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    RSgoldonline ensure we are priced cheaper than other RS websites. If you find an Cheapest Runescape 2007 Gold site with a cheaper price than ours, kindly let us know so we can match the price.
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    The first implementation will make staking goldfarming obsolete and will open the door for a new type of gambling. Stakers will be out of business. For the rest of us, the price of gold might actually increase as a result. The second modification will affect no one, as there are many ways to transfer wealth without trading directly. Whoever used to transfer gold over duel arena will simply switch to another method.
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    lol I don't think this is how users are expected to ask questions in this sub-forum.
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    @ikkeflikkeri Dynamite issue is fixed, running so much smoother now and doesn't end up dying. Break handler can cause some issues sometimes, sometimes it gets stuck in a loop when it logs back in for some reason, or can't detect where to put the dynamite, there isn't in the client debug but the status could be "loading dynamite" when a rock hasn't been excavated. Perhaps a few failsafes to determine where it is and what it is going on exactly if it's been idle would help matters a ton and make it much more stable for long run times.
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    The free ones are one thing but to have a script that people pay for is a bit annoying. If you aren't going to update it, take it down
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    This script is actually so sick. Sometimes it bugs out and doesn't turn on protect melee but all I have to do is turn it on manually and it's not a problem whenever it starts new rounds. Thanks so much man :).
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    To be honest, I don't know how to do that haha... I babysitted the bot for a while today and found another bugg. When a power surge came up the script said 'activating powersurge' but it than walks to a random place and spams the minimap. Restarting the script solves this problem. Thanks again for the script! I'm about to hit 90 str haha:D
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    Chuck a few mil on a new acc and let us know how suiciding bf goes.
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    Okay. LOoking glass was the issue. Scripts working fine now thank you for the help