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    My code to pick up items dropped from NPCs killed by my character was failing on NPCs that took up more than one tile. Made this little snippet to get all tiles an NPC takes up (since it seems like their drop can potentially end up in any of them). This is basically just like the RSObject getAllTiles method but for NPCs. If there's a better way to do it already present in the API, let me know. But this seems to generally work for what I wanted it to do. public static List<RSTile> getAllTiles(RSNPC c) { RSArea searchArea = new RSArea(c.getPosition(), 5); Polygon bounds = c.getModel().getEnclosedArea(); List<RSTile> tiles = Arrays.asList(searchArea.getAllTiles()).parallelStream().unordered() .filter(t -> Projection.getTileBoundsPoly(t, 0).intersects(bounds.getBounds())).collect(Collectors.toList()); return tiles; }
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    Hey I managed to fix the issue while replacing with fake account info, it seems if you do "TRUE" or other variations for using proxy instead of just "true" lowercase it won't import further lines. No issue, managed to just change that myself and worked perfectly! Thanks!
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    The combination between this + fals clue scroll script makes my pp hard
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    hey friends hope everyone is staying safe and remember to wash your hands have a good day
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