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    Please welcome our new developers, @JoeDezzy1, @erickho123, @Encoded, and @wastedbro. These members will be responsible for working on, maintaining, and improving TRiBot. This means that bug fixes and improvements will now come at a much faster pace! We're committed to providing users with the best botting experience possible!
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    This release includes: More 3rd party libraries for script writers to use Apache Commons Codec Apache Commons Collections Apache Commons Configuration Apache Commons IO Apache Commons Lang Apache Commons Math GSON Guava JFoenix Hint arrow API Game#getHintArrowX Game#getHintArrowY Fix player hooks including Player#getSkullIcon and Prayer#getPrayerIcon
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    This update includes: Fix broken hooks Fix login bot for the message "No reply from login server. Please wait 1 minute and try again." Fix bug relating to which bot tab is sent human input General#randomLong bug fix involving negative numbers Fix GE API Please note: There are still some issues with the login bot due to a change in the game mechanisms handling the login screen. We're working on a fix and will upload it when ready.
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    Gods Revenants This script is being released as an open beta at the moment and I will keep it as a open beta for a while (as long as I feel is necessary) The more feedback, progress reports, suggestions I get the longer I'll keep it open to implement features I feel are viable and test everything further. The script in its current state as of this release is in a fully functional state, however you should probably babysit the script and/or not run it on an account you care about. Post progress reports, feedback, suggestions, etc to keep this beta open longer (No set time yet for how long this beta will last) ONLY LUMBRIDGE DEATH SPAWN IS SUPPORTED AT THE MOMENT, YOU NEED TO SWITCH YOUR SPAWN TO LUMBRIDGE IF IT IS SET TO SOMEWHERE ELSE Current Features: Burning amulet traveling Salve Amulet support (All salve amulets, you can only use this while using clan wars banking) Special attack support (Only blowpipe is supported at the moment) Blowpipe recharging Only attacks Revenants at 35% HP or higher Banking at edgeville Death-walk Banking when inventory value (not including supplies) is over 50,000 gold Anti-Pk (The script will attempt to switch worlds quickly if a pker is detected and you are not in combat but if you are in combat, it will try to run to 30 wilderness and teleport out) Bracelet of Ethereum recharging All bow/ammo/blowpipe support Prayer support Clan wars banking & portal support Custom area support Custom bank value support Custom world hopping list support (You must enter it in the form 3,5,8,10 no spaces between the worlds and commas) Gear saving All potions Revenant selection ( Add in the order you'd like it to be prioritized ) And more, check out the GUI Click on the X in the paint to disable the new paint and enable to the old paint When selecting an area, you can choose all the revenants if you'd like however it will only attack the ones available inside your area. Whole cave: All revenants Upper cave: Ork, Hellhound, Dragon, Knight, Imp, Goblin, Pyrefiend Lower cave: Hobgoblin, Ork, Cyclopse, Pyrefiend, Dark Beast Middle cave: Demon, Ork, Dragon, Knight, Hellhound, Pyrefiend Left cave: Demon, Ork, Imp, Goblin, Hellhound, Pyrefiend Right cave: Demon, Knight, Hellhound, Pyrefiend, Imp Planned Features: Improved anti-pk (Forever ongoing) Automatically hide attack options on players Blowpipe recharging Bracelet of Ethereum recharging Crossbow W/ammo support Spec support Possibly prayer support (From my tests, it does not seem worth it to use prayers) Etc. NOTE: The following features/options on the GUI are not yet supported. Agility shortcut ( I do not have an account with high enough agility to add support for this yet ) Royal seed pod banking ( I do not have an account with this item ) Salve ammy support ( I do not have the IDs for the ammy yet ) Special attack support ( It has been completed however I want to test it more before I implement it ) Stopping after condition support ( This option will become available soon™ ) Blowpipe recharging (Soon™) How to run the script: At the moment you need to start the script in either Edgeville bank area or anywhere near Lumbridge death area/bank. You need to set your gear using the GUI, if you are using ammo instead of a blowpipe, you must login when setting the gear for the script to grab your ammo successfully atm. You should have your blowpipe charged with enough ammo and scales to last a long time, if blowpipe recharging is selected make sure you have your selected ammo type in bank along with scales. Highly recommended to start the script at Edgeville bank, the script loads all the prices for the loot and it takes ~20-30 seconds to do so. You should manually hide attack options on players so you don't accidentally skull and lose your gear, I will be adding this in later though. You need the following items in bank: Charged glories (Eternal not supported) Charged or Uncharged Bracelets of Ethereum Revenant Ether if you plan on recharging bracelets, 150 Ether per recharge Dueling rings ( If you are banking at clan wars) Burning amulets Food of choice Ranging potions if you plan on using those Super combat potions if you plan on using those Super attack, super strength potions if you plan on using those Stamina potions if you plan on using those (Useful for keeping run energy high, if you are using melee it will drink them while in cave running around, however if your using ranged it will only drink one sip before running to cave) Multiple sets of your gear for when/if you die. If you are using Salve amulet, you MUST have Rings of Wealths in your bank, as this ring will replace glories as your method of escape/banking. You also need rings of dueling as is required for clan wars banking. An example gear setup would be as follows (for ranged) : Skill recommendations: Range builds: 75+ Range (use blowpipe) 40+ Defense Melee builds: 70+ Attack, Strength 40+ Defense Progress reports Known issues: ONLY LUMBRIDGE DEATH SPAWN IS SUPPORTED AT THE MOMENT, YOU NEED TO SWITCH YOUR SPAWN TO LUMBRIDGE IF IT IS SET TO SOMEWHERE ELSE ACTIVATE IT HERE
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    Would you like to effortlessly train your account using some of the fastest training methods in the game? With several different locations and crab types, customization, progressive training, and unique seeded antiban? Try out nCrab Killer! Repository Link: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/2900 Description: This bot will train on different crab types across runescape Instructions: Please delete hooks.dat and the jagex cache before running the script If you runs windows you can use this: (https://tribot.org/forums/topic/77307-windows-delete-hooksdat-and-the-jagex-cache/) Disable your TRiBot firewall Start the script near the location (although it does use dax web walker, it is best to start near the location to prevent any problems, if using ammonite crabs please start on the island near the bank or the crabs) Make sure to have the inventory set up correctly Requirements: You just need an account to kill crabs! (And of course supplies) Pictures: Features: All sand crab location (crabclaw island, crabclaw cave, zeah shoreline) Ammonite crabs Rock crabs Progressive training On crash action (world hopping, attacking back, ending script, doing nothing) Tons of preset locations Multi-threaded crash and aggression detection for maximum accuracy Breaking support Custom crab tiles Custom reset tiles Tons of food types supported (ask me if you'd like another supported and I'll add it in asap) All necessary potions Customizable drinking thresholds Customizable eating range (otherwise abc2) ABC2 Moving mouse off screen if idle Ammunition looting Clue scroll looting Casket looting Customizable crash timer Roaming Custom roaming areas Attacking crabs if not in combat for a period of time Safe tiles (for hopping, breaking, and ending) Stuck failsafe Easy to use and customizable inventory Clean JavaFX GUI Argument support Beautiful paint Dynamic signatures Profile saving/loading Looking glass support Resizable mode support ... and much more, try it out yourself with the free trial! View Free Trial: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/2900 Progress Reports: Dynamic Signatures: Obtain yours at http://nscripting.com/crabkiller/signatures/users/YOUR_TRIBOT_USERNAME_HERE.png High Scores: http://nscripting.com/highscores/crabkiller/ Pricing: Pricing is subject to change at any time $3.99 for 2 instances per month $6.99 for 5 instances per month $9.99 for 10 instances per month If you would like to see any other packages, feel free to leave me a PM or comment down below Refunds will only be given in the case that there is an actual issue with the script. Bugs/Errors: Please delete hooks.dat and the jagex cache and restarting TRiBot twice before reporting bugs. (Seriously, this saves both of us time) Always read the bot/client debug as it may provide you with information about the situation, and informing you of potential user error Please leave bug reports down below. I will fix them as soon as possible - they are very much appreciated. Suggestions: If anyone has any suggestions that could help make the script even better than please let me know, I am open to any suggestions. Any questions, or if you need help (ex. need help filling out the GUI), feel free to leave a comment or PM me! Please do not discuss bans on this thread.
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    Recently, lifetime auths have been removed from the scripts. This was by far the best thing that could have happened for everyone here on TRiBot: developers, scripters and most importantly, the users. I strongly believe this, that's why I suggested it to be implemented. I very rarely make claims that I cannot back up by concrete evidence, therefore here is one of the main reasons why this was a brilliant decision: As a basic principle of economics, removing the monopoly that stalled the market will facilitate competition. Although scripters will have to work harder, high competition will almost always result in more products, lower prices, and higher quality for the end users. This is not my opinion, it's a demonstrable fact, that can be observed even in the real world market. If anyone still doubts the validity of this statement, here is just a brief overview of what happened to some of the premium scripts since the change was announced, 6 months ago. Take a look and decide for yourself: Those are just a few examples. Not only that old scripts are being actively improved, but new ones, premium and free alike have been released for the public use. The amount, consistency and quality of the new releases is beyond anything that I've seen before, and this trend will continue over the next months. This is just the beginning, and many more improvements will take place sooner or later. Finally, I would like to thank @TRiLeZ for making all of this possible. It's almost unbelievable how the tiniest of changes can have such a drastic impact. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Butterfly_effect Promotion To celebrate this extraordinary event, a special offer was available in August. The promotion is over, and the prices have been adjusted. Thank you for participating. For those who missed it, you can use the code NOLIFETIME for 25% off (ends on September 16). https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/2771-einstein-s-woodcutter/ https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/2828-einstein-s-fisher/ https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/2866-einstein-s-miner/ As for the users that have decided to leave us: People are naturally inclined to complain about changes, especially when they are not interested in seeing the whole picture. From a selfish standpoint, yes: you would be much better off using your scripts for free for another 5 years. But unfortunately, the scripts that you've bought a long time ago are not solid, tangible objects that you can purchase and own forever. Due to the dynamic nature of botting, we (developers and scripters alike) need to constantly make small adjustments to our software, otherwise it won't be long until it will start malfunctioning from RuneScape updates. Code updates obviously translate into time and work, and it's within reason to expect to be paid for your work. Not only that you've received tens if not hundreds of free updates over the years, but this old system had absolutely disastrous effects on the quality of the repository. If the above reasons are not enough, and you still deem this to be unfair, fine. This was by far the best thing for everyone, the positive effects are already starting to take place, and this change was absolutely necessary for us. Although it's hardly the happiest thing to see resentful users leaving our community, with the help of the new changes we will continue to improve TRiBot with, or without you.
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    every week this bot gets worse
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    I found a fix for the black screen issue. First load a client within Tribot without using LG, then close the client open up a new one and LG should work. Happened to me and this fixed the issue.
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    Lifetime auth removal and now this..... Smh..........
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    nHerblore is a basic herblore script, which implements ABC2 and is capable performing multiple different tasks in one session using a progression system. Description: This bot will do the specified herblore tasks selected, in the display order. Instructions: Start the script at any bank, with all supplies already (It will not buy them for you). Requirements: High enough of an herblore level to do anything (ex. completed Druidic Ritual) Repository Link: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/2903 Features: 100% free! Several different types of herblore methods Supports chaining together tasks (You can create a potion from scratch by chaining together cleaning and making unf. potions, and then making the complete potions) ABC2 Supports the amulet of chemistry. Will stop the script if we run out. Clean, and easy to use JavaFX GUI. Clean paint Pictures: Bugs/Errors: Please leave bug reports down below. I will fix them as soon as possible - they are very much appreciated. Make sure you delete hooks.dat + the jagex cache and restart client x2 I'm not an expert at herblore so if you have any suggestion feel free to let me know I didn't test every single method however they should all work perfectly fine (each "general" method works perfectly fine, so its just a matter of ID's). If one doesn't work, please let me know of the task you are trying to do, and the item ID's of each item. Suggestions: If anyone has any suggestions that could help make the script even better than please let me know, I am open to any suggestions.
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    Congratulations! Also.. @wastedbro does this mean ABC3 will become official instead of unofficial?
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    Grats guys! #MakeTribotGreatAgain
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    Wow you actually finally decided to do something useful.
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    Oh cool, things are happening. That's weird.
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    Fixed the issue involving "Enter amount:" interface recognition issues.
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    Got full Angler with ease using the fishing trawler setting. If you get kicked from the boat use fast reaction times and set your minimum activity level to 70+.
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    I have completed a massive upgrade to this script, should be coming soon
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    Account preparing has been added It takes 55 minutes for an to account to go from lumbridge and 1m cash to teleporting to the blast furnace. Make sure you start the script with steel bars selected if using account preparing. Also restocking is highly recommended. To use account preparing, simply start the script on an account that doesn't have the requirements. Make sure to start with at least 1m (preferably more). You don't have to select any additional options to use preparing. The account will train smithing at the varrock west anvils till level 30, and then go to the GE and buy ore for steel bars, stamina potions (if selected), rings of wealth (if selected), and a camelot teleport to start the giant dwarf quest. With this update also comes stamina potion restocking, and ring of wealth restocking. Please note that all of these features are still in beta. While they work probably 99% of the time, they have no been thoroughly tested in each and every niche situation. I say this just so that nobody attempts to use these features that are still in beta on their extremely high level main that they care so much about. The price of this script may raise after I make sure everything runs smoothly. You can make back the cost in less than a day atm.
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