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    Fully automated Nmz ready account builder with loads of customization QUESTS SUPPORTED: Fight Arena Tree Gnome Village Witch House Lost City Vampire Slayer Rock Cake Fishing Contest Cook's Assistant Quests Animal magnetism Ernest The Chicken Restless Ghost Priest In Peril Waterfall SKILLS SUPPORTED: Slayer Range Mage Woodcutting Prayer Fishing Crafting FireMaking EXTRA / ANTIBAN FEATURES: Dark Mode Modern FX Easy To Use GUI Mid Quest Support Custom Equipment Grand Exchange Support (Will Buy your Custom Equipment If Missing) Custom Combat style for Quest Bosses Automaticlly picks best Spell to Auto cast (Max Fire Bolt) Custom Break Handler (recommend) Sleek Paint Quests And Skills Are toggable (Prayer Lvls Can not be turnt Off) Custom Eat and Drink Pray % Multiple ways to deal with chat Food used can be Changed (post me if you want a certain food added) Shuffles Quest List Automaticlly Shuffles Banking Withdraw Order/Ge Buy Order Multiple Areas for Training skills Randomly Picks One Advanced Grand Exchange Api Advanced Banking Api ABC 2 Lvl 10 Automatically turns off your music and roofs ect..... And Much More To complete all quests and skills on a fresh lvl 3 account 1.4 Mil minimum is recommend Get Script Here: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/3598
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    Hi Everyone, with TRiBot 11 coming out soon I wanted to make sure that our users still had access to TRiBot 10 for compatibility reasons. This version should continue to work for a couple of months, but it is officially deprecated and will likely not be receiving any updates. The TRiBot Legacy will live on through 11 and sooner than later TRiBot X. We're super excited to share our developments with you. TRiBot-Loader-4.0.4.jar
  3. 4 points
    TRiBot 11.1.1 - Adds Title Bar Script Controls - Adds button to clear TRiBot Cache - Reduces max paint delay to 100 - Adds TempAccount method to General - Deletes outdated LG jars on load - Fixes bug with script compilation while open - Fixes hint arrow transform - Fixes issue with Veos NPC - Fixes issue with Automation Server - Removed beta from logo - Fixes issue with older tribot script UIs - Redesigned icons - Removed beta feedback button
  4. 4 points
    The best is now even better. New Traveling System All 9 rooftop courses from the game now have full support for walking Implemented new and reliable teleportation system that can use a variety of teleport items to reach almost all the courses, almost instantly Progressive mode makes extensive use of this system, automatically jumping from course to course, cutting the traveling time to a fraction of what it used to be! Increased reliability Intelligent combat detection and escaping system Added the option to stop the script if and when the player runs out of food Implemented multiple fail-safes, including item and spell deselect, and walking engine reset if the player is already inside the course Fully customizable anti-PK system for the Wilderness course, that allows the option of setting a minimum combat level for the potential PKers Better user experience for the level boosting feature, with additional messages and tips on how to use this feature efficiently Goldfarming Mode Expansion Automatically buys and unpacks amylase from Grace in Rogues' Den You can choose how many marks to collect before selling them, and you can also choose to randomize this number Trade the unpacked amylase crystals to a mule account. The script will hop to the mule's world, and will hop back to the previous world once the trade has been completed The entire operation is fully automated, and the script can use games necklace and course teleports to finish the tasks of selling, transferring and resuming agility training in under 1 minute. A secondary utility script which does the muling part (the account that accepts trades) is offered completely free of charge (link) And many, many, many other quality of life improvements that bring this script one step closer to perfection. This is just the beginning of a long array of planned updates, so stay tuned! Until then, for the next 7 days, this script will be available for only $1! Looking forward to making this script the best of its kind. Thank you for using my software! @TRiLeZ I just realized that Agility in RuneScape is esentially crossfit! For a stronger anti-ban we need LESS crossfit and MORE powerlifting!
  5. 3 points
    Features: Buying Selling World Hopping Banking Requirements: When first setting up the script, you must be at the shop you plan to buy/sell from. TODO: Arguments profile loading Make the paint useful If you have any requests, please let me know! Activate this script
  6. 3 points
    Einstein leaving no stone unturned to make this script fasst! Nice release
  7. 2 points
    Super impressed. This thing runs flawlessly with Overloads and Prayer pots while praying melee. Im using Osbuddy with Looking Glass and getting 48-50 FPS. No other scripts ever get that good FPS. Not sure if its partially due to the new Tribot Client or if your script is just really well optimised. But I am stoked. Its tempting me to let it run for a very long time, but I shouldnt be greedy lest I get the banhammer.
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    So i think in this hard time of year everyone need to see cute as fuck kitty's
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  10. 2 points
    I only have a goofy dog though...
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    Excuse me it is 2020 and we have abandoned the terms "black list" and "white list" also you are speaking common sense
  12. 2 points
    Pushed V2.10 (yeah, another one): - NEW: You can now choose directly whether the script uses Varrock teleports, Rings of Wealth, or walking to get to the GE for restocking - Fixed a rare bug with Clan Wars banking that caused the script to stall - Added interface-closing method to my travel methods to further prevent any issues - Interface closer now uses your escape close preferences correctly - Implemented yet more randomisation to camera function
  13. 1 point
    Working pretty well thank you, only issue im having is when it tries to world hop to a bounty or high risk world it does not click to continue on the warning text and instead scrolls through and hovers over different worlds. Thank You.
  14. 1 point
    ah yeah.. thats not very intuitive.. well, nothing wrong then ^^
  15. 1 point
    Here's an 8 hour progress report. This account is solely used for this script. ~14 hours script runtime on this account.
  16. 1 point
    Nice GUI looks pretty cool and it's easy to use, Gratz on release bud!
  17. 1 point
    Really nice release! I will definitely be testing this one out
  18. 1 point
    Love the GUI, simple and clean. Congrats on release!
  19. 1 point
    p.s the scheduled launch feature is fucking sick bro. Absolutely legendary! +1000000000
  20. 1 point
    Working on one slowly, but TRiBot 11 has been keeping me busy. Feel free to message me what options you'd like to see it have.
  21. 1 point
    Break Manager Changes Break Basis Determines what time value to base the break off of. The available options are Script Start, Previous Break, and System Time Script Start is time since script start Previous Break is time since the previous break ended (starts from time since script start if no other breaks have occurred) System Time is your PC’s local time (24 hour clock) Individual breaks can no longer be repeated Entire break profiles can be repeated if they do not contain any breaks that are based off of script start Old break profiles may load, but it is strongly recommended that they are remade as they may not take breaks at the same time as before Break profiles are stored in the settings.json file so you can easily copy profiles between PCs
  22. 1 point
    TRiBot 11.1.2 - Break handler rework - Fix script queue GUI - Fix misc errors on launch - Fix proxy selection from loader
  23. 1 point
    Awesome - when it's something this weird, it's usually something client-related, but I'm always happy to investigate
  24. 1 point
    could we get a script selection button on the top right? that will give us a pop-up with the scripts (similar to old client) instead of opening this new big clunky side panel?
  25. 1 point
    If u have any problems for Lg follow this guide 1- Delete all java versions u have 2- download and JDK 8 java version u wan recommended 102 >> 32bit or 64 bit dosent matter 3- Delete osbuddy u have 4-Open osbuddy site and download the .jar or aka Cross plate form 5- open this folder %temp% keep scrolling till u find any .jar files and delete all 6-use naton script to delete cash >>> https://github.com/Naton1/Hooks-And-Cache-Deleter/releases 7- u good to go open tribot and make sure u choose the right java version like here that is the wrong version that is JRE that is the right version JDK at last if u still having problems and that is less likely comment and i will let u know or pm me at discrod i am active almost 24/7
  26. 1 point
    Thanks mate this worked great!
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    Updated Fixed Agility Pyramid "not in course" bug Added agility tops counting (total number & amount/hour) Added werewolf course stick counting (total number & amount/hour) Added Brimhaven tickets counting (total number & amount/hour) Hooked repository link for the free auto-mule utility in the GUI Link: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/3599-relative-agility-mule/ Thanks @cyberh0und for the multiple bug reports over the last few days. Please add my Discord, I'd like to talk with you about something: Einstein#9305
  31. 1 point
    Thanks for replying, I just loaded my saved settings and when I noticed that when I meant to put "[N1]", i left it as "[N1". >.<
  32. 1 point
    Congratulations on release!
  33. 1 point
    Really great script, managed to get 80-91 fishing for elite diaries over two weeks. Used looking glass, botted for a max of 3 hours at a time and no more than 8 hours per day. Thanks again! (Barbarian fishing btw)
  34. 1 point
    fally course has a bug where it gets stuck on one of the obstacles. then varrock one when running to start of course always steps back in the same spot. pretty noticeable that youre botting. thought id share since ive been running this edit. varrock one recovers and continues. fally one it has happened 3 times in about a hour and i manually fix it
  35. 1 point
    I would add yourself as a follower to Todd, Trilez, and Fluffee for new threads as they would be the ones posting any major updates!
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  37. 1 point
    Congratulations on release!
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  39. 1 point
    If could add selling items i would be very pleased too, and obviously will buy your script
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    The balance is very difficult for prayer potions vs food - it's still something I'm looking into. Equipment switching for certain tasks is in the works, coming along slowly I'm aware of the Black Demons bug and fixing that now Konar won't be added, as since her tasks are location dependent (Black Demons at x location), it would require me to code over 350 tasks/locations, which is simply too much work for one slayer master.
  42. 1 point
    Hey @Einstein, occasionally the agility pyramid bot gets stuck on the third level with *walking to course*. It doesn't happen very often, maybe once every 30- mins- 60 mins but i thought ill still let you know.
  43. 1 point
    Looking glass is VIP-E only, you have VIP
  44. 1 point
    Any plans on adding support for the Kourend slayer master? Also, you suggested to use a particular tribot version on "fixed mode". Do you mean the in-game fixed mode that makes the screen really small? is that really important?
  45. 1 point
    Just ordered 8m osrs, service was quick and live chat was great, I had my gold within 5 minutes, definitely recommend ++
  46. 1 point
    Hey everyone, I currently do not have any time to actively work work on this product. I have decided to stop the sales on ExShopper, and all users on this script will continued to be serviced until all monthly auths have expired. With the amazing community of TRiBot, I'm sure there are multiple of free and premium will service your needs just as well as this script. This thread will remained locked, and later archived once all sales has been expired. Please direct message me if you still need help with the script. I will be actively be looking at my PM's for any questions. There will not be any private sales for this script. Thanks to all my customers that have supported me throughout all these years. I couldn't have made it as far as I have without y'all!
  47. 1 point
    Yes, I think so. I should be able to make it so you can replace the "account name" string with a JSON object like: account: { name: "MyAccountUserName" password: "pass" pin: "1234" } I will try to add it this weekend.
  48. 1 point
    Professional paint & graphics design services for botting scripts, advertisements, banners, etc. See below images for portfolio. I work with the biggest scripters in the scene & create unique, high quality graphics with distinguishable branding. I also do logo work for scripters, as well as for real world businesses. OSRS Graphics jScripts & jBotStarter branding, banners, paints, icons. ezClueSolver script paint - for FALSkills ezClueSolver - PROTOTYPE/CONCEPT GUI - nGreenDragonKiller signature tracker. - - nSmither signature tracker. - - nCooker signature tracker. - - nHerblore signature tracker. - - nRoguesDen signature tracker. - - nMagic script paint. Full suite design including custom 3D render of background image, post-processing, & after effects. - - nRaids paint. - - ahWintertodt script paint. - - nPrayer script paint. - - nTheatreOfBlood paint. - - Netami's Barrows script paint. - - OneClickRegicide script paint. Text is white color, enlarge image for dark background.- - rMule script paint (unreleased personal project). - - rLumberjack script paint (unreleased personal project). - - Custom 3D Render scene. Commission work. Featuring Vanescula Drakan. - - Custom 3D render scene. Commission work. Featuring Rune gear (chainbody/med helm/platelegs/scimitar), setting is beyond the Shantay Pass. - - Custom 3D render of slayer master Krystilia. Commission work. Example of in-game character presented on the left. - Company Logos (BUSINESS PORTFOLIO) Please contact me on Discord if interested in ordering a custom paint, graphics, or logo work. rsperson111#5473
  49. 1 point
    No. Not only does Tribot not use hardware-level or OS-level inputs, Jagex can't detect it anyway because OSRS is built on Java, which is largely abstracted from the underlying mechanisms such as input. Java can't access anything outside of its own application, without the help of a native interface, which OSRS cannot use since it's a java applet and doesn't ship independently. The increased bans you believe to be observing could be chance, meaning there's no relationship to any relevant factor. However, when people run multiple accounts, they usually perform certain actions that increase ban rates. For example, someone who bots one account may not bot for long periods, do tut island manually, train the account in random stats, bot various methods, buy membership, play legitimately when not botting, do quests. These actions aren't as easy to do when botting many accounts, and therefore people don't do them, and consequently receive more bans. Similarly, people who bot multiple accounts usually choose methods easier to bot, which are usually higher banrate methods. I can basically get away easily with suiciding botting WC on main. But if I did so on a new account, I'd be lucky to survive a day.
  50. 1 point
    I believe Jagex relies purely on the amount of the time played, my evidence for this: 1) People report being banned for using a script, yet another person will not, this should be seen as evidence that they cannot detect the script pattern or odd behavior, or the bot client. (For example, I ran a ranging guild script which others had warned got them banned, I ran it for at least 12 hours total, with breaks, and was never banned) 2) The only time you hear someone say they was banned, is followed by them saying that they botted for a DAY (24 hours), which suggests they ran the script for much longer than 4 hours. 3) Ask yourself, when have you banned within a couple of hours of using a script? Most likely never. 4) Jagex uses J mods to manually ban players, why would they do this if their automatic bot detection system was working? 5) I coded a macro, very basic, using pulover's macro creator (AutoHotKey) which would just fire/repair the cannon, as well as eating food when health got too low, the clicks were always in the same spot and the same time apart, I ran the script for HOURS, at least 4 in total (I was babysitting it), and was never banned. 6) Adding on to what was previously said, I also currently use a macro which switches my amour (Void Range/Ava/God Book/Rune Cbow > Void Melee/Fire Cape/Gmaul) and then it uses the special attack (all within 1 seconds :P), the mouse jumps all over the screen, moving at speeds not humanly possible, I've used it for months and still have not received anything for it, most games would detect this but RuneScape does not, you would've thought their amazing bot detection system would pick that up right? 7) It is already known that breaks reduce your chance of being banned. Anyone got more to add? To put this to the test, I'm going to attempt to get 99 strength and 99 ranged, I'm only going to bot for max 6 hours per day, taking breaks every 1 hour 45 minutes, for 30 minutes. It's either this, or Jagex adds you to a list, and once you've botted too much that's when they ban you (I doubt this, they would more likely give you a 2 day ban).


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