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    Bbuu20's Miner This script is some of my best work. I've followed all the guidelines for a premium script. I've also implemented a user friendly gui, along with options to bypass the gui using args. The script uses ABC2 level 10, as well as a custom fatigue system that users can adjust manually in the gui. The script handles traditional mining with any tradable ore, with an option to hop worlds on rock depletion, and/or avoid wilderness pkers. It also has a progressive mining system, allowing users to string together tasks, making the script truly set and forget. And now, it is completely open source on my github at: https://github.com/zperkins11/Bbuu20-s-Miner I developed this script with the intention of going for premium scripter, but I've since decided I'd rather make it open source for people to learn from. It has its imperfections, as does any script, but I believe it will become an excellent learning tool for new scripters. From this source, you can learn: How to create and implement interfaces How to create and instantiate objects How to/when to use static methods/variables How to implement profile saving/loading How to implement a javafx gui and/or receive arguments How to use a custom css stylesheet with your javafx gui How to create a simple and effective paint And much more involving the tribot api. GUI Paint 50 hour proggie
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    We are absolutely in dire need of feedback for this journey into the next development of TRiBot. If you decide to participate please leave us some feedback in the following template: TRiBot-Loader-5.0.2.jar
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    Hey guys! Happy to announce a new script that I've written. Simple and effective. What it does is it spins wool to ball of wool until you reach level 10 crafting. Afterwards, it starts spinning flax to bow strings until you run out of equipment! It does have ABC2 implemented and you can verify by checking the source code on github! Appreciate comments and feedback. Thank you! Steps: 1. Start a Lumbridge bank with wool (if your less than level 10 crafting) and flax in your bank. 2. START SCRIPT! CAUTION Please be wary that flax to bow string is a highly monitored activity. Even with ABC2 implemented, through my tests it was determined that it still easy to get caught so PLEASE USE THIS WITH CAUTION! I highly advise not using it with main's or any account you find valuable! Thank you Github: https://github.com/ThatWebDevKid/RsBotScripts/tree/master/flaxerino Tribot Repo: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/3475
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    Could you please try deleting your .tribot folder? I also recently had issues with tribot not opening and deleting my .tribot folder in AppData helped fix my problem.
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    Great work! Thanks for open sourcing and sharing it!
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    The goal is to prevent credit card fraud. As that's commonly an indicator that the card being used is stolen (as the person using the stolen card would most likely not be located in the same place as where the card was issued). I'm certainly not saying that's the case here, but that's our reasoning behind the policy.
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    just wanted to do a heads up to those looking to range. im using a locator orb + bp with mithril darts atm and at 80ish range im getting around 80k per hour exp where as with the bone bolts at ammo crabs was 20-25k per hour so massive difference but also difference in cost. im not what the cost is per hour but i can assume its going to be alot. im using karils + torture and barrows gloves with peg boots. i dont have full void or id use that. im on about 3-4 super range pots and the rest absorption. this is just an update for people wonder what you get when you use range and it also picks up the locator orb automatically.
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    Wow! what a GREAT SCRIPT!!! ive botted plenty of hours on my acct with this. currently at 93! I've left this script running while sleeping, working, and going out and about! No issues at all!
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