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    Updated Today's update comes with improvements in the script's anti-ban. Some very important changes were made. I expect to see a drastic decrease in ban-rates. In-human pattern I have identified a huge flaw in the code that generated a profoundly in-human pattern. Although it consisted of a single line of code, the fact that it was executed frequently and consistently when a certain condition was met, made it relatively easy to detect. This was completely removed in today's update. New tile choosing algorithm - Tree not on screen The new algorithm takes into account the number of tiles occupied by the tree (in this case 4). The occupied tiles are also selected by the algorithm, because the result does not represent the exact location of where the player should be; it represents the tile on which the script is going to walk towards, usually by clicking the minimap, until the tree appears on the screen an it can be clicked. As can be seen, the script will click more often (but not always) in the center, because this is how humans are usually walking towards their target. ← Minimap ↓ Game screen New algorithm for next anticipated target The tile choosing algorithm for the next anticipated target has been changed as well. The tiles occupied by the tree (or the stump) are excluded, because the output of the algorithm represents the exact tile on which the player should be on. Camera movement Has been temporarily removed, and it's currently being handled only by TRiBot's anti-ban. Rest assured: no input at all is many times better than in-human like input. This week I will be working on a special utility that will imitate the way in which humans are moving the camera to find their off-screen target. This will take some time to develop, because there are a lot of variables that need to be accounted for and it also requires collection and analysis of real human playing data. Camera movement will be re-introduced as soon as this utility is ready and I am completely convinced that I successfully managed to replicate the way in which real humans move the camera towards their target. Today's update consisted of very important changes, and I expect to see a drastic decrease in ban-rates.
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    Would you like to make around 100k-200k per hour with a script that will obtain all pre requirements for an AFK, low risk method? Using a script that can add a level 3 to your bot army with the click of a button? This comprehensive script, consisting of almost 8000 lines of code, will perform all these actions for you. Description: This bot makes cannonballs at three different supported locations. It will restock (if selected) at the grand exchange and return, continuing to smelt cannonballs. If necessary, the script will complete the Dwarf Cannon quest, and train to level 35 smithing. The script can be started on a level 3 with 500k cash, and within hours it will be smelting cannonballs at the selected location. Additionally, the script assigns a unique player preference profile to each account, using the account username as a seed so that the preferences will persist throughout each use of the script. Currently, the script has 12 different unique preference categories. Instructions: Start the script on any account, anywhere. Please make sure to have some cash for the script to run (Ex. if it needs to train smithing first, then leave some money to purchase supplies) Requirements: Literally nothing except some cash Repository Link: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/2811 Pictures: Dwarf Cannon/Training to 35 smithing When starting the script from a level three, it is recommended to give the account 500k cash, a hammer, a games necklace, and a combat bracelet. None of this is required besides some starting cash, but this will allow the script to run smoothly, and faster (otherwise it will use charter boats for travelling for dwarf cannon, and buy a hammer from the general store). Features: 100% free! (Soon, worldhopping is broken atm so it doesn't work) Muling Completes Dwarf Cannon Trains to level 35 smithing Restocks at the Grand Exchange Unique player preference profiles consisting of 12 different preference categories Makes cannonballs in three different locations Can turn a level 3 into a cannonball bot with the click of a button Progress Reports: Bugs/Errors: Please leave bug reports down below. I will fix them as soon as possible - they are very much appreciated. Suggestions: If anyone has any suggestions that could help make the script even better than please let me know, I am open to any suggestions. To Do: Fix worldhopping so that muling will work
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    First downtime in 3 months. What is "too much downtime" referring to? The webwalker is a community project I wrote to give away to the community for free. API key subscriptions are from developers who support the project. This is the only fund I have to fund server costs. Tribot does not pay me for it. This could have been a private API, and I'll only be supporting my own users. Any "profit" from the API keys is equivalent to a couple script sales. Which honestly isn't even profit. Time-wise, it's not even minimum wage since nearly EVERY script uses it. Honestly, I'll even have more sales if it was a private API. I'll have a monopoly for AIO scripts such as my combat. The auth you alone paid for Tri's combat is probably how much Tri pays a month for an API key to support ALL his users.
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    Einstein's Woodcutter has been updated. Custom random event dismissing system. The new implementation takes into account all the anti-ban delays. It's much more reliable and it is guaranteed to keep the script running, even if it fails to dismiss the random from the first attempt. Beaver support: the script will not drop it if you already have a follower and it appears in your inventory New axe switching handling that will only deposit your axe, instead of all the worn equipment. @sgt p0wned Thanks for the suggestion. Infernal axe support: Woodcutting / Wielding / Special Attack The walking utility has been updated with a fail-safe system. Enjoy!
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    You could cache the IDs after running a vertex check, and then check by the ID you cached?
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    Windows script that deletes hooks.dat and the Jagex cache TRiBot can break on multiple levels. Script issue Client incompatibility with a new RuneScape release Networking problems Underlying JVM problem Other user-caused errors Most of the time, inexperienced users that encounter any kind of problem on any level, that makes the client load but prevents the script from working, are jumping to the conclusion that the script itself is broken, and they proceed to spam on its thread, or in some cases, they even start additional threads in which they ask how to fix the script. A very large number of those problems can be easily fixed by deleting a few files and restarting the client twice. Since the overwhelming majority of the users that do the things described above are very inexperienced with computers, here is the easiest way possible to delete all the files just by double clicking an icon. Download: This script will: Close all running instances of TRiBot Delete hooks.dat Delete the Jagex cache Prompt the user to open TRiBot again and then close it, ensuring that the client was restarted twice
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    DUE TO SOME QUESTS LACKING TRACKABLE GAME SETTINGS, THIS SCRIPT WILL RUN INTO ERRORS IF STARTED / STOPPED MID WAY THROUGH QUESTS. QUESTS ARE ONLY 100% SUPPORTED FROM START TO FINISH. QUESTS THAT LACK GAME SETTINGS ARE DENOTED WITH A PURPLE COLOUR IN THE QUEST LIST. Supported Quests [Green = Completed, Orange = In Testing, Red = Not yet in development, Purple = Completed, but Lacks Game Settings so bugs may occur.]: F2P Black Knight’s Fortress Cooks Assistant The Corsair’s Curse Demon Slayer Doric’s Quest Dragon Slayer Goblin Diplomacy Imp Catcher The Knight’s Sword Misthalin Mystery Pirate’s Treasure Prince Ali Rescue The Restless Ghost Romeo & Juliet Rune Mysteries Sheep Shearer Vampire Slayer Witch’s Potion P2P Druidic Ritual Progress Reports: Script Support Discord:
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    Welcome to the thread for Netami's AIO Fletcher! This script was designed and written in 2018 to be reliable, profitable, and easy to use! Script features are as follows: Cuts/strings/fletches almost all available fletching items! Single action mode Task support Save/load profiles Script arguments to load saved profiles Informative paint ABC2 Antiban Anti-update coding (won't break with RS updates!) (More coming with your suggestions!) Script Usage Instructions: Start script at any bank with necessary materials in bank Fill out the GUI (for single action mode, leave "Use Task Mode" unchecked, for task mode check this and add each action to the table in order of completion) Save profile (optional) Click start and let it run! Future planned features/Suggestions: GE Restocking for single action mode (tentative) Script now available on the repository! Pricing: - $5/2 weeks/5 auths - $7/month/5 auths - $12/month/10 auths $20/month/25 auths
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    Before releasing your open-source script on forums, make sure to write script as best as you can (code and project structure, proper naming), so you can get feedback on important issues, not the ones, that seem obvious.
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    The run method is called when you start the script, it is the "main" method for your script
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    lol was away from botting while my VIP ran out, came back to run a free script and got this message [20:28:20] Downloading script '[Beta] WB Farmer'. [20:28:28] Since you are not a VIP user, you may only run free scripts for 2 hours every 3 days. Please try again later, or purchase VIP. havent used tribot for a few days, (usually i use it everyday) and i get back and cant even run free scripts. i get it tribot u suck ass I love that you integrated resizable mode... I hate that over the past 2+ years there have been login issues... LG is useless as it fails to login and i get similar with the non LG client every other bot, this isnt an issue. i reckon 90% of scripts on the repo are legit DEAD, i try to report the ones i find that are dead but nothing happens right now im going to osbot and dreambot, they both have very good scripts that i can use without having to worry about login issues, dreambot has a slayer script and osbot has so many fantstic free scripts. pretty sure im not allowed to talk about other bots? so let me know and i'll edit out their names, because ofc u dont want others talking about comparisons of other bots while tribots been broken for 2+years gg cya in a week when i give up being annoyed
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    I havn't purchased this bc im broke as hell but I love seeing the updates you push out and seeing your scripts progressively get better and better and better.
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    I just want to say this script is what I've been using on my Ultimate Ironman and it's fucking amazing, it's SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO stable as in I can set it up, click start script, load my profile, click start, and come back in 6 hours and still see it running perfectly. Thanks again!~
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    Enjoy summer by bot farming some extra gold! Gods Orbs Promotion lasts until August 18th Prices reduced by over 50%! 1 Month 2 Auths - only $1.99! 1 Month 25 Auths - only $7.99! Get it here!
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    00:00:01 run time with 23:59:59 breaktime
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    Its probably not mapped (correctly). You might have to use aStarWalk or make your own path
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    #MakeTribotWorkAgain This will be helpful now I can just link this to people instead of trying to explain the process to people
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    Note: Does not work for resizable. https://bitbucket.org/snippets/Encoded/reBAbg
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    Thank you to both of you, it is an issue with the JavaFX GUI I am currently working on it.
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    It was the Jagex Cache i guarantee. I was having the lag problem too untill i deleted that
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    https://tribot.org/doc/org/tribot/script/interfaces/Ending.html However, as far as I'm aware this doesn't get called if the script is stopped by means other than the stop script button (such as shutting down the computer/closing client) which could interfere with your file.
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    Update: Completed Mazchna slayer master tasks Added Chaeldar, Nieve slayer master support Added 12 more task support
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    One of my chat logs. Account is banned now so I don't care about the username showing. Was pretty impressed that the autoresponder held a whole conversation. Autoresponder isn't as bad as it seems [02:30:22] Successfully Logged out[02:30:22] Switching up locations[02:30:22] Hopping worlds[02:30:41] [Wilderness Logger]Plazma: No[02:30:43] [Wilderness Logger]Plazma: Please dont.[02:30:46] [Wilderness Logger]aonoSa: I have to go[02:30:47] [Wilderness Logger]Plazma: Please..[02:30:52] [Wilderness Logger]Plazma: Please dont crash me [02:30:58] [Wilderness Logger]Plazma: [02:31:01] [Wilderness Logger]Plazma: Why.. :c[02:31:01] [Wilderness Logger]aonoSa: Tu comer pan[02:31:06] [Wilderness Logger]Plazma: What[02:31:09] [Wilderness Logger]aonoSa: Who are you?[02:31:14] [Wilderness Logger]Plazma: ?[02:31:20] [Wilderness Logger]Plazma: What do you mean[02:31:34] [Wilderness Logger]Plazma: Oh[02:31:35] [Wilderness Logger]Plazma: Espanol?[02:31:37] [Wilderness Logger]aonoSa: Oh, What?[02:31:43] [Wilderness Logger]Plazma: What?[02:31:50] [Wilderness Logger]Plazma: Hop?[02:31:54] [Wilderness Logger]aonoSa: Platicame algo[02:32:04] [Wilderness Logger]Plazma: No no gusta aonosa[02:32:10] [Wilderness Logger]aonoSa: Te gusta Mikel Iglesias?[02:32:22] [Wilderness Logger]Plazma: Yo no gustaria aonosa[02:32:25] [Wilderness Logger]Plazma: Hop por*afor