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    I started TRiBot 10 years ago as a project founded on my passion for gaming, software development, and automation. We have come a long way since then, especially myself personally. I’ve finished my BSc degree in computer science with a minor in mathematics. I’ve gained a massive amount of knowledge and experience in so many different areas. Now it’s time for TRiBot members to reap all of the benefits. Over the past few months, I’ve been working diligently on a new project - TRiBot X. Everything has been written from the ground up, with all of the best practices of software engineering. Every aspect of TRiBot has been re-imagined to support three main goals: flexibility, useability, and reliability. TRiBot X is more than just a RuneScape bot. It’s designed to be a very abstract automation platform. Modules and components are used to bring in specific functionality. But of course since we are a RuneScape bot, we are going to initially only be releasing an OSRS bot with this framework. That’s enough background information for now. Let’s dive into how TRiBot X is different from TRiBot. Secure Client Environment By secure, we mean that the RS client is run in an environment which heavily protects against client detection methods. With an in-depth knowledge of the JDK and JVM, I am confident that we are able to thwart any client detection methods, and we will continue to be able to do so in the future. This secure environment will be more secure than TRiBot’s LG. Sleek UI (User interface) and UX (User experience) UIs and UXs in web applications have vastly improved, but not so much with desktop applications. Therefore, we are writing TRiBot X’s display in HTML, CSS, and Javascript. We are using React with Material UI. We are currently still in the design phase of the display, so we do not have any prototypes to show you (yet). But we promise our UI and UX will be better than that of any of our competitors! We're moving rapidly and a mockup will be shared within the next few weeks. Fast, Responsive, and Efficient Here’s the current resource usage with one OSRS client running at max FPS. Not bad right? Okay, now check this out. This is the current resource usage with 100 OSRS clients running at max FPS. Yes, you read that right. 100! This is with minimal optimization of TRiBot X. Here are the hardware specs of the machine used for bench-marking: TRiBot X has been elegantly designed for high concurrent performance. Open Source TRiBot X will be partially open source. Our pricing model will roughly stay the same though, delivered through proprietary software modules built on top of our framework. We can’t say which modules will be open source yet, but our plan is for most modules to be. The proprietary modules will all add great amounts of value, representing our competitive advantage. New Input Mechanisms We’ve redesigned our input mechanisms to precisely model human behavior, backed by data and analytics. Not just mouse mechanics, but keyboard mechanics too. And did I say, Human Mouse for everyone?! Scripting API TRiBot X’s new scripting API will be similar to our current API, but improved in many areas. We’ll provide both low-level and high-level APIs. It’s going to be more flexible, fast, and efficient. The main goal with its design is to minimize the amount of code needed to write scripts. Other features include: Null-safe No checked exceptions Immutable Other Features TRiBot X is going to redefine bot software. We have many different features planning, and I could go on and on about them. But it’s best that I work on them rather than talking about them. So here’s a list of what’s planned. I’m going to do more in-depth about them in a future dev blog, spoonfeeding everyone TRiBot X’s greatness. Theming support Plugin support Modularization Micro-service based architecture New web walker HTTP rest server for bot control Deep learning scripts Java 14, with a custom JVM FAQ When can we use it? We don't have a concrete timeline just yet, but we'll let everyone know as soon as we know. Development is moving at a rapid pace right now. What about TRiBot 10/11? TRiBot 11 will be seen through. After the official release of TRiBot X, TRiBot 10/11 will be given and end of life of 6 months thereafter. Will TRiBot 10/11 scripts be compatible with TRiBot X? For the most part, yes. We will offer modules for legacy support.
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    JBotStarter is your one stop shop for fully automated RS Account Creation, the ultimate account creation tool. Ever wanted to farm Runescape but not had the time to make endless numbers of accounts to trial your methods? This script is your solution! Whether you're an avid all round farmer, or just testing the waters, there'll be an JBotStarter to suit your needs. JBotStarter Editions The best package going, enjoy watching your bot complete every quest and skill this script has to offer. Capable of completing over 35 quests and training 10 skills, there's no doubt this script will suit your training needs! Purchase Here: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/3524 Supported Quests: Cook's Assistant Doric's Quest The Knight's Sword Imp Catcher Witch's Potion Rune Mysteries Sheep Shearer X Marks the Spot Pirate's Treasure Romeo & Juliet Goblin Diplomacy Restless Ghost Ernest the Chicken Vampire Slayer Client of Kourend Druidic Ritual Monk's Friend Varrock Museum Gertrude's Cat Sea Slug Witch's House Tree Gnome Village The Grand Tree Waterfall Priest in Peril Animal Magnetism Fight Arena Lost City Merlin's Crystal Holy Grail Fishing Contest RFD Cook RFD Dwarf Dragon Slayer Mountain Daughter Dwarf Cannon Supported Skills: Slayer (Turael) Prayer Ranging Agility Cooking Fishing Woodcutting Crafting Firemaking JBotStarter - NMZ Edition is the successor to the much loved JNMZStarter. Automatically level your perfect NMZ ready account straight from a Level 3. This includes the Demon Questline, MTD Questline & Animal Magnetism for you range lovers out there. 20 Quests - 5+ Skills Purchase Here: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/3254 JBotStarter - GDK Edition is the ideal tool for a GDK farmer. Hate levelling accounts to get that anti-dragon shield? This script will complete all the quests required to get you a virtually GDK ready account, including Dragon Slayer! 15+ Quests - 4 Skills Purchase Here: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/3526 JBotStarter - Lite Edition allows you to either test the script, or enjoy some of the perks it has to offer for free! Perfect for levelling up F2P accounts. 10 Quests - 5 Skills Enjoy Here: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/3482 Features: Every JBotStarter edition will feature the following: - Full GE Support! - Level 3 Support. Your account can work it's way through all the tasks dynamically straight from a Level 3. All you need to supply is membership and gold! - Advanced Preferences w/ Customisable Antiban! Set up your accounts to play how you like it. Is there something you'd like to see that isn't there? Request it. - Simple, Intuitive JavaFX GUI. Re-order tasks or remove them. You can complete tasks in whichever order you like! This script will intuitively decide which tasks it can complete. Progress Reports / Media:
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    Trains the Slayer skill for you, 100% automatically. Welcome to ARKSlayer Pro, Tribot's Premium Slayer script. Ever wanted to farm Cerberus? Alchemical Hydra? Abyssal Sire? All of these highly lucrative bosses and more are locked behind tough Slayer requirements that struggle to be botted - not anymore! Features Supports: Turael (Low-level Slayer Master, no Combat requirement) Vannaka (Mid-High level Slayer Master, requires 40 Combat) Nieve (High-level Slayer Master, requires 85 Combat) Travels to and from tasks automatically, completes them and then gets new tasks - no input necessary Incrorporates an advanced, safe and efficient combat system that emulates human-behaviour Supports using the Dwarf Multicannon with projectile tracking (for tracking cannonballs left), repairing and all other relevant logic Supports all food Employs a simple alogorithm to calculate how much food it needs to take to each task on each trip to not waste food, or allows you to choose to take a full inventory on every task Supports most commonly used potions Simple to use drop-down UI picker with pre-populated data (from Attack Potions to Super Combat Potions; most are supported) Intelligent algorithm to determine when to drink potions with randomisation to keep your account safe Automatic looting of anything worth looting, with precise profit and loss calculations - high level Slayer tasks make some of the best profit/hour in the game eg. Kurasks, Abyssal Demons, Gargoyles, Nechryaels Also offers "Loot above x value" and a "Max-XP mode" for extra customisation options Supports Fairy Ring teleporting, Slayer Ring teleporting and a host of other teleportation options around OSRS to get you to tasks automatically and using the most efficient way available to your account Full Grand Exchange and Slayer Master Store restocking (supported and strongly recommended to keep checked) Supports Protection Prayers for necessary tasks Supports taking the Holy Wrench on Prayer tasks to reduce prayer potion consumption Switches Equipment automatically for required tasks (eg. Mirror Shield for Basilisks and Leaf Bladed weaponry/Broad weaponry for Kurasks/Turoths) Supports Expeditious Bracelets for annoying tasks that need shortening Supports Bracelets of Slaughter for increasing XP/hour on high XP tasks Supports using the Slayer Helmet and Slayer Helmet (i) Automatically uses kill moves on relevant tasks eg. Salting Rockslugs and Ice-cooling Lizards Supports Ranged and Melee combat World/area hopping when a cannon is already in our area and to prevent crashing other cannoners World/area hopping when too many people are in our area for a certain period of time Supports Task Skipping (currently only preset tasks, but eventually Task-Skipping will be fully customisable) Has the option to stop after a certain number of tasks automatically and logout Special Attack Weapon support with weapon switching and intelligent randomisation-based antiban Support for Superior Slayer Monsters (acquired through the Bigger and Badder purchasable perk), with the potential to drop loot worth 26m and increasing XP/Hour considerably Automatic Dusty Key acquisition for Blue Dragon tasks Considerable antiban and multiple fail-safes including: Repeated server-message failsafe (checks if we are stuck and repeating the same broken action to save our account and resets) World-hopping if many people arrive at our location or someone sets up a cannon Combat-area resetting if dragged out of its area for any reason Area-locked looting to prevent anti-botters who try to drag the script out with loot Additional, toggleable, antiban options to emulate human behaviour at the cost of efficiency: Activatable "Microbreaking" to simulate a player becoming distracted and semi-afking in the middle of a task Activatable "Fatigue" system to simulate a player becoming tired and less responsive with time Activatable "Hyper-afk" mode, which allows aggressive and cannon tasks to be done as though your account is semi-afk while completing them Multi-tabbed paint showing all of the information you need, including Slayer XP, Total XP, Profit/Loss and Tasks Completed Additional Antiban, unique algorithms, full ABCL2 10/10 compliance and a host of dynamic and randomised actions Simple, attractive GUI relative the huge host of features this script includes to make your life easier, with automatic saving/loading Optimal use guide ARKSlayer has a full guide on how to setup the script and gain optimal XP, viewable here: Where do I find this? You may purchase this script from the Repository: GUI Task list (all supported unless noted) Aberrant Spectres Abyssal Demons Ankou Banshees Bats Black Demons Black Dragons Bloodveld Blue Dragons Brine Rats Basilisks Birds Bears Bronze Dragons Cave Bugs Cave Crawlers Cave Slimes Cockatrice Cows Crawling Hands Crocodiles Dagannoth Dogs Dust Devils Dwarves Earth Warriors Automatically skipped, since this task is in the Wilderness Elves Fever Spiders Fire Giants Gargoyles Ghouls Ghosts Green Dragons Does Baby Dragons in Brimhaven Dungeon if above 34 Woodcutting, otherwise skips (since normal Green Dragons are in the wilderness) Greater Demons Goblins Harpie Bug Swarms Hellhounds Hill Giants Hobgoblins Ice Giants Ice Warriors Icefiends Infernal Mages Iron Dragons Jellies Jungle Horrors Kalphites Switches types killed based on combat level – Workers or Soldiers Killerwatts Kurask Lizards Lesser Demons Minotaurs Mogres Molanisks Automatically skips, Dorgesh-Kaan is a nightmare Monkeys Moss Giants Nechryael Ogres Otherworldly Beings Pyrefiends Rats Rockslugs Shades Sea Snakes Scorpions Shadow Warriors Skeletons Skeletal Wyverns Spiders Spiritual Creatures Automatically skips, may be added in the future Steel Dragons Terror Dogs Automatically skips, may be added as a Slayer-Ring-only task in the future Turoth Trolls Supports multiple locations (including Jatizso and Death Plateau) based on your account’s quests completed TzHaar Vampyres Wall Beasts Werewolves Wolves Wyrms Zombies Progress Reports
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    I've just released an optimal-use guide! This guide explains how to setup the script, optimal quests and requirements for the best experience/hour and talks through each of the options on the GUI and how they affect your account. Check it out: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1OwYTUlLvyRElHvSj_Jf1rdC9SgCko6D1 (I will be updating and improving it constantly as the script evolves) Also pushed V1.64, which includes an in-GUI link to the guide and a fix for Wall Beast tasks (caused by the script having to world-hop on these tasks).
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    Spoiler tag, retard.
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    Update 01/06/2020: - Reimplemented ::toggleroofs on script start. This was accidentally removed a few updates ago when implementing my new failsafe framework. Monk's Friend - Script should now successfully find the ladder down in Monk's Friend. Merlin's Crystal - The script should now successfully talk to the Lady on the Lake prior to attempting to get Excalibur. A failsafe has also been implemented should the Beggar fail to spawn. Holy Grail - The script should now talk to the Fisherman correctly. I could only test this on one account, so if it happens again, let me know and I'll run another account through. Jungle Potion - The script will now eat at a higher hitpoint level on Jungle Potion. - Added Druidic Ritual requirement. Animal Magnetism - The script should now eat if it's low hp when trying to cut the dead tree. - The script should now equip a games necklace prior to teleporting to Turael if it's being attacked by a dead tree. - The script will now correctly face north if an object is in front of it and the player isn't facing the correct way. Dragon Slayer - The script will now end if it somehow dies to Elvarg. - The script should now drink an antifire potion in order to prevent deaths / reduce the overall damage dealt. Priest in Peril - Increased the sleep when using blessed water on the coffin to prevent the script reselecting the bucket. Slayer / Ranged - Added new stronghold of security options. Here's a nice progress report from a user:
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    Minimum $2k req for it.. Goodluck
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    Auto Runecrafter Pro Development Thread By Encoded Planned Supported Altars and Transportation: Ourania Soul Blood Lava (Castle Wars) Astral (Moonclan Teleport) Mind (Mind Altar Teleport + Respawn Teleport) Fire (Castle Wars) Air (Walking) I will not be supporting the abyss whatsoever. This means NPC Contact is required if you are using pouches. Let me know if you have any questions. BETA: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/3527 Pricing: TBD SETUP GUIDE Enable F Keys and Turn on ESC to close current interface! Make sure camera is zoomed out as far as possible. Setup bank placeholders before starting the script (if using placeholders). Have the Abyssal book in your bank if using Pouches/NPC Contact. Stamina Potion Bank Setup Have stamina potions in your bank starting from 1 dose to 4 dose. The script withdraws the first stamina potion it finds. Runecrafting Pouches Runecrafting pouches are emptied in the following order: Giant -> Small -> Large -> Medium It is only recommended to use the two highest pouches you have the skill level to use. Lava Runes Gear - Required: Fire Tiara, Binding Necklace, Ring of Dueling, Mist battlestaff, Tome of Fire (charged), Runepouch Ourania (ZMI) Gear - Required: Dust battlestaff, Runepouch Alternative Runepouch setup is to replace air runes with cosmic runes and keep the rune you are using as payment in your inventory. The script will not bank or drop your payment rune. Blood & Soul Runes Have a pickaxe equipped and a chisel in your inventory.
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    You know, I tried it as soon as you had initially released the first version and ended up dicking both my accounts because I left them running overnight on accident, and usually after I have a bad experience with a script Ill never touch it again.. But this is different. I am excited for this.
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    Congrats on Premium! Just purchased it after using the beta for a while with no issues. Any chance you would add point farming in? i.e. do 9 tasks at turael and the 10th at another master?
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    I've pmed you a decent list of updated and reliable scripts/scripters
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    The entire crew is onboard.
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    V1.60 just released, which is a huge patch! Notes: - Fully re-wrote the GUI to make room for a host of new features, now and in the future! Improvements: - NEW: Added Bracelet of Slaughter support - this should provide a considerable XP/hour increase for cannon users - NEW: Added "Stop after X tasks" support – the script will stop and logout when a certain number of tasks have been completed - Added the currently equipped ring to the stored equipment tab on the GUI - Improved the Wall Beasts task - should now be far faster and will not be reliant on my DaxWalker key anymore for resets - The script will now tell you a specific reason as to why it stopped in the debug - Script's data structure has been completely re-written to allow for easier task-adding and pave the way for Nieve support – this new framework is also far more efficient - Now randomises the % at which Prayer Potion doses are drunk more effectively Bug fixes: - Fixed the cannon repair issues the script was experiencing - thanks to @HeyImJamie for the help with diagnosing this bug - Fixed a bug with Wall Beasts failing as a task if my Dax key was too overused - Fixed a bug where, on Aberrant Spectres tasks, the script would leave its combat area and enter another player's area by accident - Modified Ankou areas to increase XP/hour on these tasks - Micro-breaking now occurs only on safe tasks - Fixed a bug whereby the script being started at a task combat area would cause it to not return home if it ran out of food - Fixed a bug with item equipping if an item is not worn in desired slot - Fixed a paint bug leading to very high numbers being displayed incorrectly – but please note, the script must be started logged-in I've also begun writing a full guide on the optimal use of ARKSlayer Pro for training your Slayer, including the best things you can do/complete on your account to reach optimal XP-rates!
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    21/05/2020 Update: New looting option: Only loot your kills - This will make the script only pickup loot from monsters you've killed. Modified looting algorithm so it will no longer jump between loot piles under certain scenarios. Looks perfect now
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    Script will now click the furnace while the bank is open if it is on screen. Ring of forging support has been added. The script will equip a ring of forging while banking if one is not equipped. The space bar is now used when smelting bars (requires 1 inventory via clicking first).
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    Hi Leroy, Yes the script should fully function on it's own. You've been really unlucky in the fact that all three quests (Monk's Friend, Pirate's Treasure and Druidic Ritual) you've run have been very new additions (i.e. within the last two days). I'll run some accounts through those quests to try replicate the issues you've experienced. In future, can you try and get a screenshot where the script is stuck? It really helps pinpoint the issue. Thanks for the report, I'll get this fixed today.
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    vms are inefficient for anything large scale botting wise, unless you're using bare-metal instances. AWS itself also isn't very cheap. You'll be paying for redundancy and availability that isn't needed.
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    G.Quester : *New Quest Fishing Contest has been added argument >> FishingContest *New Quest RFD Cook has been added argument >> RFDCook *Ernest the Chicken : Fixed Tube Door Bug *Animal Magnatism : Fixed Crushing bug sheet has been updated
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    Pushed Version 1.47: - NEW: Added Stamina Potion support - Fixed the Gargoyles task, which was not functioning as intended - Modified the Gargoyles loot table to not include items that people generally leave on the floor, to avoid bot-like behaviour - Updated the ID of the Dragon Sword for Special Attacks - previously tried to use a Dragon Longsword instead - Script now supports Amethyst Broad Bolts, as well as standard Broad Bolts, for Kurask/Turoth tasks when selecting the crossbow option - Fixed the Dragon Halberd special attack - Fixed a bug with returning home if your glory was discharged for whatever reason upon the script starting - Adjusted and optimised some values - Cleaned up some more code
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    Ever had issues where a script running in one tab was returning values from a script running in a different tab? This tutorial will teach you how to code to avoid that. Static members (classes, methods, variables) are not the problem. How you access your static members is the problem. You may have learned that static members are global; that they are shared throughout the entire program. This is not true. Static members are scoped to the class loader that loaded it. This means that loading the same class using two different class loaders in the same program (JVM) allows the class' static members to have different values. Each tab in TRiBot uses a different class loader so this means that static members within your script are scoped to the class loader (tab) that loaded it. While static members may be scoped to their class loader, accessing them from the same scope that created the class loader that loaded them will cause all static members to be accessed. This is why accessing static members on the AWT Event Dispatch Thread or JavaFX Application Thread will cause undesired behavior. How To Properly Support Tabs If you use the popular variable/config singleton container, pass the instance of your container to your GUI on creation rather than statically setting variables or making calls to the static getInstance method. This can be done in the constructor for example: new GUI(Config.getInstance()) Avoid making calls to TRiBot's static API methods in your GUI as they will be unreliable if they return data that is unique to the tab that the script is running on. Do not create new threads on the AWT Event Dispatch Thread or JavaFX Application Thread.
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    Here's a small snippet I wrote for my personal use. This makes querying GE items DTO friendly. public class GrandExchangeUtil { /** Internal GE data */ private static JSONObject priceData; /** Last timestamp GE data was downloaded */ private static long lastUpdateTime; /** Rate at which we refresh internally stored GE data */ public static long REFRESH_GE_TIME = 1000 * 60; /** * Force fetches all the price data for GE Items. */ public static void forceUpdateGEPriceData() { try { String address = "https://rsbuddy.com/exchange/summary.json"; URL url = new URL(address); URLConnection connection = url.openConnection(); InputStream inputStream = connection.getInputStream(); InputStreamReader reader = new InputStreamReader(inputStream); BufferedReader bufferedReader = new BufferedReader(reader); String jsonSource = bufferedReader.readLine(); bufferedReader.close(); JSONParser parser = new JSONParser(); priceData = (JSONObject) parser.parse(jsonSource); lastUpdateTime = System.currentTimeMillis(); } catch(Exception e ) { e.printStackTrace(); } } private static void updateGEPriceData() { if ( priceData == null || System.currentTimeMillis()-lastUpdateTime > REFRESH_GE_TIME ) forceUpdateGEPriceData(); } /** * Get GEItem from OSRS item ID * @param id * @return */ public static GEItem getItemData(int id) { updateGEPriceData(); JSONObject data = (JSONObject) priceData.get(Integer.toString(id)); if ( data == null ) return null; return new GEItem(data); } /** * Get GEItem from RSItem * @param id * @return */ public static GEItem getItemData(RSItem item) { return getItemData(item.getID()); } } public class GEItem { /** ID of the item */ private int id; /** Display name of the item */ private String name; /** Is item Members only */ private boolean members; /** Average price bought */ private int buyAverage; /** Average quantity bought */ private int buyQuantity; /** Average price sold */ private int sellAverage; /** Average quantity sold */ private int sellQuantity; /** Overall average price */ private int overallAverage; /** Overall average quantity */ private int overallQuantity; /** sp */ private int sp; public GEItem(Map<String,Object> data) { this.id = toIntegerSafe(data.get("id")); this.name = toStringSafe(data.get("name")); this.members = toBooleanSafe(data.get("members")); this.buyAverage = toIntegerSafe(data.get("buy_average")); this.buyQuantity = toIntegerSafe(data.get("buy_quantity")); this.sellAverage = toIntegerSafe(data.get("sell_average")); this.sellQuantity = toIntegerSafe(data.get("sell_quantity")); this.overallAverage = toIntegerSafe(data.get("overall_average")); this.overallQuantity = toIntegerSafe(data.get("overall_quantity")); this.sp = toIntegerSafe(data.get("sp")); } public void setId(int id) { this.id = id; } public int getId() { return this.id; } public String getName() { return this.name; } public void setName(String name) { this.name = name; } public boolean isMembers() { return this.members; } public void setMembers(boolean members) { this.members = members; } public int getBuyAverage() { return this.buyAverage; } public void setBuyAverage(int average) { this.buyAverage = average; } public int getBuyQuantity() { return this.buyQuantity; } public void setBuyQuantity(int buyQuantity) { this.buyQuantity = buyQuantity; } public int getSellAverage() { return this.sellAverage; } public void setSellAverage(int average) { this.sellAverage = average; } public int getSellQuantity() { return this.sellQuantity; } public void setSellQuantity(int quantity) { this.sellQuantity = quantity; } public int getOverallAverage() { return this.overallAverage; } public void setOverallAverage(int average) { this.overallAverage = average; } public int getOverallQuantity() { return this.overallQuantity; } public void setOverallQuantity(int quantity) { this.overallQuantity = quantity; } public int getSP() { return this.sp; } private int toIntegerSafe(Object object) { if ( object instanceof String ) { try { return (int)Double.parseDouble(object.toString()); } catch(Exception e) { e.printStackTrace(); return 0; } } if ( object instanceof Number ) return ((Number)object).intValue(); return 0; } private String toStringSafe(Object object) { if ( object == null ) return ""; return object.toString(); } private boolean toBooleanSafe(Object object) { if ( object == null ) return false; if ( !(object instanceof Boolean) ) return false; return ((Boolean)object).booleanValue(); } @SuppressWarnings("unchecked") public JSONObject toJSON() { JSONObject json = new JSONObject(); json.put("id", this.getId()); json.put("name", this.getName()); json.put("members", this.isMembers()); json.put("sp", this.getSP()); json.put("buy_average", this.getBuyAverage()); json.put("buy_quantity", this.getBuyQuantity()); json.put("sell_average", this.getSellAverage()); json.put("sell_quantity", this.getSellQuantity()); json.put("overall_average", this.getOverallAverage()); json.put("overall_quantity", this.getOverallQuantity()); return json; } }
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    Ban rates are very low when botting smart . Try to avoid other players when possible by using the worldhopping features and don't bot ridiculous hours. Saying that I know many people who run large-scale goldfarms with the script with great success.
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    This is really exciting! It's awesome to see the growth of this platform.
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    We are absolutely in dire need of feedback for this journey into the next development of TRiBot. If you decide to participate please leave us some feedback in the following template: TRiBot-Loader-5.0.2.jar
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    Glad to see Software Engineering taking all over the place. Would love to see a Container and/or Component diagram of the target Architecture. Are you looking into Testing area? Punctually, a local development environment to test scripts. With a mocked game instance perhaps? an OSRS private server? What is your take on that? Landscape looks really interesting. Would be cool to have a chat with you and your crew to know more of your big plans and learn. Could be a nice opportunity to gather feedback from a shy, perhaps hidden, software engineering community too. I am sure you got one around here. Congrats on your BSc. And keep up that passion. It is contagious. Note: I am new around here, brought my the love of my brother who has been an avid RS player and Tribot user for some time. Happy to be part of the community, learn and share.
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    purchased 30 credits from the man at the rate of 2.1m osrs per credit. Very fast and smooth trade.
  32. 1 point
    It does not support these house methods at the time, currently the scripts focus is goldfarming cases
  33. 1 point
    Very nice, very good guy, you can trust him with anything. if you need anything hit him up and he is 100% trustable
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    One of the few scripts I feel comfortable starting and not opening again for hours. After tweaking and optimizing the settings the bot is absolutely flawless and does what it needs to do, kill crabs - plain and simple. Been using it on sands which is very crowded, it may take 10 mins to find an empty world, and bot finds it fine. 10/10 script, thank you @Naton
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    LG with OSBuddy running on Java JDK 8u251. I have the 64bit one as I am running on 64bit... duh... Also running .jar files for osbuddy and tribot. If you follow the official guide it should work. Make sure there is only one version of java jdk installed of course...
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    Update 19/05/2020: - Added a failsafe for Agility when using the Net obstacle. If the script fails to click the obstacle three times, the zoom will reset and the camera will attempt to rotate towards the obstacle. If this needs to be added to the rest of the obstacles, let me know. (All Editions) - Added a failsafe for Priest in Peril if the script somehow ends up without a bucket and gets stuck attempting to fill it. (All Editions) - Added the ability to stop Firemaking at 30 when burning logs while woodcutting. Firemaking -> Woodcutting - Stop at 30. (All Editions) - The script will now clear an inventory space if there isn't room for a shantay pass when trying to traverse to Kalphites. (Ultimate / NMZ Editions) - Added Banshee Task Support. (Ultimate / NMZ Editions) - Added Monk's Friend (Ultimate Edition) - Fixed Lite Version buying teleports when the account is F2P (Lite Edition).
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    Has been pretty flawless for me so far! Thought I'd share a proggy here I was wondering if it's normal to get no more than 8k slayer xp/hour with this script as it is quite slow.
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    ZMI going well without pouches. Currently getting to 50 and then will go get pouches and ensure they are still working. Here's an hour after getting pouches. Using medium and large pouch. Getting around 40k xp/hr doing lavas with medium and large pouch.
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    Update 15/05/2020: - Fixed Prayer failing to withdraw bones after a death. - Attempted a fix at a small walking issue with Waterfall. - Added new paint: https://i.imgur.com/Szg009o.png (Quest / Skill Tabs are currently disabled.) Thanks @Marcusihno for allowing me to steal your design.
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    Banking was broken in every script due to a runescape update. There was a red banner on the forums, i believe it has been fixed now.
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    Currently working on implementing iron man charter ship method.
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    liking the script. Was wondering if there is a option which shows all my ores mined with all accounts. Very good script. The level 1-30 part would be nice if that could be added.
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    It isn't necessarily ignoring it, it just is prioritizing the cakes further down in your inventory. I'll change this behavior.
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    I broke something big with the last update, I'm still fixing it, sorry Edit: Should be fixed now, apologies for the down-time. Pushed Version 1.37, which includes what was practically a full framework re-write in preparation for Tribot 11 (which is why everything broke, I really screwed up my singletons): - ARKSlayer Pro now supports Tribot 11 (the Beta client) - this required an extensive code evaluation and almost full framework re-write (rip 10 hours), but everything should work as intended - Please note: Tribot 11 is still very much in beta and has some difficult to identify bugs. It is strongly advised to continue running this script on the current client, not the beta. - Reverted the async camera change from last patch - the old camera was far more effective and stable in the long run - Rewrote Task-Skipping to be safer and more reliable - Reduced the number of Shantay Passes taken on Crocodile tasks - Further modifications to world-hopping, particularly in preparation for Tribot 11 - Confirmed that cannon repairing now works perfectly - Added new looting options (selectable from the GUI): - Standard optimised looting is the default - this is recommended and gives the best XP/gold ratio and is what the script currently uses - Custom value looting - allows you to specify the minimum value of loot that you wish to pick up - Max-XP mode - only loots high-value items and focuses on gaining max XP/hour Edit: Pushed another 2 stability updates for my new framework
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    Yes. Offset by a value if the game is in resizable mode as that would change the coordinates of the OK button.
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    @jimy maybe next time use https://pastebin.com/ can i get an image of the items it withdraw before it deposit them again
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    Amateurs, amateurs! all of em you gotta learn the art young one. there are tricks to the trade only the masters know.
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    Naton releasing high quality scripts as always! ? Heres a nice little bit of help I wrote up for all of you curious what the minimum/easiest stat and quest requirements are for NMZ 20 Agility 36 Woodcutting 31 Crafting 10 Cooking 10 Fishing Vampire Slayer Mountain Daughter Fight Arena Tree Gnome Village Lost City Fishing Contest Cook's Assistant RFD - Dwarf sub (for Dwarven rock cake)
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    When everyone looks to goldfarm, they often look for the secret method, what to bot, how long; they're looking for this magic perfect formula to make easy money and not get banned. The truth is, that doesn't exist. What works for one person may not work for another for countless reasons. Simply put, there's too many variables involved to determine why X/Y account did/didn't get banned. Patterns can only be determined over large numbers of accounts, and even then what worked for 6 months may stop working at any time, for any reason. Instead, rather than trying to tell you there's some secret method to botting ("bot 24/7, "bot 1 hr 32mins a day, "bot green dragons" "bot X" -- almost all the people saying things like this are spewing anecdotal bullshit), I'm going to let you find out what works for you. Instead, I'll help you determine if your goldfarm is doomed to fail from the start. Time commitment When it comes to gold-farming, time is your most important resource. How much time spent does it take you to get an account producing GP? If you're F2P farming, even just 30 seconds spent per account is likely too much if you want a reasonable amount of profit. Other methods, either because of increased GP/hr, or account longevity, are worth spending a few minutes/even a few hours on. So, when you're thinking of your method, you need to think in terms of not the amount of GP/hr you'd earn doing it, but the amount of time needed to get to that point. Earning 1M/hr is nice, but if setting up 4 400k/hr accounts takes half the time, the 400k/hr method might end up being the more viable one. Figure out how long, in minutes/hours it'll take to get 1 account ready to go. If you realize it takes 4 hours of 'work' to get an account ready, and you're only making 20M profit per account, you can do some quick math based on the gold price and realize you're only earning ~$4/hr or so for your time. It's up to you to determine if the 'work' is worth it. It doesn't just take time to run a gold-farm though; It also takes in-game gold. Gold commitment Another overlooked aspect of gold-farming is gold commitment. Essentially, how much gold you need to put into an account to get it running. Generally speaking, you're looking at (cost of Bond + GP required to reach all requirements + estimated amount of 'gear/supplies' you put on the account). Certain activities can have a really high gold commitment, and can make them less desirable than initially expected. My favorite example is GE-merchanting scripts. Literally zero requirements other than a bond, and you're earning 1M or so per hour. Great in terms of time commitment, but the Gold commitment is very high. Every bit of GP you have on an account that is tied up in a method is a risk. There's a risk of the account getting banned with the wealth, Sure, you can mule off the gold whenever you're not botting, and you can even avoid jagex typical ban hours, but that's not guaranteed. So, assuming 200m of wealth to make 1m/hr flipping on an account, you need to run about 200 hours to hit the 'safe' break-even point. Now, risk on a farm like this is hard to calculate because it depends heavily on your ability to not get an account caught with lots of wealth on it. Instead, let's use something more static like a Green Dragon Killer. Your avg Green-dragon killer will have about 2-3M in gear on it (perhaps a bit more if you're using a whip. So, bond + ~3M Gear + ~500k to get it GDK ready leaves you with about a 6.5M total 'gold' cost. At ~250k/hr with medium stats, you're looking at about 26 hours as your breakeven point. So, with GE-flipping you have high risk, high reward botting. Your profit/hr is high, and your effort is low, but the potential for you to lose out hugely is there. Plus, it ties up a large amount of GP which could be used to fuel other farms. I find it's important to look at when you become profitable to determine if the farm is worth doing. Many times I've come up with a farm idea but can quickly determine that it doesn't make sense based on the logistics. Sure it may make 2m/hr, but if it requires elite diaries to get there, it's probably not worth your time. Likewise, if fletching onyx bolts is 5m/hr (I.E. when revs were first released), but requires 250m/hr investment it's probably not worth tying down/risking that much GP for. Money commitment Botting also has a monetary cost associated with it. You've got your VIP cost (which is almost negligible), Electricity costs (which I'm aware many of you may not pay for, but somebody is) Server costs Script costs Vip costs are $8. There's no way around it unless you become scripter rank, but the time commitment there outweighs any marginal savings you'd get. Electricity costs -- You either pay for your utilities or you don't, but it's costing someone money. Electricity is really expensive where I live so keeping my PC on 24/7 costs me a fair bit (Somewhere around $50/month?) For serious farmers this is negligible, but still. If you're in a warm climate there's also potential costs associated with keeping your space comfortable while your PC is generating heat. Server costs - The bulk of any gold farm's costs. Before any purchases are made, ensure your method is tried and true and you're earning enough to justify having a server. I've seen people set up 200 accounts on a Monday, get banned by Wednesday, and then get demoralized and leave their server vacant for the other 28 days of the month. Script costs - Learning basic java is a good way to cut down on script costs. If you're serious about gold-farming you're going to want to be able to make most simple scripts because you can tailor them to your needs exactly. You can make a script that gets you your desired stats in just the way you want, and for free. People will argue whether private scripts make a difference when botting, but I can tell you that if your scripts are of a similar quality to the public premium ones, it can't hurt. That said, there's nothing wrong with utilizing already existing scripts to help your farm. Granted it was back during lifetime auths, I used a AIO fighter script here for the initial account training, racked up hundreds of millions of XP earned over thousands of accounts without issue. Just spend wisely. Paying for private scripts is also a viable option, but you really need to make sure you do your due diligence, otherwise you may drop hundreds of dollars on a method that doesn't work out. TL;DR If you're looking for the secret to making billions from gold-farming you're not going to find them. They don't exist. I know a guys who swears by running RC accounts nearly 24/7 and has a handful of 99 rc accounts to prove it. It works for him, and it doesn't work for me no matter how much I try to mimic his methods. So, instead of looking for the post "10 lifehacks to really win at botting!" take some time, do some math and determine for yourself the best way to proceed. The truth is, goldfarming is a lot of trial and error, and it 's always evolving. What I made 400m/day on 4 years ago no longer works today, just as my current methods won't earn what they do now in 4 more years. Goldfarming is about adapting to the changes in the game and the economy. There are people in the world willing to play runescape for less than a dollar an hour. If you're from a developed nation you've got to be a lot smarter than they are to earn a reasonable income from gold-farming. There's also no shame in learning that gold-farming isn't for you. Sometimes it's just too difficult to get to an amount earned that's worth your time. Determine how much you value your time, and how much it feels like 'work' to manage your farm. If the rewards from your time/effort are greater than that, congratulations. If not, work at your strategy until it is. If you just can't get there, that's ok too.
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