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    Hello there, Looking for f2p advertising farm, automatized and tested, running smoothly on a vps or dedicated server as a final ( I will be able to provide VPS, tutorial island account list if not doing tutorial island, proxies) , you just have to make everything work smoothly without constant auto bans which don't let to give out the message. Several advertising locations, if account gets banned, muted - instantly gets replaced. Either runs accounts in tutorial island itself or uses from tutorial island level 3 list. No account instant 10 min account locks, bans within mins or relogs. Accounts should run at least 30 mins without being disturbed. No set price, It can be discussed. if you can make something like this please contact me with a price, and time frame in mind. POKOLE#5526 (capital letters) skype: live:cryptorsgold
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    Hey, thanks for updating the shaded client. But it can't load any plugins at the moment. Is there any work around for that?
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    When this script is paused and you open a different bank tab to the "general" one, the script will instantly switch back to the general one. Can you please change this? Pretty annoying when you have the script paused for a short amount of time and you want to check for example the value of your Zulrah loot tab. The script also currently doesn't track the cost of Blowpipe shots. It did this with the Blowpipe aswell as the Trident just a week ago, but the Trident seems to work again. Blowpipe is still showing 0gp. This happens even after having restarted the script multiple times. https://imgur.com/a/195BAHa I'm not sure if you did anything but the blowpipe shots work again now lol. They weren't counting for a few days and now they're good again! Thanks if you did
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