. Current accounts online tracker, per user and globally. This is a wishful feature, and I won't be prioritizing it in the slightest. I just think it's neat, but it adds 0 functional value. Remove dax webwalker, replace with TRiBot walking methods. As I don't currently pay for a private key for Dax's walker, I don't like throwing a ton of calls at the public key for distances of like 20 tiles (which is most of the walking on Tutorial Island). Will be using custom pathing, not TRiBot Web Walker (as it doesn't support Tutorial Island anyways, but I also want more control). Custom login bot to detect account locks Character Style customization Specify what the account should look like when creating (if you wanted an army of clones) Specify the order in which the creation buttons are pressed (top to bottom, random, etc.) Specify gender Getting Started Customization Choose answer to account age option Option to disable sound in game (sound will be disabled for the client via the script) Choose Spacebar for chat, numbers for chat, click continue with numbers, spacebar with click options, click everything Choose to click door early to skip dialog Option to navigate entire island without the minimap (In my head I picture this fitting accounts attempting to be called new players) Option to drop supplies and things as we're done with them to reduce weight Option to enable shift dropping on Tutorial Island Option to enable esc to close interfaces Survival Customization Option to catch two fish before cooking Option to only use your fire Option to level skills to level 3 before leaving Cook Customization Option to follow path on minimap, or just take quickest path to door Mining Customization Choose which rock to prospect first Choose which rock to mine first Option to level skills to level 3 Combat customization I was going to add options to level combat skills to 3, but I'm pretty sure you can't kill more than two rats (only one for melee, and then one for ranged). Banking Customization Deposit all items in inventory while at bank, deposit worn items while at bank and/or deposit no items Close poll booth by clicking minimap, or by clicking x/esc Close bank by clicking x or by clicking minimap Navigate to poll booth by turning screen or by minimap Post Tutorial Island More location support Custom locations I also plan to iron out any of the bugs I'm aware of (which aren't many); however, I'm sure the new release will have some of it's own bugs I'll need to solve as the time comes. Please feel free to respond here or shoot me a message with any additional features, I'd like to add as much as possible while I'm at it Here's a picture of the new GUI which is mostly done! Gotta love JavaFX and JFoenix. The colours and some particulars may change, but for the most part I'm pleased with it! However, feel free to offer little suggestions on that as well (GUIs take me a while, so I won't be taking big redesign suggestions for it).
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    Try our development release by checking "Development Release" on the TRiBot Loader. Note that these new features are currently in beta. This release features: Re-sizable mode support for both LG and the regular client Slightly improved login bot Removed final access modifiers from API classes Added RSServer hook wrapper to get the client's cached list of server/world info Bug fix for intelligent banking Improvement to the stability of LG over time More features to come very soon! Please test it and let us know here if there are any new bugs introduced in this release.
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    This release includes: Banking update fix Cache loader bug fix When TRiBot detects the cache reader has issues loading the cache, it will reload it all. This fixes the problem of loading an old cache which is re-written after loading a new client update. Edit: _3 includes: Fixed the bank withdraw issue Added intelligent withdraw/deposit In certain cases, the bot will now select "Withdraw-All" or other options instead of "Withdraw-X" (same for deposit). Edit: _4 includes: Other banking bug fixes
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    Minor fixes for world hopper and login bot. Added ability to start TRiBot from command line, in beta. TRiBot CLI Client Starter There has been a number of requests for a feature to allow users to start TRiBot from the command line. We have developed a feature that will hopefully allow users managing large bot-farms to save time and frustration, and launch their clients from the command line. This feature will allow you to configure a bot farm on one machine, then, copy and paste that same configuration to any other machine. It is worth noting that this feature still needs a bit of testing and will be getting some love as we collect feedback in this thread. Known features that are not working: Script Arguments Tribot deleting XSD and XML files Bugs with proxy usage These features will be fixed very soon, we are also going to be adding these additional features: Command Line Arguments (No XML file needed) Full Linux Support For more information on how this works and how to try this out, please see our helpdesk article: http://help.tribot.org/support/solutions/articles/36000032862--advanced-how-to-use-cli-arguments-to-start-tribot-beta-
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    -To start off, I've put more than $200+ and almost 5 years into TRIBOT. This is a place I'd call home, but this amendment to lifetime purchases is atrocious. You can seriously do a better job at keeping the lifetime auth's for people like me---who bot on only 1 or 2 accs at a time--- because 6 months to a year's access is absolute trash. LIMIT THE INSTANCES. NOT THE TIME. People should have access to lifetime auths for 1 account! I shouldn't have to buy private scripts to bot on a single account for an unlimited amount of time, especially when I'm already paying for VIP-Extended each month! This would be understandable if I had a 50+ fleet of minature bob's running around 24/7, but I'm a one-man Roo army over here. -Most of the scripters who have lifetime auths available are limited to 1 instance at a time anyways, and the scripters that do/did most likely had their scripts priced that way to compete with other scripters AT THE TIME. There is LITTLE TO ZERO COMPETITION AMONG SCRIPTERS NOW, so the few that are still left are free to set their prices to their personal likings without running into the previous problems of selling CHEAP, LIFETIME AUTHS WITH UNLIMITED INSTANCES. -As a business, I completely understand the implementation of these actions, but for the small time consumer like me, I'm getting completely fucked. I'll be spending 25$ a month to maintain 1-2 skilled accounts because I bot 10+ skills a month at a max of 5 hours a day to avoid bot detection. To get the stats that I want, I have to bot over an extremely long period of time and make sure to switch activities multiple times a day. Buying monthly subscriptions is ludicrous for me. Simply put, I'll most likely be going elsewhere after this 6 month period and most likely will be seriously considering quitting OSRS altogether. I don't play this game to make $, I play it for the nostalgia. How much is nostalgia worth to me? I guess we'll find out. ******You need to GRANDFATHER LIFETIME PURCHASES and make an amendment to LIMIT ACCOUNTS TO 1 INSTANCE!!!!!
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    would be cool if tribot made an official CLI