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    After 3 months of development, Relative Agility v2 is finally here. Better in every way imaginable than its predecessor, this ambitious project aims to provide the best Agility automation solution for the TRiBot users. Everything has been improved, starting with a complete and correct implementation of ABC2 that has been tailored specifically for training Agility, to a brand new game interaction utility whose level of complexity exceeds anything that I've created thus far. I would like to thank everyone who left feedback on the previous version of the script; it is this feedback that allowed me to improve Relative Agility to the high level of quality that the TRiBot users deserve. More customizable than ever, yet easier to use. More efficient, with higher XP gains, yet more human-like. The best agility script on TRiBot, yet you can get it for $1 on this promotion. Complex, yet simple.
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    Lorem's Impling Scouter scouts rare Dragon and Lucky implings "This changes everything." - an ancient Chinese proverb. Repository link (download): https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/3285 Lorem's Imp Scouter is intended to be a semi-manually used scouting tool, primarily as a moneymaker by selling impling scouts to other players. Most notably, two Youtubers Verf (UIM Verf) and Settled (Swampletics) are offering 5m per lucky imp found and scouted, as well as additional jackpot prizes if they reach their desired item. Eg. if you scout a lucky impling for Settled and he finds a rune crossbow, you'll be awarded with a 1000m GP jackpot prize. This script can also be used by ironman players, who are interested in finding Dragon implings, and would like to scout for them on their alt account(s). Requirements: None if you intend to scout Karamja area for Verf, or elsewhere on map Priest in Peril if you intend to scout Morytania area for Settled Profit per hour: Depends heavily on the success of selling calls, if you have a buyer for dragon imp calls, you can find a dragon imp in an hour. Potential for 1m-2m+ per hour, per account. Arguments & Discord integration: Disclaimer: Script is in early beta and will require testing and doesn't have a lot of antiban yet. (read: use alt accounts for extended use of script) If you're interested in using/testing this script, please shoot me a msg on Discord (llllllllllllllllll#4950) and I'll help you set up script and assist with any potential issues. Repository link (download): https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/3285 Thanks, and best of luck on the impling jackpot hunt!
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    Meanwhile, @FALSkills and his nefarious users:
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    Every time i bought a script for lets say 9.99 there was 0.01 cent left, and when you thought you will never use it, i am only 0.01 cent away from a full credit, thanks tribot
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    I wouldn't normally have a problem waiting the 5 days but Hes been inactive for over 2 months. Hes completely gone AWOL and waiting 5 days won't make him respond or return here. I'd just like a refund for my 35 credits asap. I'd normally not open a dispute bc I like @Druid but from the looks of it hes not coming back. I have messages of me reaching out to him but it's just messages with no response. Is it normal for your premium scripters to just go missing without telling anyone bc if my private script isn't being maintained I could only imagine his premium scripts aren't being maintained as well? @Todd @Usa
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    Hello. Some (maybe all) strings coming from tribot api treat spaces as non breaking spaces (char code 160, unicode 00A0, html  ) instead of the regular space (char code 32, unicode 0020). There are probably more, but i've noticed this situation on these methods: void tradeRequestReceived(String name) from MessageListening07 String Trading.getOpponentName() This causes problems when comparing those strings with a java generated string. It can be solved by replacing all non breaking spaces with a regular space on all strings, but It would be nice to have strings coming from tribot api in a more scripter friendly manner, in the first place.
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    This thread will serve as a hub for the first official release of EzQuester. There will be two major releases for this script... EzQuester v1 which will be arguments only, and will provide minimal customization options. You are currently viewing this release! EzQuester v2 which will be configured via GUI OR arguments, and will provide in-depth customization options. I have no estimated ETA at the moment. Definitely within a year of v1 release though, with additional options popping up as they become available. All argument information will be kept and updated here: https://pastebin.com/T4jf9hYL for the duration of v1, and all arguments will continue to work with v2. Script located here: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/3288 I always use Looking Glass when botting quests, and I recommend you do the same! Current features: Completes over 40 quests, individually specified by argument. Quests should be able to be started even if they are in progress. Some quests may experience issues with this - report the issue using the bug report format below and I will write handlers for it! Can purchase all required items for every quest in the specified list at start. Uses Fire strike and safespots when available. Certain monsters, such as the Priest in Peril dog, are immune to magic, and so are killed using a different weapon (can be specified via arg) Quests are completed in the order they are specified, unless they lack a required stat to complete the given quest. Script ends when all quests that can be completed are completed, after failing too many tasks, or after failing to interact with an entity too many times. Current quest list: Planned updates/design process: Please contact me on Discord or via PM to report bugs. I will fix them ASAP, I am usually very active on my computer and will work on them right away if I'm available. Please follow the format so that I don't need to ask many follow-up questions. Please try restarting your client if you encounter any issues with navigation! If the problem persists, report it to me and I will fix it ASAP. Bug Report Format: Argument used: Screenshot/gif (including paint): Bot debug (pastebin link): Client debug (pastebin link): Any additional info to provide:
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    I don't plan to have this in beta for too long Supports account creation through anti captcha and 2captcha, and a lot of other cool stuff (open to suggestions) I highly recommend using 2captcha Repo link: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/3286
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    No. Bans haven't changed much since early 2014 in my opinion.
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    Added more payment options. Also the 14 day option will be going up to the intended 3 credits September 1st. Also didn't forget about soda ash making. Been out of town. Will post here when it's added.
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    Awesome, thanks for the release! Can never have enough tut scripts.
  12. 2 points
    @Netami @Naton @FALSkills Stop being so lazy and update your scripts! It's been 50 years!
  13. 2 points
    Uninstall any newer versions of java and install jdk 8 from oracle page, you will probably need to create an account if you don't have one already.
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    It doesn't, but in this particular case I know for a fact that one or more of his users have been buying thousands of rabbits on purpose, to hyper inflate the price so the script can't buy them for the quest.
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    Thanks "Nation" @Naton
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    You probably have an old version of the loader and it's downloading the new one, check to see if TRiBot3.05.jar was generated in the same directory
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    You sir are an amazing person. Thank you for the quick response! Running flawlessly right now; I will post a prog. later EDIT: I accidentally closed the client , but this is from almost 40 mins of run time... Simply amazing.
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    Added more realistic username generation Added optional random email generation (leave pattern blank to use) Fixed issues with setting appearance Added option for multi threaded account creation (this will reduce/prevent downtime while creating an account by always having a stored created account ready to run through tut island) Added option for rotating connection support (beta, i don't have a rotating internet connection/proxy to test) Fixed issues with running a script after + re-running nTutorial Island Numerous bug fixes Some other stuff
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    thanks for the update hopefully rellekka is a lot more safe to use after wednesday! great script, has defs encouraged me to try out the others!
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    Great script, update works like a charm now. I didn't notice my character constantly getting stuck and tele'ing to lumbridge for no reason. Accidentally left it running for like 14 hours overnight and no issues i could see. 70 agility and graceful achieved without canifis
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    filthyfrank ft in SirPuggers new video. Kappa
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    ran for around 5 hours last night performance is pretty good although not seeing to much change in my exp rates if anything they're lower now but this may be due to the bugs i encountered, ran into at least 3 pretty dangerous bugs on the Rellekka RoofTop; 1 - When running to the start of the course due to changing camera angle the bot sometimes will attack the market guard standing by the "Climb Rough Wall" prompt for low combat players like me this resulted in my death 3 times (please bear in mind after the first death i didn't change the npc attack option just to test) this happened when i wasn't paying attention and that was only over a 5ish hour time span. 2 - Around the 5th and 6th interaction the bot sometimes tries to right click for the next interaction this sometimes leads to it getting stuck waiting for the player to finish the agility tick, as it missed the clickable area and is hovering over "Walk here" it then reattempts a few times until either finally getting it or just going back to normal left-clicking, this wouldn't be an issue but it does this almost every rotation for me (also decreases the exp gained per hour by quite a bit) 3 - Last one only happened twice but the bot for some reason thought it had failed the rotation and was just standing on the roof, the bot info said "Walking to course" i had to manually restart the bot to sort this problem but it did stand there for quite some time, i thought it was just having an afk moment at first so i left it atleast a few minutes. Other than the bugs i've encounted v2 is really good and seems pretty reliable, i can see the exp rates being quicker and with the addition on queuing actions with right clicking the next interaction is a lot more human like.
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    Did a quick run of testing (wanted to see if mouse movements are human-like). Found a couple issues: If encounters random event during course, has a chance to get stuck trying to dismiss it. (personally happened in Draynor, could happen elsewhere too) If inventory is full & mark of grace appears, it will get stuck trying to pick it up. Congratz on the release!
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    this script always runs good for me for about an hr or so before getting hit with this message [15:20:11] java.lang.NullPointerException [15:20:11] at scripts.einsteinswoodcutter.util.k.D(LegitMouse.java:66) [15:20:11] at scripts.einsteinswoodcutter.util.k.D(LegitMouse.java:44) [15:20:11] at scripts.einsteinswoodcutter.x.x.w.k.D(CutTree.java:277) [15:20:11] at scripts.einsteinswoodcutter.x.x.w.k.D(CutTree.java:68) [15:20:11] at scripts.einsteinswoodcutter.EinsteinsWoodcutter.J(EinsteinsWoodcutter.java:189) [15:20:11] at scripts.einsteinswoodcutter.EinsteinsWoodcutter.run(EinsteinsWoodcutter.java:111) [15:20:11] at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:745) [15:20:11] Thank you for running Einstein's Woodcutter! [15:20:15] Script Ended: Einstein's Woodcutter. yes i have deleted hooks.dat and java and os are up to date
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    This is certainly something very different. Keep it up!
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    @Einstein Script worked great at Gnome course and draynor. Ran into the same issue several times with varrock. And it gets real bot like everytime it doesn't move for a few minutes or so, it teleports to lumbridge and runs to varrock. It continued this cycle a few times over an 8 hour period and when i paused the script to manually fix it, it still tried to teleport to Lumby. Here's the error log: A problem has been detected and Relative Agility has teleported to Lumbridge in an attempt to get the player un-stuck. PLAYER_DID_NOT_MOVE_FOR_SEVERAL_MINUTES Map position: (3193, 3398, 3) Course: [email protected] Obstacle: Gap SCRIPT STACK TRACE: java.lang.Thread.getStackTrace(Thread.java:1559) obf.kD.getScriptStackTrace(an:772) scripts.relativeagility.p.p.J(StuckFailsafe.java:71) scripts.relativeagility.RelativeAgility.H(RelativeAgility.java:78) scripts.relativeagility.RelativeAgility.run(RelativeAgility.java:45) java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:748) Please send this error log to Einstein. EDIT: Also getting the same error log in falador rooftop.
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    Very unique script, interesting idea. Nice release.
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    I have used this script before But yeah in the future usually best to report a bug you see instead of letting it just run for hours
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    Bans are not a valid refund reason, refunds are only given if the script is broken/unable to be repaired by scripter.
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    Took less than 2 mins between the time of placing the order and receiving the gold, and this was at midnight! Gj, thanks for the cheap gold!
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    With the beta release of EzQuester and tentative release of EzQuester v1, this script will be discontinued and removed. It will be removed from the repository within the next week. Sorry for any inconvenience.
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    well @naton this thread is dedicated to you . with your script i achieved funny thing is i got banned after commenting and saying "48hr and still running strong" but some how they unbanned my account i think they saw my vps ip and thought someone hijacked the account
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    thank you couldnt have done it with out @Naton
  41. 1 point
    But guys, market manipulation is very clearly stated to be against the RuneScape rules. What gives?
  42. 1 point
    I've had success with botting 30 mins at a time, logout change worlds, repeat.
  43. 1 point
    Molten glass making has been added. Still working on soda ash.
  44. 1 point
    Updated to work with new smithing interface.
  45. 1 point
    I have got 99 mining and smithing using your scripts looking forward to adding herblore to it hopefully!!! thanks heaps man
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    Coal bag beta has been released. To be clear this is in beta. Do not leave your accounts unsupervised for long periods of times, if you wish to try out the feature please notify me of any bugs. To use this feature you must enable the option below in the GUI. I recommend looking through all the options so you are familiar with them. I do recommend configuring a custom 1-30 training location/mlm location but these are completely optional.
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    "The line “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day” was invented in the 19th century by Seventh Day Adventists James Caleb Jackson and John Harvey Kellogg to sell their newly invented breakfast cereal. " https://www.daytwo.com/blog/nutrition-myths-facts-series-part-1-breakfast-important-meal-day/ Cmon man, you're @guywithlsd! You need to take some more tabs and open your third eye wider 👁. Don't be a sheep !
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    Hello guys! I am here to show you how to use a VPS linux server to remote view your desktop and bot on it. This saves you money on buying a windows machine, you can just use linux with a few simple steps! I bought mine server from rootnerds.com - they do really cheap good servers, 3gb ram, 1cpu, 200gb hdd and 500gb transfer for only 2.99eu/ a month!!! http://lowendbox.com/blog/rootnerds-e1-99month-or-2-61month-1gb-openvz-vps-in-frankfurt-germany/ Ubuntu 14 desktop facility is not really suitable/compatible with xrdp, therefore we need to install xfce first to get it running, if you don't you will end up with grey screen! NOTE: THIS WORKS FOR UBUNTU +9 AND CENTOS 5/6. If you don't have WGET command on centos you need to download it.. Type this in terminal: yum -y install wget 1. Download Putty. 2. Connect to your server (type in IP of ur server into putty) 3. open terminal and type in (CASE-SENSITIVE) - wget https://raw.github.com/anonymous--/SetupVPS/master/setupvps.sh 3. type in chmod +x setupvps.sh (press enter) Then type this in and press enter: ./setupvps.sh 4. After everything is completed in the script connect to your vnc using (ULTRAVNC)(google it) and type in SERVERIP:1 or SERVERIP:5901 5. go to terminal again and assuming you have centos type in (if its ubuntu 10/11/12 type in sudo apt-get install java) yum install java 6. Download BOT and run it ! (Make sure you run java 1.7.0 on the BOT !!) DONE! UBUNTU 10/11/12/13/14 PLEASE FOLLOW GUIDE BELOW. GUIDE FOR UBUNTU +14. 1. Download putty. 2. Open putty and input your server's IP address. 3. Type in the following (case sensitive): apt-get update Now wail till it updates and then type in: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop --no-install-recommends Again, wait till it's done and after that type in: sudo apt-get install xrdp Then type in: /etc/init.d/xrdp status // we check the status of the server/etc/init.d/xrdp start // we start the server Now we need to install XFCE desktop.. So type in: sudo apt-get update // we update the repo againsudo apt-get install xfce4 // we install XFCE4 Now after we installed everything we need to let know XFCE that we will be using it's desktop instead of ubuntu or gnome. So TYPE IN : echo xfce4-session >~/.xsession And then last step... Type in: sudo service xrdp restart Now to connect to your ubuntu, you don't really need any UltraVNC or anything like that. Just go to search on your windows and type in remote desktop, launch that little program and type in the IP of your server in the computer name field. It should now properly connect, type in your username (usually root) and password (whatever you setup on your vps as root) AND that's it! You are ready to bot, just remember to download JAVA!!! (sudo apt-get install java). Once you are in remote desktop now open terminal window and type in: sudo apt-get install default-jresudo apt-get install firefox This will install java and firefox for you.. Now you can download the bot...When you download the bot make sure you make it exe. so you move the bot file to the /root directory and then go to terminal and type in: chmod +x TRiBot.jar after that you can go and launch the bot and BOT... remember to select java 1.7.0 on tribot client!! IF you are using XRDP and want to reconnect you to the same session you MUST follow these short steps! 1. Login to your xfce desktop 2. Go to /etc/xrdp/xrdp.ini ( Should be in the file system somewhere ) 3. Look for "xrdp7" and at the bottom add this: [xrdp8]name=Reconnectlib=libvnc.sousername=askpassword=askip= 4. Save this file & exit your remote desktop. 5. Login to xrdp with module "RECONNECT" and ta da, job is done:) (everytime now you want to connect to your existing session you need to use RECONNECT module. This is is my statistic from running 1 bot. Bandwidth Usage 0% 528.31 MB of 500 GB Used / 499.48 GB Free Memory Usage 15% 447.35 MB of 3 GB Used / 2.56 GB Free VSwap Usage 0% 0 KB of 0 KB Used / 0 KB Free Disk Usage 1% 1.86 GB of 200 GB Used / 198.14 GB Free Remember to run tribot with 512 ram cache. You can run STABLE probably up to 4-5 bots with 3gb RAM Also they sell additional IPs. So you can buy 2.99euro server and +5 different ips and you can bot without getting banned... Really good deal this is:) SCREENIE:
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    Wel @daxmagex you have a great way to advertise, just bought your quester. Nowwwww, if you want to setup a lifetime auth option for the AIO Combat
  50. 1 point
    Bought this bot for $10 hoping to atleast achieve full void, banned after 2 hours? Extremely disappointed tbh.
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