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    Problem is resolved, your comment to enable “pick up traps before random afking” did the trick, ran it for a good 2,5h and still have all my traps. thank you for your (fast) support.
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    I just reboot the script with "Pick up traps before random afking" ill let it run for a while and see if that fixes it. If it doesnt ill upload my settings + a screenshot of what happened. Thanks for the quick replies.
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    i would recommend reading more about java but why u make is <0 whynot ==0 ? and let says it banked the items and for some reason it missed to withdraw in this loop so it will never withdraw as your validation requires more than 13 of the finished product 2nd thing i would avoid using static sleep and start using dynamic one 3rd thing u need to check the if the actions preformed or not like if it missed opening the bank it will go for the withdraw thing then to the close bank thing then repeat i hope i gave u some thing to think about if u need any more help just Pm on discord i can show u some examples of what i meant
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