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    Newest update is live! Salve amulet support (normal, i, ei) - Massive increase in kills, you must have charged Rings of Wealths in bank as this will replace glories as the teleport method out and this is only supported by clan wars banking. Special support (Only for blowpipe at the moment) Ending when out of equipment sets, bracelets, ether, or supplies (Won't end when out of potions) Attack speed improvements! Nearly all core features are now completed, next updates to come are now centered around bug fixes that are reported and efficiency improvements to the entire script.
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    Thanks for the detailed report. I changed the chat function recently, and have updated it just now with improvements that I meant to have already pushed out. Ernest the Chicken: Fountain spam clicking issue should be resolved. Priest in Peril: Improved food management, hopefully. Let me know.
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    @DoNotRename is from Allatori which I don't think is included in the client yet. You can download it here http://www.allatori.com/ Check the bad import and try googling it if you're unsure.
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    Seems to be an issue with Dax walker I’ll just remove it from the script since it’s not really necessary
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    As @gamerlink123 suggested, this usually indicates that the maximum heap space is insufficient. You can check if this is the problem by enabling this setting:
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    Yes I can confirm my script doesn't interact with those interfaces. I've also had the same problem multiple times but haven't managed to catch a stack trace of it. Deleting my hooks and dependencies seemed to fix it. I'll try catch the stack if it happens again.
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    My bot will only attempt to cut wood with an equiped bronze axe. Is there a way to have my bot use an unequipped axe with the Einstein script appropriate for the bots woodcutting level?
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    As @Naton said, it's best to keep all script-specific discussion on the respective thread: https://tribot.org/forums/topic/76996-einsteins-woodcutter-probably-the-best-woodcutter-on-tribot/?tab=comments#comment-902029 To answer your question: the script will attempt to equip the best axe that can be wielded at the player's attack level, and it will automatically (dictated by the game) use the best available axe in the inventory, granted that you actually have the required woodcutting level for it. You can choose to automatically upgrade / buy axes, but those features have been explained in the thread.
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    You are an honorable man, I don't blame the script I just got panicked I suppose. Thank you for wonderful customer service and being a GREAT coder
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    I just used the trial of this script. I queued up Tutorial Island and Sheep Shearer. I watched the entire process. In my opinion, this script is top-notch. There were even a couple times where the bot, just through bad luck really, found itself in some poor camera angles/elevations. I waited to see if it would infinite loop or crash, but it readjusted and proceeded every time. I look forward to testing the other quests out and then buying the script! I'll keep the proggies coming
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    it's all gud bruv. thought i was going crazy but makes sense now. like i said, it's my vps that's just causing me grief tbf
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    Pushed another update which should fix that food issue, and I will disable the random solver.
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    Windows 10. Have done - issue persists.
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    Not really. This is usually a problem on Looking Glass, but since you're using the regular client, I am not sure why this is happening. Things you could try: Try using a different Java verison Delete all the Jagex files (including the cache) Backup the important files, delete the entire .tribot folder, and restart the client twice The problem is not caused by the following: The maximum heap space that you've allocated is more than enough for running any script. You computer is powerful enough to handle any script. If anything else fails, you could try submitting a ticket here: https://help.tribot.org/support/home
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    Another massive update that is coming very soon includes Overhaul to attacking prioritization (much faster npc finding and kills) Salve amulet support Improved anti-pk Various efficiency improvements
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    Material: Molten Glass Product: Unpowered Air Orb Issue experienced: Script gets stuck on "craft how many" and hits an endless loop of using the glassblowing pipe on molten glass.