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    The OSRS client had an overhaul of how the game canvas is displayed a few revisions ago. This caused some technical problems with TRiBot, primarily because our client is 100% reflection based and we can't use the simple "canvas hack" like injection bots can. This resulted in me having to redesign the system which renders TRiBot's game image and overlay painting. That is the reason for the delay in getting this update out. I thank everyone for their patience. Summary: Fixed the flicker bug Minor improvement in efficiency / CPU usage Fixed the "null source" bug
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    a serious video message for @TRiLeZ TRileZ please come back, sunshine! TRileZ don't be so lazy! TRileZ hire more developers! TRileZ mod Butta! Behind the scene:
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    This release features: Looking Glass fix. LG is not affected by the flickering issue like the regular client is. Performance improvements to the regular client which came about with the latest update to the RS client. Fix for the login bot where it wouldn't recognize an incorrect username or password has been entered. The regular client still suffers from the flickering issue. Fixing this is now my top priority.
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    This update includes: Fix to destination hooks Updated world list in the world hopper Banking API bug fix Combat API bug fix Magic API bug fix Compensation for the downtime over the past few days as well as the downtime earlier this year is being applied to all current VIP(E) members and members whose VIP(E) expired during the downtime earlier this year. The extension is going to be one month. A new thread will be made announcing the compensation after it has been processed. Please keep all unrelated comments/questions off this thread.
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    Fixed clicking/uptext/choose option bugs Fixed minimap clicking bug Updated the world hopper
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    This release contains: Fixed the login bot for the Lava screen. Thanks go to Todd. Added some additional cases for the login bot's message handling system. Small improvement tot he World Hopper thanks to Todd. Looking Glass has nearly been fixed, but we're still working on perfecting the fix to prevent potential problems experienced by users. A fix to the flickering issue will be released shortly after.
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    Fluffee's Server Setup 2.0 [BETA] As some of you may know, I released an automated server setup script a little over a year ago. Albeit that script worked well, I was never fully satisfied with it, as I found it to be kind of messy to use. As a result, I rewrote the script, and restructured it, to add more, and stronger support for the different versions of Debian, the different versions of CentOS and the different versions of Ubuntu. However, with so many different Operating Systems being supported, and many different server providers having different setups, it's hard for me to test every possible scenario on my own. Which is why I've been privately handing this script out, and am now publicly looking for help. What does the script do? Similar to my previous setup script, this script changes the SSH port and creates a new user for connecting and using the server and disables root SSH connections; it installs the latest version of TightVNC Server (1.3.10) and sets that up with the desired port and password. It installs JDK 102 (32 or 64 bit depending on the OS), and installs TRiBot and OSBuddy and sets up the appropriate .jar file associations. What operating systems does it support? - CentOS (6.x and 7.x) (32 and 64 bit) - Debian (7.x and 8.x) (32 and 64 bit) - Ubuntu (12.x, 14.x and 16.x) (32 and 64 bit) Does it work? As far as I know, yes it does in fact work, and it works well if I might add. However, given that I can't test every possible setup, there is the potential for differences and issues, which is why I need help. I want to beta test, how can I help? The next time you setup a server, or if you just want to reinstall your old one, use this new script and let me know if you encounter any issues or things that you think are missing. Ideally, after you answer the questions the script prompts you for, you shouldn't have to touch the keyboard again. Therefore, if during installation the script prompts you for any kind of input that isn't the first few questions, please let me know as this is probably not supposed to happen. Also, if things don't work, like TRiBot doesn't open, there's no internet browser, LG won't hook, etc. make me aware of those issues as well, so I can try and fix them! I've found a bug, what do you need from me? A few things, I'll need the operating system and bit type and a description of the bug. I may ask you for SSH access to the server, as well as ask you to reinstall the server a few times, while I attempt to troubleshoot the issue. The issues may only arise on your server, so I might not be able to recreate the issue on my end, as my hosting provider may have a different server setup than your's. I've added in a bug report format below which would be the best way to report a bug, but simply shooting me a PM or messaging me on Skype also work, assuming you're willing to allow me to troubleshoot. How do I run the script? Login as root to a fresh VPS/dedi running one of the supported operating systems. From there run the commands listed below and follow the onscreen instructions. For those who would like to see the script's code, it can be found on my github here. The commands to run are as follows: wget --no-check-cert https://bitbucket.org/Fluffee/fluffees-server-setup/raw/master/fluffees-server-setup.sh && chmod +x fluffees-server-setup.sh && ./fluffees-server-setup.sh -v Version History
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    Updated world hopper Added firewall disable feature, both by command line and TRiBot settings Fixed Grand Exchange offer bug Added better support for detecting resizable mode TRiBot Firewall Settings There has been a number of requests for a feature to completely disable the firewall. We've included this feature in the general settings menu for your convenience. By default the firewall will still be enabled. This comes along with a few other bug fixes; including a GE bug that didn't allow users to purchase items, a world hopper update, and a more accurate method to detect resizable mode.
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    The latest update seemed to have not broken any hooks from a quick glance, but Jagex has changed the way the graphics are produced which broke some major areas of the client. I've implemented a temporary patch for the non-LG client. The game may flicker every once in a while, but it should work just fine. I'm still working on fixing LG. Since TRiBot is a pure reflection client, we face more obstacles than other injection-based bots. LG should have a patch released within the next few hours. The regular client should have a permanent fix released in the next week or two, but this permanent fix will really only fix the flickering issue. Edit: It turns out there have been multiple hooks which are not working. I've fixed a few of them, but there are also a few more that need fixing. I'll continue working on them tomorrow. Edit2: The broken hooks have been fixed. The regular client is now back in working order. LG is still out of commission and is expected to be fixed later tonight. Edit from Todd: Since this is a temporary patch we are aware there are certain users that will still be having issues. If you are still have issues feel free to leave a comment below in the following format. Operating System: Java Version: Issue I'm Having: What Script I'm trying to use:
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    Brief overview of what @TRiLeZ said over at the tribot discord chat. There might be an announcement later, but expect a fix to broken hooks soon.
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    Fluffee's Tutorial Island • Completes Tutorial Island • Supports loading of bulk accounts • Script Argument/Queue/Client Starter support • Tons of customization options • Random account profiling • Full ABC2 support • Post tutorial island tasks • Account Creation • Task based, chose the options for every account Get it here! GUI Instructions Script Arguments Script arguments must be entered as follows (with the following keys): accountPath:;friendsChat:;location:;items:;shiftDropping:;toggleRoofs:; An example script arguments setup can be found below, as well as an explanation of each key. For loading a single account, include only the line immediately below: accountUsername:Zezima;accountPassword:runescape;friendsChat:Mod_Mark;location:1;items:1;shiftDropping:1;toggleRoofs:1 For starting the script with an already logged in account, use the single account line with the accounts username and password, makeup a username and password, or pass an empty but existing text file. For loading accounts, include the line only the line immediately below: accountPath:\accounts.txt;friendsChat:Mod_Mark;location:1;items:1;shiftDropping:1;toggleRoofs:1; For creating accounts, include the line only the line immediately below: emailUsername:[S5][S5][N1];emailDomain:pokemail.net;rsUsername:FTI-SameUsername.;password:PASSWORD;captchaKey:2CAPTCHAKEY;numberOfAccounts:2;noTutorial:true; Script argument explanation: Source
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    Thread needs to be updated. Basic overview: - ABCv2 - Preset locations - Custom locations - Mouse Key Dropping - Shift Dropping - Bird Nest support - Progressive mode (and axe upgrading) coming soon Want to help keep this script up to date? Encoded gladly accept OSRS gold and bond donations.
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    I've recently received a PM from a user asking for scripting advice. His code made me contemplate suicide. I'm writing this tutorial in an attempt to prevent this from happening again in the future. Einstein's Scripting Tutorial This tutorial covers the basics and it's aimed at users with very little / no knowledge on this subject. Knowing some basic Java will definitely help, but is not required. After reading this tutorial, you will be able to write your own basic Tribot scripts. Let's get started! What exactly is a script? According to Wikipedia, scripts are "programs written for a special run-time environment that automate the execution of tasks that could alternatively be executed one-by-one by a human operator". Sounds familiar? In our case, the special run-time environment is the Tribot client. Needless to say, scripts written for Tribot will not work outside it. Executing a .class file from your desktop will have no effect. You need to start a Tribot instance and feed it a script in order get things working. So you can view scripts as a set of instructions that you want your bots to execute. Instructions such as: go to bank kill a goblin move the camera chop down a tree Adding rules to the instructions will allow them to be executed when needed, for example: go to bank if the inventory is full kill a goblin if my player is not in combat etc. Let's take a step back New programmers get very quickly overwhelmed by the avalanche of new symbols, keywords, { } [ ] ( ) ; : ... -> ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (ok, the last one is not part of the Java syntax) Be aware of this pitfall and don't get stuck. Any kind of software, as complex and cryptic as it may seem at first, it's really just a set of instructions. In order to understand how simple programming really is, let's take a step back and abstract Tribot/Runescape. Consider the following script that you probably ran today IRL, without even being aware of it. The comments (green) are ignored by the compiler, I included them just to make matters more clear. ("!" - means "NOT" ) Writing a script that will be executed by Tribot A. The setup: Steps 2 to 5 will be repeated every time you write a new script. Step 1 will only be repeated if Eclipse tries to hack you. 1. Download any Java IDE. If you need a tutorial for this, maybe you should find another hobby. 2. Create new project, the name is irrelevant. 3. Go to Java Built Path (depends on IDE) > add extrenal JAR > navigate to .tribot\dependancies > add "TRiBot.jar" 4. Create a new package called scripts (lowercase 's'). 5. Create a new class, again the name is irrelevant. If your setup looks like this, then you are ready to move on. B. The Actual coding: Now that you finished the setup, you are finally ready to start coding. Simply make your class extend Script (uppercase S). This will generate two different errors. 1. Just use the IDE's auto import shortcut, if you are using Eclipse, it's Ctrl + Shift + O. 2. Click the error warning > "Add unimplemented methods" Things should look like this at this point. The run() method will be called automatically when you press in the Tribot client. The instructions contained within the run() method will be executed in sequence, from top to bottom (blue arrow). If all the instructions are executed, the script will stop. In order to prevent the script from stopping after it reaches the end of the method body, we will write all the instructions inside a infinite loop - while(true). When control flow reaches the end of the loop, it will simply return to the top. That's all. Now the only thing you have to do in order to make this script useful, is to add instructions and set rules for them. Refer to the Tribot API for a complete list of instructions. https://tribot.org/doc/ Running the script Your IDE will automatically compile the .java files into .class files. Navigate to your workspace (the location of your project) and copy the .class files. Paste them in C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\.tribot\bin\scripts. If you packaged the script correctly, it will appear in the script list when you press . Note: By declaring a script manifest (see below), you will be able to define a custom script category, such as "Testing", "Goldfarming", "Trading" etc. Actual script example I never imagined that I would actually publish this. If I remember correctly, this is my first script. I've modified a few things for simplicity's sake and I've commented every line of code. Note: This modified version is not tested. Edit: Code will soon be modified. Line 51: The null check is not necessary, as potato[0] is guaranteed to be non-null Why did I named the potato-gathering method abuse? Null Pointer Exception / Array Index Out of Bounds Exception Anyway, I think the commented code is self explanatory. The only lines that I would like to further explain are: Edit: Code will be added soon. Thanks @Assume. Two of the most common exceptions you must be aware of while scripting are Null Pointer Exception and Array Index Out of Bounds Exception. They are both runtime exceptions and refer to a very similar thing (NPE: the reference variable points to nothing; index: you are trying to access a non existing index). The idea is that you cannot perform actions upon something that doesn't exist. Consider the following table. If you give a human the instruction "Give me the apple on the table". He/she will tell you that there is no apple on the table. (probably) Give a Java program the same instruction, and it will "tell" you the exact same thing in a form of a thrown exception, a printed stack trace followed by the program's termination. Tips Learn Java before getting into scripting. Read the whole API a few times: https://tribot.org/doc/ The only way to become proficient at this is by practicing. Solve problems as simple and as natural as possible. Don't over-complicate things. Methods should only do one thing. Try to keep them under 30 lines of code. Any kind of non-trivial script requires a framework. Avoid using static variables. Read open source scripts. Write scripts because because you enjoy doing it. Have fun; experiment with code. The end Thank you for reading my basic scripting tutorial and I hope you learned something from it. If you need any help with your scripts, or you just want to harass someone, feel free to send me a PM.
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    Compensation for the downtime over the past few days as well as the downtime earlier this year has been applied to all current VIP(E) members and members whose VIP(E) expired during the downtime earlier this year. The extension was one month.
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    First let me say that I've bought a total of $1630 credits since I've been on this website. Some of it has gone to private scripts, some of it to monthly auths and some to lifetime. Plus add about $200 more in VIP. I'm sorry but I'm honestly flabbergasted with this change. It simply does not even make sense. 1. Tribot doesn't even support CLI, what kind of client in 2018 doesn't support CLI. The client starter is very slow to use as well as only working on windows. 2. I currently own 12 instances of daxhunter that I paid $180 for lifetime. plus other different lifetime scripts. You're telling me I'm going to lose $180 for nothing?$30 for 2 instances lifetime that's the price dax deemed agreeable back in the day and it was a fair price. There's absolutely no reason for me to lose access to my previous purchases. If you want to make these changes sure do them but keep it only from this point on. 3. Also how do some people running more instances lose you profit? That doesn't make sense, as long as they're paying for VIP. How exactly are they using more "resources". Please do explain this point as it's not clear to me. Maybe since they aren't paying more for each instance you aren't gaining the same percentage per bot? 4. Also my private scripts will now be capped at 100 instances, that's some unfair treatment. I've invested a lot into private scripts on this site. 5. I do not agree with these price changes at all, they don't go well with gold-farming, it's already extremely difficult and gold prices are going down. 6. If you want to cater to the regular user that's completely fine. But please understand that there is competition, it's no longer only tribot. There are other sites that you have to take in mind when pricing. 7. Botting is not as simple as buy script = profit. There's a huge time investment in setting things up, figuring out bans, knowing what works and what doesn't, a huge risk as you have to assume all initial costs on servers/proxies/bonds. Possibility of having mules banned and not being able to sell items botted or rwt. In conclusion I honestly feel robbed, I invested a lot of money into this platform and supported it for years, that was the price we agreed on when I made my purchases and this being changed now feels completely disheartening. I think if you want to do the changes go ahead but it must be from this day on, since we made the agreements at a certain price which reflected what the scripter deemed it worth. Scripts were priced back then accordingly, us old users losing access is not acceptable. Please reconsider this.
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    pls trilez god savior of osrs, producer of mobile bot maybe pls fix so i can eat. real hungry no money 4 food. ty also take long myb compensation? idk wuld b cool
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    Model grabbing code is now back up to full speed Fixed some client lagging issues Added some RS world IPs to the firewall exclusion list
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    So here's a dev update as far as I understand it. Runescape updated their client to regularly destroy the canvas of the game screen. This is what causes the flickering effect in some botting clients right now. They also added a request focus for the window, which is also causing some API problems. Looking glass is special in the sense that we have to emulate lots of 'canvas accessories' on both sides. Which is going to be much harder now that the canvas is literally being destroyed every few seconds. We have a plan of attack it just requires time and energy to make sure that everything is 100% human like. What's the point of LG if we shortcut it and make it easily detectable. This will be the only update till probably Wednesday night. Compensation is being discussed i'll have an update for that too.
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    kidding lol... the owner of this website has a shit computer?? 10 likes and im giving my credits away to a random person
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    50 hours and 2 gallons of coffee later... How does this script work? Trains 11 different skills as follows: Sets a random skill target for combat and gathering skills (min/max values are optimized for each skill). The processing skills (cooking, smithing etc.) are trained using the gathered resources (ores, logs etc.), until the raw materials are depleted. The skills are trained randomly. Switches to a random task every 5 to 15 minutes. (Note: can pick the same task) Despite the randomness, certain rules are followed in order to train effectively (e.g. it can only train cooking after we are done fishing. However, after fishing is done, there is no guarantee that it will start cooking or it will go mining etc.). Skills supported at the moment: How to use the script: Start the script anywhere, it will automatically gather all the items it needs to complete all tasks. Do not supply the bot with high tiers tools, it will only use bronze and iron. What not to suggest / not bugs: Change the Draynor fishing spot - No. Even with the occasional deaths caused by the dark wizards, the Draynor fishing spot remains the best place for fishing. An efficient combat fail-safe has been implemented, but even if the bot dies, it only takes ~ 55 seconds to get back from Lumbridge to the fishing spot. Fixed set of levels instead of random-picked targets - No. Thousands of accounts with the exact same levels may not be the best idea, given the heuristic nature of bot detection. Walking is broken! - This script uses TRiBot's built in webwalking system. I might change this on a future release, however there are other dev. priorities for this script.
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    I would like to congratulate @Todd on joining the development team. Expect great things from him!
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    Hello, I wrote this script at quest release, however I never got around to finalizing and posting it. It is in mostly one class, however it should still be quite readable. It is built using the EnumScript framework which I quite like. Features include: Start the script at any step or anywhere in RuneScape that is supported by Dax's WebWalker. Arguments for house favor and skill lamp selections. By default, Arceuus house is chosen and the skills chosen are randomized. If you provide arguments, it will not randomize. Requirements: Only requirement is to have 1 feather or 2 gp. Arguments instructions: (important for customization!) Script can be found here: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/2569 Source can be found here: https://github.com/FALSkills/TribotScripts/tree/master/clientofkourend Thank you to @Final Calibur for his ACamera class, and @daxmagex for his WebWalker and included utility functions. Walking in RuneScape would be a pain without you!
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    9.305_7: Added new world IPs to the firewall Fixed the bug where the updating process was taking a lot longer than usual Fixed the message listening bug 9.305_8: Updated the world hopper to add the new worlds Fixed a bug in the world hopper where it would occasionally enter PvP worlds
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    Looking glass able to be repaired? Was said to be fixed that night, I am patient, just wondering when I can be expected to be back at it.
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    I'm currently fixing an issue where our client painting isn't working anymore since Jagex changes the way the graphics are produced. This shouldn't take long.
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    With the money he makes here, he should have a few max spec PCs.... lol........
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    Improved web walker clicking accuracy Improved Clickable#click accuracy and made it also use RSModel's human clicking point generation algorithm. Clicking now uses DynamicClicking upon models when the entity's model isn't null. DynamicClicking is now the default clicking method used by Clicking.
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    http://encodedscripting.com/ Auto Wintertodt Pro subdues the Wintertodt located on Zeah for profitable firemaking experience. This is a dangerous activity. Do not bot with any items you are not willing to lose! Requirements: - 50+ Firemaking Recommended: - 21+ Woodcutting w/ Mithril axe if fletching - 41+ Woodcutting w/ Rune axe if not fletching Current Options: - Fletching - Lighting Brazier - Fixing Brazier - Idling at 500 Points Braziers Supported: - South West - South East Food Supported: - Any item with the "Eat" option, including cakes. - Wine - Saradomin brews if using item id. ABC2 ABCL 10 Dragon axe special attack supported. Purchase: 6 credits/month for 3 instances. 8 credits/month for 5 instances. 90 minute monthly trial; try it before you buy it! Note: Instances are the amount of accounts that can be ran simultaneously. Click here to purchase. Progress Reports: Dynamic Signatures: Usage Guidelines: Have roofs disabled and camera at max zoom. Food name must be the exact name when inputting it in the GUI. Must have all required items at script start: - Axe equipped or in inventory. - Tinderbox in inventory. - Knife in inventory (only if fletching). - Hammer in inventory (only if fixing brazier). Client freezing when starting the script? Add wintertodt.encodedscripting.com and to TRiBot's firewall always allow. Script Support: https://discord.gg/FDnMbkU
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    Updated world hopper Improved CPU usage Improved long-term memory usage Removal of Bot Panel integration TRiBot Bot Control Panel is being shutdown This feature is hardly used and keeping it running requires too many resources. We have decided that the best decision is to reallocate our resources in a way which benefits TRiBot users the most. We plan to re-introduce the Bot Control Panel sometime next year, being better optimized to use less resources, and to provide more working features. But this is low priority. We apologize for any troubles this may cause to the few people whom still use the bot control panel.
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    Today I will showcase a new project I've been working on for a while now. This thread is intended for developmental suggestions and questions. There is a free beta available, to check it out, join the Discord server linked at the bottom of this post. =========================================================================== LAN Bot Manager - the next revolution in bot farming. Adds muling support to ANY script available on the repository. Automatically replace accounts that are banned. From an account that has never logged in to money on your mule with one click. Create a progressive mode for any script. Run any number of scripts after each other and quit when you want them to. In short, LAN Bot Manager will run in the background and is capable of starting and stopping other scripts from the repository, it can then decide to pause the script and take back control to do anything it wants. This creates endless possibilities for you and your bot farm. Compatible with ANY script that is available on the repository. Compatible with local & private scripts. Compatible with premium script trials. Proxies and breaking support. It manages your farm so you don't have to. Proxy per account: 'attach' a proxy to an account, so that it will always use that proxy when botting. Pick which accounts do what, for example: you can have 10 accounts on fishing, 25 on mining and 4 on woodcutting, etc. Easily scalable: settings are uploaded to the cloud so adding another server to your farm is as easy as installing TRiBot. No matter what an account does, only a single mule is needed. (but you can add more!) This script is useful from just 1 account to thousands. No external downloads, just activate this script like any other. Data is fetched from the TRiBot account manager, it's easy, recognizable and secure. Client starter support! Boot up your entire farm with one click. The only thing you have to do is add accounts and tell them where to bot! Note: if the script you want to use has a GUI, script argument support is required. Check the script thread or contact the author of the script if you are not sure. This script was designed with the GUI at its core, everything else was built around it to ensure that it is all set up as user friendly as possible. Below you can see some screenshot of how the gui looks. Currently working on: Planned features (after beta): FAQ I don't understand, what does this script do exactly? How do i get this? How much will this script cost? Will this script work with <script name>? How do i know if a script has argument support? How does it select which account it will run? Can i force a different account to be ran? What happens if one of my accounts is banned? How does muling work? Where do i have to park my mule? Can i use this script without muling? GUI Screenshot [ Script is still in development, some things are subject to change ] Feel free to express your thoughts/concerns/suggestions and whatnot below! Join this Discord server to join the BETA, keep track of updates or ask any questions
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    If you didn't a pea sized brain you would understand its not an issue of money, its how companies work when they have downtime, get off the forums if you're just gonna sit on here and reply making fun of genuine questions. Nobody here probably cares about 80 cents, thats besides the point.
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    Lord of the Bots: The Return of the King
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    Update: Compensation has been given, this thread will now be closed. Please refer to the compensation thread located here: As you know, we have recently experienced some downtime, first completely then partially. However, TRiBot is now up and running and you should have no problems going forward. Both LG and the normal client should be working without any issues. If you continue to experience an issue with a particular script then please message that script-writer to test it themselves, they can then open a bug report. Additionally, there are a few topics I would like to address that have been brought up to me in the last few weeks. 1. Compensation We are looking into compensating users for the down-time. This task involves our developers working full time to distinguish proper compensation. This hasn't been possible with the issues with the client. Our priority has always been client first. This will be addressed within the next week or so assuming there are no additional technical issues. 2. Communication There have been quite a few threads mocking the communication between the staff and users of TRiBot. In this, we would like to promote a compromise to our users under the following guidelines. Do not expect your voice to be heard in the unofficial TRiBot discord. Under no circumstances are moderators/admins expected to visit or take complaints/issues in this manner. Please post in the issues forum if you would like us to see the issue. During downtime, we will now be doing daily updates. This update may be a long technical explanation or just a short explanation with an update of the time/date. I will also be starting a new section on updates called 'TRiLeZ Upbeat', which will literally just be direct posts from TRiLeZ that are interesting or informational This has been the biggest break in the TRiBot updater in the past 7 years. Comparatively if you take our average up time we still decimate other bots. First and forth most we are a community and we don't want to lose anybody. We have some cool stuff planned coming soon for TRiBot and we hope you stick around to see it. TRiLeZ Upbeat
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    First basic computer problems (aka being lazy), and now chronic health issues caused by tribot. Maybe it's time to think about selling tribot or contracting out the development work. Tribot's biggest problem is the lackluster approach of the developers. Tribot could solve 99.9% of its problems if it was treated like a product instead of a hobby.
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    Go send out some resumes first.
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    Dude, is that seriously the only thing you can think about? Get a job man
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    Say it out loud. This may help you understand.
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    I decided to stop harassing users, and do something more productive instead. F2P Progressive Lobsters How to use this script: Create a new account / run a tutorial solver. Note: If you want to transfer the lobsters before the 18 hours of in-game time, use a quester to get 7QP. Simply trade 10k gold to the bot. All trades/ windows will be automatically accepted. Done! From this point on, everything else is automated! Buying fishing equipment... 1-20 fishing... 20-40 fishing... 40+ fishing: Lobsters Fishing in Lumbridge & the combat problem The bot used to get bullied by goblins, spiders or even ducks. This often resulted in deaths and equipment loss. A proper fail-safe has been implemented. Enjoy!
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    @lets be friends @YoHoJo @adamhackz @Aroxez @IceKontroI @Naton @Halenir @kayrad2 @Genka @arvydaslt123 @we3f4 @HeyImJamie @auryzas242 @Fluffee @wastedbro You have been granted free access to the closed beta. Most likely will start an open beta after more testing. Until then, you are the only users that have access to this script. https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/2642-farm-manager-closed-beta/ Have fun
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    User einstein = new Scripter("Einstein"); 1. Snippets: Exception in thread "application" java.lang.NullPointerException at EinsteinsScripterApplication.snippets(EinsteinsScripterApplication.java:8) 2. Tutorials: 3.Randoms / updates submitted: Exception in thread "application" java.lang.NullPointerException at EinsteinsScripterApplication.randoms_updates_submitted(EinsteinsScripterApplication.java:45) 4. Scripts available to the public: F2P Progressive Lobsters [Thread] [Source] Noob Account Leveler [Thread] [Source] Universal Fisher [Thread] [Source] Universal Woodcutter [Thread] [Source] 5. Short biography / Coding experience: Hello. I'm in my early 20s and I'm teaching myself to become a programmer. I am still very inexperienced, as I started following this goal not a very long time ago. Never had the opportunity to go to collage, so I have to rely on my discipline and motivation to self-teach. I enjoy writing scripts and goldfarming. I could stay for hours in front of the screen just to watch my bots ruining the game, especially since account replacement is no longer a frustrating / tedious job: 6. Reasons why you feel you deserve scripter: I am trying my best to help others. Whether someone has a programming question or needs help fixing a bug or getting the client working, I will try to support them to the best of my ability. So far I have assisted hundreds of users, either on the forums or via PM. English is not my first language, therefore being coherent is sometimes a challenge, but this will never stop me from trying. Regarding my scripts, they are mediocre at best, and I am aware of my shallow understanding of computers, but I strive to learn and improve my skills. 7.What you plan to provide the community with: Scripts and tutorials. A lot of them. So far I spent a few hundred hours coding 10 free scripts, 4 of them (which I included in the application ) have been rewritten a few times each. Everything that I make must be constantly updated and improved, regardless if it's a free or a premium script. User support is also a priority. 8.Do you agree to continue to not only update, but provide more free, open sourced scripts to the community? Absolutely yes.
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    Hello, everyone. Recently I've been interested in how Jagex's pattern detection works. I ran a simple easily detected script which opens the GE, buys 1 lobster at 100 GP, waits 30 seconds, then cancels the offer and closes the GE on a loop with tribot's AI antiban turned off. After a few minutes of runtime some abnormal things started happening. Most commonly my input to the game was blocked, meaning I could move my mouse around, but the game server never accepted my input, and as a result my account's actions had no effect on the game world. I've been able to semi-reliably recreate this scenario multiple times on different accounts and IP addresses. It's worth noting that players and NPCs continue their normal action while my account's been frozen, which also indicates no connection errors. The input blockage happens fairly often to the point that it's very unlikely it has anything to do with my network connection or Jagex servers. I believe this is Jagex's first line of defense against bots (or at least one of them). Real players will typically try to perform various actions in-game like arranging inventory, clicking on random tiles or objects, world hopping, and even restarting the client. Bots may repeatedly click the same action (big red flag) or do nothing (moderate red flag) I have no doubt that botters/scripters with more experience than me have noticed this, but this is not a thread about Jagex input blocking, it's about preventing it from happening through pattern breaking. Pattern breaking is centered around the imperfections and variability of the human mind and judgment. Regular player activity does form patterns to some degree, but typically it isn't as pronounced as those of bots. There are two categories of pattern breaking: Large scale More useful for public scripts or large farms Focuses on creating differences between accounts through account preference Different methods of performing tasks Different subsets of antibans per account Each account may be only able to use 7 out of 12 generic antibans available for the script This increases the longevity of the script by allowing less opportunities for Jagex to group accounts via similar actions Different frequencies of antibans per account Account A may perform one antiban more frequently than account B Changes in sleep and delay times per account Accounts all have different run times This is mainly for farm detection, not for public scripts Different accounts running the script in different worlds/locations if possible Unique break patterns per account Different muling cycles Small scale Focuses on preventing accounts from producing patterns through their actions Changes the order of sub-actions within a larger action when order does not matter More useful when incorporated as part of a complex script process Avoid hardcoding script processes as first A, then B, finally C Instead use fluid condition checks to see what action should be performed Then use account preference and probability to determine which of several actions it prefers over the others Action[] actions = getActions(situation); // This should perform action condition checks and return only relevant actions boolean performed = false; for (action : actions) { if (accountPrefers(action) && accountProbability(action)) { performed = performAction(action); if (performed) { break; } } } if (!performed) { performAction(action[General.random(0, action.length)]; } While this may seem excessive, this is how players decide what to do next in a sequence of events Antiban is a large part of pattern breaking Performing actions you don't usually do is an effective way to break patterns Misclicking can be seen as a form of antiban as it's infrequent but deviates from your normal activity Avoid randomization Randomizing everything from antibans to sub-actions within a larger action schedule may seem like an appealing idea While it's likely to work to some degree, it will make accounts on the large scale appear too similar to each other We're trying to get our accounts to operate in the grey area between a well defined pattern and no pattern at all If all accounts operate in this grey area their patterns will be loosely defined but dissimilar from each other The idea of pattern breaking shows promise, however it has many requirements. One of which is account preference which is something Tribot has some support for, but this support is limited. For example a scripter has no way of applying Tribot preference to custom made functions. The solution is to make your own preference system where the account's username and a seed value is used to derive a value from 0 to 100. Below is my own way of doing so: /** * Performs a probability check on the input value. Input a percentage (0 - 100). */ public boolean chance(double chance) { return General.random(0, 100) <= chance; } /** * Scales a value based on its original range so that its position in that range is in the same position in the new range. */ public double normalizeValue(double value, double oldMin, double oldMax, double newMin, double newMax) { double percentage = (value - oldMin) / (oldMax - oldMin); return newMin + percentage * (newMax - newMin); } /** * Generates a username based preference value for the given seed (0 - 100). */ public double preference(double seed) { try { String hash = Double.toString(Player.getRSPlayer().getName().hashCode() * Math.sqrt(seed)).replaceAll("[^\\d.]", "").replaceAll("\\.", ""); String int1 = Character.toString(hash.charAt(hash.length() - 1)); String int2 = Character.toString(hash.charAt(hash.length() - 2)); String int3 = Character.toString(hash.charAt(hash.length() - 3)); return normalizeValue(Double.parseDouble(int1 + int2 + "." + int3), 0, 99, 0, 100); } catch (NullPointerException e) {return 50.0;} } /** * Generates a username based preference value for the given seed, but normalized to match the provided range. */ public double preference(double seed, double min, double max) { return normalizeValue(preference(seed), 0, 100, min, max); } /** * Performs a probability check on a preference value normalized to match the given range. */ public boolean preferenceChance(double seed, double min, double max) { return chance(preference(seed, min, max)); } Hopefully I've included all the necessary functions for the above to work. If you for example wanted to test an account's preference for performing Action A over Action B, you could take the hashcode of each actions, remove all non-integer characters from each, input them into the functions above, and receive a preference for each. I recommend using custom ranges like preference(100, 15, 85), where 100 is the seed, 15 is the min chance, and 85 is the max chance. That way the preference range will always be within 15% and 85% and you won't ALWAYS or NEVER perform that action above other actions. It should also be mentioned that you shouldn't be using these preferences to determine which actions to do, only to determine which actions should be performed above other actions. All actions should be performed as long as they're part of your script. This post ended up being much longer than I originally wanted but it's good to get your thoughts out in writing so I'm glad I spent the time. Going forward I would appreciate a healthy discussion, please add to the thread with your comments rather than just taking up space with pointless nay saying.
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    Back again with this cursed barrows script, only this time it's been well written from the ground up, updated to utilize my latest knowledge and resources. Today was the first day of full chest runs, but expect some more proggies and information as I finish development. Currently supports: Any mage/range gear Spelling autocasting/Trident/Slayer dart Use of any food/pray restore potions Dynamic brother killing order Fastest method to barrows (including Barrows teletabs and whatever Dax's webwalker decides) Recharging health/prayer at clan wars portal Plan to add: Option to pray OR tank each brother Your suggestions!
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    Missed out on this weekends P2P trial and couldn't bot as the flicker issue made my scripts missclick too much to the extent where my scripts basically got completely broken in certain areas (etc. by right click and not choosing the scripted option). Missed out on a lot of money due to relying on trilez to fix this within an understandable time. I understand that it might be a hard fix, but then he should he should take help of others (such as paying people who have already fixed the issue, or get the community involved to try solve it) instead of just keeping us in the dark and trying to fix it himself when it obviously isn't going well. Not happy at all right now.
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    So this has been broken (in a state of flickering/no LG) for a week now and RS just updated again. Are we going to catch up at some point? The last update that your paying customers have been given is that there is no update. I think we're all a little overdue for some basic customer service. I'm sure I'll get responses saying that it works just fine, but your arguments are the same as saying your computer works fine if the keyboard doesn't function because it turns on. Can we get a little bit of clarity please?
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    Hi everyone, It seems like the TRiBot client isn't loading at the moment. Please post your error logs below and I will update this thread when we have an update. Hopefully we can all get botting as soon as possible! Rabbit hop!
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    The broken hooks have been fixed. The regular client is now back in working order. LG is still out of commission and is expected to be fixed later tonight.
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    Back-end problem. Expect a fix in 10 minutes.
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    I've always gone with the "Right click -> Trade" method.