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    Looks like something in that area changed recently, I'm in the process of addressing it (the Iron/Steel dragons tasks bug). Suqah tasks haven't been added yet, they will be soon
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    OVERVIEW: Completes The Mage Cape Quest FX Easy To Use Gui Paint Custom Equipment Support Custom Inventory Support (automatically recognizes if you have Prayer potions) Magic Prayer Support Custom Spell Support (Max Fire Bolt) Message Me if you want me to add the death rune spells DESCRIPTION: Travels to Edgeville if you are not at the mage bank deposits your equipment and inventory and withdraws a knife and then travels to the mage bank arena using the Edgeville wildly tele lever. If die by a pker it will run back to edgeville and tele up again and run to the mage bank. It does not support death at the mage arena when fighting the bosses currently you should very rarely die there if ever if using prayer. Once at the mage bank arena it will withdraw your custom equipment and inventory and select the spell you have selected in the GUI and start the mage arena quest. After you have killed the bosses it will grab 3 capes and ends the script. SCRIPT LINK: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/3602
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    All Fixed thank you for the report
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    Great script man, can't wait to do a full run through on my next account.
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    Thanks to this script I managed to get the pet
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