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    This release includes: Fix shift clicking option selecting Fix high paint delay settings saving Update prayer IDs for the quick select menu Remove RS3 support Fix hooks RS3 Support Removed The RS3 client hasn't been updated since our Old-School version of TRiBot was released, as many of you may have noticed. Keeping all of the RS3 code in the client made the client as a whole harder to maintain, larger, slower, and messier. As hardly anyone still uses the RS3 client, and since the RS3 API was hardly functioning, we made the decision to completely remove it from TRiBot. For the average user, this means that the client will be smaller, cleaner, and faster. Future updates will also take less work meaning there will be more frequent updates. If you were one of the few users still using the RS3 client, we apologize for the inconvenience. No future support for RS3 is planned. There are many other botting clients which has support for RS3, so we recommend finding an alternative if you wish to continue botting on RS3.
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    The bugged VIP message issue has been fixed.
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    Thanks for the debug. Working on the issue.
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    This is unfortunately an issue with Tribot and resizable mode. I have now updated the failsafe to close the minimap so it should close it if Tribot opens it.
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    Would love to be able to tip bolts with this. Other than that 10/10 script.
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    started getting this error where i can't run any free scripts but LG and proxy working fine. tried deleting tribot folder, killing all instances, restarting pc etc all basic stuff but nothing works. i get this message, [02:32:14] Since you are not a VIP user, you may only run free scripts for 2 hours every 3 days. Please try again later, or purchase VIP.
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    Looking into it right now.
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    paying respects to anyone that was actually still using RS3
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    I am also not able to use tribot. have vip and it shows im VIP for x days on website but says im not vip on client. just happened 20 mins ago. please help if you can, thanks