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    This release includes: Banking update fix Cache loader bug fix When TRiBot detects the cache reader has issues loading the cache, it will reload it all. This fixes the problem of loading an old cache which is re-written after loading a new client update. Edit: _3 includes: Fixed the bank withdraw issue Added intelligent withdraw/deposit In certain cases, the bot will now select "Withdraw-All" or other options instead of "Withdraw-X" (same for deposit). Edit: _4 includes: Other banking bug fixes
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    Creating a simple web server to use with private TRiBot script This example creates a single endpoint and single request type (GET), but It should be fairly simple to build upon this to create multiple endpoints and request types. To implement you will need to install: Node.js MySQL (or similar) Enjoy! Web Server (Node.js) Sending a GET Request (Java)
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    Script Status The script is currently Free/Open Access to all Non-VIP and VIP users. If you'd like to support me, you can go ahead give me a :thonking: emoji. Features - Will automatically switch to the next best logs to turn into unstrung bows upon level-up - Supports arguments progressive (untested but should make arrow shafts up to level 5)-> shortbows -> longbows ->oak shortbow -> oak longbows ->willow shortbow - > willow longbow - >maple shortbow - > maple longbow -> yew shortbow - > yew longbow -> magic longbow maple shortbow maple longbow yew shortbow yew longbow magic shortbow magic longbow string (only works for magic longbows at the moment) Download: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/2722 Bug ReportsThink you've found a bug? I'll happily fix it as long as you say more than "skript broke plz fix". ChangeLog Hide contents Version 1.00 soon tm Version 2.00 Fixed a bug where script tried to fletch while bank was open Version 3.00 Fixed a bug with fletching arrow shafts Version 4.00 Added more human-like stringing(still only supports magic longs)
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    You're supposed to enter your TRiBot username in the first box, which is mbanejad94, not your email. We already have a problem around here with stolen monkfish. Please don't add more fuel to the fire by providing your RuneScape account credentials in the TRiBot log in window. Edit: 'd by @Fluffee
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    1. Gather requirements (project scope, process, flow, etc.) 2. Start out basic and build out skeleton of the process, implement empty functions to gain a better understanding. 3. Begin to implement functionality, one architectural piece at a time and refactor during the process as you build out other areas. 4. Refactor. 5. Come back in a month and rewrite the script.
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    Always wanted to play on Tribots client legitimately but that hideous red cross cursor and tracer been holding you back? Look no further. Description: Disables Tribots cursor and tracer, does absolutely nothing else. Notes: The script must be running, you can't run this in the backround. Disables Tribot anti-ban, login bot works normally. Get it here!
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    JWildyPrayer - Trains prayer at the chaos altar for 250k+ xp per hour. Requirements: Burning amulets (5)'s. Amulet of glory (4)'s. Dragon bones. https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/2721 Progress reports: Bug reports: Script Version: Error Occured: Script Stack Trace: Script source:
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    I just put the update online right now. Please reload TRiBot.
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    I do it all in my head, as @Deluxe said, its easy to complete a script without ever logging into rs except at the end if you need ids/tiles and then to test.
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    Announcement: Just wanted to let everyone know that I have been working on a rewrite of this script for some time now and have made a lot of progress on it. The main new feature will be that you can record yourself doing agility and use that data in the script. There will also be default profiles, which will not require recording. The human data recorder part of the new version is already fully functional and the course handler is working too although both will probably need some adjustments if bugs arise or new features are added. Will be releasing a test version once I'm comfortable doing so, no ETA on anything since giving those is always a bad idea. Obviously the final release of this rewrite is still far away, but a test version should come out soon, unless something comes up. The current version of the script will be available, will have priority and will receive updates until or even after the final version of the new rewrite is 100% complete.
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    You can always pick cabbage
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    Hey guys happy easter! I'm doing a sale on all of my premium scripts until the end of the month! Promotion end date: 30/04/2018 Discount code: 25OFF Simply apply the discount code 25OFF while purchasing the script at you will receive 25% off! The promotions applies to the following scripts: Tri AIO Combat & Magic Thread: link Repository: link Tri Experiment Fighter Thread: link Repository: link Tri Yak Fighter Thread: link Repository: link Tri Dragon Scales Thread: link Repository: link Tri Puro Puro Thread: link Repository: link Tri Fire Giant Fighter Thread: link Repository: link Tri AIO Tzhaar Fighter Thread: link Repository: link Tri Ghoul Fighter Pro Thread: link Repository: link Enjoy!
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    By the way you can call this method to suspend Tribot's antiban so you don't need to pause it @SuppressWarnings("deprecation") public static void suspendAntiban() { for (Thread thread : Thread.getAllStackTraces().keySet()) if (thread.getName().contains("Antiban") || thread.getName().contains("Fatigue")) thread.suspend(); }
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    Update: - Added option to use nardah teleport to go to bank. You can find this under the banking options. For now script will stop if out of nardah teleport scrolls. Can change that if you want. Please keep in mind that this is a new feature so some bugs might pop up. If you do encounter a bug, please do a proper bug report so that I can fix it as quickly as possible. However, I tried to test it as much as possible and everything did seem to work without issues.
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    Link to script on repo: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/2706 Link to github page: https://github.com/FALSkills/TribotScripts/tree/master/scripts This script will complete the Tears of Guthix quest for you if it is not completed. Item / skill requirements can be found here: http://oldschoolrunescape.wikia.com/wiki/Tears_of_Guthix_(quest) If you do not have the items/skills for the quest, it will end script upon discovering that. I have only had 1 account run through the full quest version. I recommend babysitting; please report any issues here on the thread and I will fix them. Once the quest is complete, the script will attempt to complete your weekly Tears of Guthix minigame. Upon completion, it will end script. This script only uses the built-in AI antiban. Planned updates: Increased script customization via arguments (mouse speed etc) Script variability Announcing xp gained in debug as it ends script. A non-basic paint.
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    nice release, now people can train that rc skill easy!
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    @Worthy we fixed the problem apparently it was a firewall problem.... K9 web protection tysm for your help.
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    Please try it again, it should've already waited ~10 seconds between the door opening and trying to close it, but i found a bug that prevented that. Updated was pushed moments ago, please verify.
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    When you log into the game, at least from what I remember many years ago. When you logged in, your IP address would be shown on the banner during the log in screen as the last IP Address. I don't know why you would think they don't know what it is to begin with. Almost, if not all websites/companies log your IP when you open a webpage or game AFAIK. As @Adventure_Time said, you consented to allowing them to collect data when you created an account. Hence the reason why you get disclaimers on Cookies. Why do you think when you're on the likes of facebook you get advertisements based on what websites you've been on & or searched for.
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    Would get this if it was worked on more. Reviews look somewhat awful.
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    Really new to botting - Tried this out and I've just watched it withdraw 14 cakes and rebank them 50 times in a row.
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    One of the most advantageous things you can do in programming is D.R.Y. (Don't Repeat Yourself!) In our scripts, we can practice this by centralizing certain data constants within Enums, and adding in helper methods that will shorten our functioning code and create a level of abstraction that will make script maintenance a breeze. For this tutorial, I will just be showing a simple Item enum: public enum Items { LEATHER(1741), HARD_LEATHER(1743), GREEN_LEATHER(1745), BLUE_LEATHER(2505), RED_LEATHER(2507), BLACK_LEATHER(2509), COINS(995); private final int ID; private Items(int id) { this.ID = id; } public int getID() { return ID; } public int getNotedID() { return RSItemDefinition.get(ID).getNotedItemID(); } public RSItemDefinition getDefinition(){ return RSItemDefinition.get(ID); } } This is for a Tanning script. As you can see, we name each constant by its full name to avoid naming collisions/confusion. In an Item enum, the only required data is a Unique ID for each item. With this, we can create several helper functions that might be specific to the script., but the above is a good base for about any script. "Why not just use item id's and the standard API's methods you idiot? This is a waste of time..." As I said before, the above is a very introductory example, but here is a more complex application of the above idea using Interfaces. public enum Interfaces implements Clickable { TANNING_SOFT_LEATHER(324, 124), TANNING_BLACK_LEATHER(324, 131); private final int PARENT; private final int CHILD; private final int COMPONENT; private Interfaces(int parent, int child, int component) { this.PARENT = parent; this.CHILD = child; this.COMPONENT = component; } private Interfaces(int parent, int child) { this.PARENT = parent; this.CHILD = child; this.COMPONENT = -1; } private Interfaces(int parent) { this.PARENT = parent; this.CHILD = -1; this.COMPONENT = -1; } public int getParent() { return this.PARENT; } public int getChild() { return this.CHILD; } public int getComponent() { return this.COMPONENT; } /** * Check whether or not the interface is not null, and not hidden * * @return true if interface is open and visible, false if null, false * if hidden */ public boolean isOpen() { /* Null check Interface tree in descending order*/ if (org.tribot.api2007.Interfaces.get(PARENT) == null) { return false; } if (CHILD != -1 && org.tribot.api2007.Interfaces.get(PARENT).getChild(CHILD) == null) { return false; } if (COMPONENT != -1 && org.tribot.api2007.Interfaces.get(PARENT).getChild(CHILD).getChild(COMPONENT) == null) { return false; } /* Component.isHidden() check on Interface tree in ascending order*/ if (COMPONENT != -1) { return !org.tribot.api2007.Interfaces.get(PARENT).getChild(CHILD).getChild(COMPONENT).isHidden(); } if (CHILD != -1) { return !org.tribot.api2007.Interfaces.get(PARENT).getChild(CHILD).isHidden(); } return !org.tribot.api2007.Interfaces.get(PARENT).isHidden(); } /** * Attempts to click the interface component using the given option * * @param option the option to click on the component * @return true if we clicked the component, false otherwise */ @Override public boolean click(String[] option, Point randomness, Point offset) { if (isOpen()) { if (COMPONENT != -1) return org.tribot.api2007.Interfaces.get(PARENT).getChild(CHILD).getChild(COMPONENT).click(option, randomness, offset); if (CHILD != -1) return org.tribot.api2007.Interfaces.get(PARENT).getChild(CHILD).click(option, randomness, offset); return org.tribot.api2007.Interfaces.get(PARENT).click(option, randomness, offset); } return false; } @Override public boolean click(String... option) { return click(option, null, null); } @Override public boolean click(String option, Point randomness, Point offset) { return click(option, randomness, offset); } @Override public boolean hover() { return hover(null, null); } @Override public boolean hover(Point randomness, Point offset) { if (isOpen()) { /* Component.isHidden() check on Interface tree in ascending order*/ if (COMPONENT != -1) return !org.tribot.api2007.Interfaces.get(PARENT).getChild(CHILD).getChild(COMPONENT) .hover(randomness, offset); if (CHILD != -1) return !org.tribot.api2007.Interfaces.get(PARENT).getChild(CHILD).hover(randomness, offset); return !org.tribot.api2007.Interfaces.get(PARENT).hover(randomness, offset); } return false; } } Now as you can see this is far more useful in code. We can overload the constructor method of the enum to accept all types of interface components from Parent to Children, to Components. This allows us to directly path to the component we want, similar to org.tribot.api2007.Interfaces.get(int parent, int child). Also, we can implement the Clickable interface to get access to all mouse functionality commonly used within scripts, meaning we can now SAFELY click interfaces within our scripts like so: Constants.Interfaces.CONSTANT.click() There are other things this can be applied to such as NPCs and Objects, but I will let you code your on versions of those An easy way to manage all of your scripts constants (assuming it is a reasonable amount of code, under 500 lines) is to put all of your enums inside of a Constants class. This will allow you to easily manage imports and give access to all your constants with one import. Thank you for taking the time to read this and if you have any questions, comments, concerns, flame, trihards, or otherwise feel free to reply or send me a PM and I will get back to you ASAP. -Guki