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    Its recommended to not use the small pouch in this case, doing another empty cycle just for those 3 extra essence will result in lower xp/runs
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    It definitely does only take the cannon on relevant tasks - what task did it take a cannon on that it shouldn't have? I've run the script for hundreds of hours and it's never taken a cannon to the wrong task o.O Some tasks it is good to cannon on, even if they aren't multi, such as Harpie Bug Swarms or Trolls. And the new features are Ring of Wealth teleporting to the GE, High Alching on certain tasks and Slayer Rings teleportation to Nieve - plus about 40 bug fixes - I'm still testing atm though, since I changed a lot of how the script fundamentally works.
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    Pushed Version 1.25! - The script will now move its mouse off-screen for considerably more time and simulate a real player more accurately through its interactions - Improved banking speed and reliability - The script will now interact with a new spot faster immediately after banking and on start
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    Update 01/06/2020: - Reimplemented ::toggleroofs on script start. This was accidentally removed a few updates ago when implementing my new failsafe framework. Monk's Friend - Script should now successfully find the ladder down in Monk's Friend. Merlin's Crystal - The script should now successfully talk to the Lady on the Lake prior to attempting to get Excalibur. A failsafe has also been implemented should the Beggar fail to spawn. Holy Grail - The script should now talk to the Fisherman correctly. I could only test this on one account, so if it happens again, let me know and I'll run another account through. Jungle Potion - The script will now eat at a higher hitpoint level on Jungle Potion. - Added Druidic Ritual requirement. Animal Magnetism - The script should now eat if it's low hp when trying to cut the dead tree. - The script should now equip a games necklace prior to teleporting to Turael if it's being attacked by a dead tree. - The script will now correctly face north if an object is in front of it and the player isn't facing the correct way. Dragon Slayer - The script will now end if it somehow dies to Elvarg. - The script should now drink an antifire potion in order to prevent deaths / reduce the overall damage dealt. Priest in Peril - Increased the sleep when using blessed water on the coffin to prevent the script reselecting the bucket. Slayer / Ranged - Added new stronghold of security options. Here's a nice progress report from a user:
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