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    This release features: Re-sizable mode support for both LG and the regular client Slightly improved login bot Removed final access modifiers from API classes Added RSServer hook wrapper to get the client's cached list of server/world info Bug fix for intelligent banking Improvement to the stability of LG over time Vastly improved the reliability and speed of Screen#getColorAt on both LG and the regular client Fix LG login problems Fixed re-sizable mode container bug Fixed re-sizable mode mouse bug Use of public constants in the Banking API Use of other various constants such as Projection#NULL_PT and Screen#EMPTY_COLOR We have much more in development to be released through the next few weeks! Stay tuned 🤩
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    Try our development release by checking "Development Release" on the TRiBot Loader. Note that these new features are currently in beta. This release features: Replacement of Random (which uses a linear congruential formula) with SecureRandom with the RNG methods in the General API. This will prevent possible detection of bots through the flaw in the linear congruential formula.
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    RSInterfaceMaster#getChild returns RSInterface or null. RSInterface#getActions returns an array of String or null. All values returned by methods that can return null, must be checked before they can be used. You can know which methods are null safe by reading the documentation:
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    Announcement: aAgility v3 test version is now available. It's a rewrite for this script that lets you record yourself doing agility and you can use that data in the script. Only the following courses are available right now: Gnome, Draynor, Al Kharid, Varrock, Canifis, Falador, Seers. Most features from v2 are also missing. I'm currently concentrating on testing the recorder and the course doing part and in the process I'm working on an account to get all the courses added. Please keep in mind that this is a test version and it will contain bugs and is unfinished. Do not purchase aAgility v2 just to get access to this. If you have questions, bug reports or any other communication directly to me about v3, please send me a PM via the private messaging system in the forums. If you are unable to send a message due to forum restrictions or whatever reasons, just reply to the thread and I can send you one. How do I get access? Everyone has access to the recorder part of the test version. The course doing part is only available for people who send me data and have active subscriptions of the script. I don't plan to check the subscription status that often after you have access, but will do that at some points in time. If you have had a lifetime version of aAgility at some point, you will also receive access to the test version regardless of if it has run out on Tribot's side or not which of course shouldn't be the case yet for anyone with a lifetime subscription. However, users with lifetime will lose access if their subscription has run out before final version of v3 is released. To get access to the course doing part, you will have to send me a recording of yourself doing agility for each course you want access to. You need to record at least 20 laps worth of data and send it to me. Only exception to this rule is the gnome course in which you can record from level 1-10 which should be 14 laps. The collected data is in aAgility3_data.ini file, which is located in your .tribot folder after recording data. This is the file you should copy and send to me. It contains the data for all of the courses you have recorded. This guide tells you how to access .tribot folder if you don't know already: https://help.tribot.org/support/solutions/articles/36000017490-how-to-fix-common-errors-by-deleting-the-tribot-folder If I don't get enough data I will not be able to release the final version of this rewrite so I have to give some incentive for sending me recordings. The plan is to have prerecorded profiles for those users that don't want to spend the time recording. If you don't want to record yourself doing agility then you should keep using v2 instead until v3 is released. Things to know about the test version: When you record data and stop recording it, you can continue recording at a later time. However, if you want the script to "AFK" sometimes, instead of stopping the script, you should just act like you are AFKing and leave your character standing wherever it is. It should record all minimap clicks, screen tile clicks, camera changes, hovers, right-click hovering, afking, moving mouse off screen, spamclicking etc. The more you fail obstacles while recording, the better. When you fail obstacles, the recorder will record custom paths for those situations too. You should pick up all your marks of grace while recording and not save them for later. The recorder also records some information about those and the more often you pick them up the better. Before you use the course doing part of the script, you should record as much data as you possibly can. The more variation there is, the more accurate the generated delays will be and all the actions that the script does will have more variation too. If you encounter a bug: Explain the issue as much as possible. Take a video or a screenshot (usually it helps a lot) Check client debug and bot debug (you should copypaste them both to me even if you don't think there's anything of importance) Tell me if you changed any settings Provide your recorded data if you have recorded more than what you sent me You can find the test version here: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/2730-aagility-v3-beta/
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    Please try the free trial before you buy. You can get a free trial in the repository. SOPHANEM USERS: Please make sure you have tried to go down into the dungeon near the bank. You need to click on a "Don't show me again" box (if the interface pops up) that will make sure the script won't get stuck if Tribot somehow missclicks on the dungeon entrance. Please remember to toggle roofs off in Runescape settings You can find and buy this script from the repository: https://tribot.org/repository/index.php?id=178 Requirements: - 21 thieving level - You have to have started Itchlarin's little helper (up to the point where you can access Sophanem) > Contact! quest is only required if you want to bank in Sophanem (bank is very close to the pyramid). Features: GUI: Artifact Exchanger: Proggies: Best way to contact me is to send me a private message in the Tribot forums.
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    Yes, it seems to be working for me now, Thank you!
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    Due to a recent Forum update the system is having some minor fault delays. Be patient with us and it should be fixed asap.
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    Thanks a lot Einstein! I was actually learning what can and cannot return NPE through trial and error. I'll refer to the documentation from now on.
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    Will probably patch it on a future release, but it won't happen any time soon, since I have other priorities at the moment I'm glad to hear it! Thanks for suggesting this feature to be added to the script.
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    With one of our upcoming releases, TRiBot will be able to read all the world information based on color! No more need to manually update it in the future.
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    Soon does not pay for the 2 days wasted. Better ask for refund until it gets fixed, then re-buy the script
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    USA is working on the bug issue with the bank, it has to do with the platform and not the script itself. Usa will keep us posted once it is working again. As said earlier, should be soon.
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    Ive purchased the script 2 days ago and cant run it coz the banking is bugged. Is there a way for me to get those days refunded or something like that
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    @Rij reported it https://github.com/tribotissues/tribotissues/issues/85
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    [11:54:23] Starting client. [11:54:31] Downloading script 'USA Crafter'. [11:54:34] Script Started: USA Crafter. [11:54:40] Item selected is Emerald [11:54:40] Mouse speed set to 155 [11:54:40] Making Emerald [12:06:49] java.lang.NullPointerException: Item actions are null for item (ID): 1621 [12:06:49] at org.tribot.api2007.Banking.ZM(ri:1333) [12:06:49] at org.tribot.api2007.Banking.withdrawItem(ri:1210) [12:06:49] at org.tribot.api2007.Banking.withdraw(ri:1268) [12:06:49] at scripts.Crafter.UsaCrafter.l(UsaCrafter.java:744) [12:06:49] at scripts.Crafter.UsaCrafter.l(UsaCrafter.java:820) [12:06:49] at scripts.Crafter.UsaCrafter.run(UsaCrafter.java:333) [12:06:49] at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:748) [12:06:49] ------------------------------ [12:06:49] Thank you for using USA Crafter v4.3! [12:06:49] Time: 00:12:09 [12:06:49] Crafted a total of 513 items, averaging 2,532/hr [12:06:49] Gained a total of 34,627 XP, averaging 170,924/hr [12:06:49] You are level 94 and gained 0 Crafting levels! [12:06:49] ------------------------------ [12:06:51] Script Ended: USA Crafter. [12:11:33] Downloading script 'USA Crafter'. [12:11:36] Script Started: USA Crafter. [12:11:40] Item selected is Emerald [12:11:40] Mouse speed set to 160 [12:11:40] Making Emerald [12:44:31] java.lang.NullPointerException: Item actions are null for item (ID): 1621 [12:44:31] at org.tribot.api2007.Banking.ZM(ri:1333) [12:44:31] at org.tribot.api2007.Banking.withdrawItem(ri:1210) [12:44:31] at org.tribot.api2007.Banking.withdraw(ri:1268) [12:44:31] at scripts.Crafter.UsaCrafter.l(UsaCrafter.java:744) [12:44:31] at scripts.Crafter.UsaCrafter.l(UsaCrafter.java:820) [12:44:31] at scripts.Crafter.UsaCrafter.run(UsaCrafter.java:333) [12:44:31] at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:748) [12:44:31] ------------------------------ [12:44:31] Thank you for using USA Crafter v4.3! [12:44:31] Time: 00:32:51 [12:44:31] Crafted a total of 1,350 items, averaging 2,465/hr [12:44:31] Gained a total of 91,125 XP, averaging 166,434/hr [12:44:31] You are level 94 and gained 0 Crafting levels! [12:44:31] ------------------------------ [12:44:35] Script Ended: USA Crafter. Hi, Keeps shutting off. Have over 40k gems in bank, nothing changes, just stops. Can you have a look at it please?
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    Script banking functions have been fixed, along with tribot's update. Please let me know if any other errors exist. Thank you.
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    Einstein's Scripting Tutorial [Part 2] Target audience: Beginners Level of expertise: Doesn't try to download RAM Estimated duration: 20 minutes The first tutorial focused on how to get a script started; the very basics. The part 2 will focus on slightly more advanced topics such as: Paint Graphical User Interface Code structure Anti Ban Script arguments Debugging Concurrency Let's get started! 1. Paint In order to add a paint to your script, you need to make the main class implement the Painting interface. Nice! Now you can use the g object to draw images and text on the screen. Let's use the getImage() method to cache two images. One stored on the computer and one from the web. As always, use your IDE's keyboard shortcut to handle imports. (Eclipse users: Ctrl + Shift + O) Notes: https://imgur.com/ offers free and reliable image hosting. file:// is the prefix for the file protocol, the extra / points to the root directory of the current drive. Using the g object to draw a string and an image: Results: The string is now displayed at the specified screen location, in the top left corner. The image can be seen in the center. I've also included a visual representation of the X-Y axis. In order to accurately determine the coordinates you need to use TRiBot's debugger: 2. Graphical User Interface By adding a GUI you won't have to rewrite and re-compile the code every time you want to change the script's settings (for example: the name of the NPC a combat script will attack, or the type of tree a Woodcutting script will chop down). 1. You first need to create a class that extends JFrame. 2. Initialize the GUI. You can do this in the run() method, but I like to initialize the GUI and handle other script configurations in the onStart() method. (You will need to make your class implement Starting). 3. Implement an action listener: upon clicking "Start" on your GUI, cache all the settings in your variables class and dispose() the GUI. Do not: use System.exit(0) Do: setDefaultCloseOperation(JFrame.DISPOSE_ON_CLOSE) or setDefaultCloseOperation(JFrame.DO_NOTHING_ON_CLOSE) I highly recommend using NetBeans for fast designing and a professionally looking GUI. 3. Code Structure Any kind of non-trivial script requires some sort of framework. Otherwise the code will become unmanageable very quickly. A. Binary: It looks something like this: B. Task/Node framework: Basically the idea is this: 1. You have an abstract class or an interface called Node that defines two methods: shouldExecute() and execute(). 2. All the script actions are split into different classes that inherit/implement the Node class/interface, therefore inheriting both methods. shouldExecute() defines when the action should happen. For example consider a class called DropLogs. The shouldExecute() method will return TRUE if the inventory is full. execute() method is the action itself. Using the same Woodcutting example, execute() will run the code that actually drops the logs. 3. Main class creates a Node object from each Node subclass, groups all the created objects in a list, and iterates through the list members with the following logic: if ( shouldExecute() returns TRUE ) then execute(); Detailed guides on the task/node framework in your script: Props to @Worthy https://tribot.org/forums/topic/20101-node-framework-tutorial-increase-efficiency-and-clarity/ Props to @Encoded https://tribot.org/forums/topic/46989-encodeds-task-framework/ C. State based script soon 4. Anti-Ban A. TRiBot's AI Anti-Ban By default, TRiBot has an AI Anti-Ban enabled. Script#getAIAntibanState() returns its current state Script#setAIAntibanState() activates/deactivates the anti-ban, however only users with Scripter rank can use this method to disable it. I would advise you to leave it as it is. The only exception is when you have a script that is supposed to AFK. In this case, the anti ban is defeating its own purpose. Use this code to get the thread and store it in a variable. After that you will be able to activate/deactivate the anti-ban as needed, by performing actions on the variable. Note: After suspending the thread's execution, Script#getAIAntibanState will still return TRUE because its internal flag was never changed. However even if the returned value of that method suggests otherwise, the AI anti-ban is no longer executing. B. ABC2 ABC2 is designed to use real human playing data instead of pseudo-randomization for deciding: If / When the bot should: check xp examine entity move mouse rotate camera move to anticipated location etc. When the bot should: eat activate run etc. How the bot should: open bank open tabs walk etc. And how long the bot should wait before reacting to an event. I can't explain it better than TRiLeZ, so here is the link to the official ABC2 implementing guide. https://tribot.org/forums/topic/60720-guide-to-implementing-abc2/ However, I would like to clarify one single aspect (has been asked many times / some users are confused): ABC2: Anti-Ban Compliance utility version 2 ABCL: Anti-Ban Compliance Level, ranging from 0 to 10, based on a point system explained in the tutorial I linked above. A script will either "have" both ABC2 and ABCL level 0-10, or it will "have" none of them. C. Your custom anti-ban The only thing I have to say is be careful. Basing your custom anti-ban on a random number generator will most likely get you banned even faster. Humans are unable to perform random actions consistently. More information on this subject can be found here: https://tribot.org/forums/topic/60719-tribot-release-9300_0-abc2/ 5. Script arguments A handy alternative to GUI. In order to use script arguments, you need to implement the Arguments interface. All arguments written in the bottom left box of the Script Manager will be passed to the overridden method in a form of a hash map. The script can then set variables based on the values of the hash map. 6. Debugging Regardless of your level of expertise, bugs will remain a fact of life. Debugging your scripts can be done in multiple ways. One of the easiest ways is to print messages in the console as the code executes: Methods that can be used to achieve this: Script.println() - prints to the Client Debug General.println() - prints to the Client Debug System.out.println() - prints to the Bot Debug 7.Concurrency All methods from the interfaces implemented by your script will be concurrent (will run at the same time) with the main thread. Example of concurrent methods: Ideally, you would want to have all in-game actions performed in the main thread. All other threads should be used to manipulate data. The end Thank you for reading part II of my scripting tutorial. I hope you enjoyed it and you learned something.
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    At the time of writing, the most reliable JDK to use is JDK 102, instead of the latest (at time of writing) 121. A direct link to the 102 JDK can be found here Note: Many people commonly proclaim that you need the 32 Bit JDK for TRiBot to work, this is false. What you do need, is your RuneScape client, and your TRiBot client running the same bit version of Java. So, if your TRiBot client is running with the 32 bit JDK, and your OSBuddy is running the 64 bit version Looking Glass will not hook. You need to have both clients running either the 64 bit java, or the 32 bit java. Therefore, feel free to download either JDK, it really doesn't make a difference. Step 2. Head over to the Programs and Features screen, and uninstall all other Java versions. Do not leave anything behind, as the JDK will install it's own Java Runtime Environment when the JDK installs. Step 3. Install the JDK that you downloaded in Step 1 Step 4. Head over to http://www.rsbuddy.com/ and download the OSBuddy.jar, which can be found at this link, or under the Downloads section by clicking Cross Platform Note: You can use the standard OSBuddy.exe but the .jar is highly recommended as it ensures compatibility. Step 5. Launch OSBuddy using the .jar, wait for the game to load, and then launch TRiBot Step 6. Select New Client (Looking Glass) from the TRiBot selection screen, and then hit Always Allow to all the prompts that pop up. Step 7. TRiBot should now be hooked to OSBuddy and you're free to bot using Looking Glass
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    Hello community, I'm proud to release our new PayPal system! The new system uses PayPal's REST API, which provides additional functionality. Instead of automatically refunding payments for fraud related reasons, or because your PayPal email address isn't verified, the new system will simply not process the payment. We also don't have to rely on an asynchronous IPN listener, meaning you'll get your credits at the same time the transaction completes. Users can also purchase fractions of credits, not just whole credits like before. I hope this make PayPal users' lives easier. Thanks, TRiLeZ
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