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    I've transferred you one credit. Enjoy Sponsored by https://rsbotspot.com
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    You can restart your server, or restart the xfce-panel by using the following command: xfce4-panel --quit && xfce4-panel I'm pretty sure that command should work? But let me know if it doesn't
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    1-2b can confirm lol, I xfer 10-200m off my bots weekly just trade it all to my main in whatever quantity, I freely trade hundreds of mils between accounts back and fourth as much as I want. If you're not playing the big game Jagex realistically doesn't care about smaller weath transfers (~1b)
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    The script has been updated! Added notification messages if webwalking errors occur. Added a fail-safe for the obstacle net in Barbarian Outpost. Added a fail-safe for both obstacle nets in the Gnome Course. Lowered the delay time between script iterations. Fixed a critical bug that occurred in progressive mode, which prevented the player from going to the next course after leveling up. Thanks @Markus for the report. Added a warning for the Brimhaven Arena. It will be removed as soon as I manage to solve the hint arrow API issue. Added ABC2 timed actions. Implemented a fail-safe in the Al Kharid course for the zip line obstacle. Thank you for using my software!
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    Happy holidays everyone Christmas is coming up and I've just released my new smithing script. Because of this, I am going to price my script at $0.99 for 1 instance for a month. This offer will be available from 12/2-12/25. Get it here - https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/3011 https://tribot.org/forums/topic/78618-nsmither-smithing-smelting-cannonballs-superheating-progressive-support-customization/
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    4 year update? nice lol
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    They don't have to do it via a forum request but if they submit a private contact ticket then they are required to comply so long as the nominal fee is paid.
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    Also if I start a dream with mage already selected it will do the first dream fine, but if it DCs or runs out of prayer pots the bot just keeps toggling on defensive casting and selecting a spell, then eventually ends itself.
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    Nobody's gonna mention Einstein's Relative Agility script? He just released it and new scripts typically have low banrates. Einstein is a great scripter, and that script has pretty good antiban. It's also only $1 right now if I recall correctly. I've not tried the script myself, but it's probably worth checking.
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    Priest in Peril has now been rewritten and uploaded to repo. User Preferences which should be released with a GUI very soon, which will include all options listed on the original post. I have it all complete, but I am going to run several accounts through the process before releasing.
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    Fluffee's TRiBot Utilities Extra TRiBot features you didn't know you needed • Add bulk accounts to TRiBot • Add bulk proxies to TRiBot • Set TRiBot client settings with just a few clicks Get it here! How to use? To add accounts from a text file, have your accounts in the format: email:password You can also have the desired world, pin and skill after the password as long as each are separated by a colon. However, the only required fields are email and password. Then select Open File, in the accounts tab of the script. Select your account file, and click Add Accounts. Then wait for the message in the debug that says all accounts added To add proxies have your proxies in a txt file formatted as follows: name:ip:port:username:password If your proxy does not have a username and password, do not include the last two fields. Then select Open File, in the proxies tab of the script. Select your account file, and click Add Proxies. Then wait for the message in the debug that says all proxies added
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    Can't Express how genius this script is. Such a great way to start an account esp. If you just got banned lol. Thank you again =D
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    @Einstein top memester. Congrats on 2,400 posts!
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    The beta has been updated to include the use of a beta version of @Laniax's bot panel! This panel allows you to monitor your accounts in real time and even end script/logout! To use this feature, please run Laniax's script on the repository here to get your username and password: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/2976-lan-bot-panel-user-panel/ After that, start the Combat AIO then connect to https://lanbotpanel.com/ and enter your username and password from above! This feature will be included (with Laniax's support and permission) with the full version of the script, going on sale soon!
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    Fluffee's tutorial script allows for "Creation only", however due to recent changes to tutorial island you will not have a display name set until you complete tutorial island. It can be completed with java url connections, there's no need to use a browser (but that would be another way).
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    @Netami Awesome update, giving it a try now and hopefully will comeback with proggy later
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    Thank you! I'd love to buy the script once in a while for two weeks at a time at $4.50 or something.
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    Looking forward to this! TRiBot definitely needs a flawless slayer script.
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    This a flawless premium money making script that will bring in profits ranging upto and over 300k per hour! Super high profit with low requirements yet low ban rates! PROFIT upto 7.2m a day PER account DAILY! Click here to purchase (Link to repository) ABCL 10 implemented - Completely unique actions for each Runescape account! Avoids Jagex detection! Don't sacrifice your accounts using free detectable INFERIOR scripts. This script can can allow you to run unlimited accounts, it's time to make BANK! This script is an all in one fully customization thieving script, this script will steal from ANY NPC and bank ANYWHERE in RS. You can choose from a list of presets containing popular locations or you can even set up your own NPC to thieve and specify the loot! Script features: <-> ABCL 10 - Completely unique actions for each Runescape account! Avoid bans! <-> Supports ALL NPCs & Stalls EVERYWHERE in RS! <-> Automatic mule trading - Thats right you can automatically trade your mule items! - See user guide below <-> Tons of different presets, all popular methods are included - You can even set up your own private method with this script! <-> Smart thieving - Quickly and accurately thieves NPCs! <-> Smart stun timer - It won't spam click NPCS when stunned (Highly detectable) like other scripts! <-> Smart dropping - Will drop junk when you've been stunned Maximum efficiency! <-> Automatic task switching! - This means if you start the script before you can steal from master farmers, it will train until you can, then switch to master farmers! PERFECT for setting up a bot army! <-> Suicide leveling - This script won't waste food and will suicide thieve if you set it to - perfect for thieving men in lumbridge! <-> Clever anti combat - Avoids NPCS at every location perfectly! <-> Start the bot ANYWHERE - it will navigate to the correct location for you! <-> Anti-bot watch techniques to minimize any bans! <-> Specify your own mouse speed/HP to restore/Food to withdraw <-> Specify your own loot! <-> Specify which items you want to autotrade your mule! ... and much much more! What are you waiting for! GUI: Progress report: Auto trading user guide - Click to expand It's time to make bank, with minimal effort!
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    150 done, will update cooler pic with more accs soon heres multiple* update
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    Depends on how much they change how the mini game works. If all they are doing is changing the location it won't be that big of a change.