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    Hello, Mind if I ask: Except for convenience, is there a difference between manually opening os buddy and linking it to looking class and directly clicking on the new feature?
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    Here are the notes for this release: Added experimental LG launchers Added dynamic interface finders We're happy to add a feature we've wanted for a long time, a way to launch clients for LG from within the client. Please be patient with us as we work out all the minor bugs of this release. There are significant moving parts on launching and attaching to a client. To use this feature simply click one of the new launchers and provide TRiBot a path to the related JAR file. If you need to to update/change this link, simply delete this JAR file and TRiBot will ask to re-link the next time you launch it. Remember our own @Fluffee graciously hosts and compiles his own TRiBot compatible OpenOSRS available here. https://bitbucket.org/openosrsjava8/launcher/downloads/
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    @bbuu20 I just tried again with looking glass and it works. Tho the title selection process is pretty tough as it keeps blinking while I choose and I have to try repeatedly on a tile to get it selected. However, once I got that sorted, it is now running smoothly A 30 min proggie before I sleep : https://gyazo.com/33e57a118a562056b8480681887a2423
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    @Einstein in the mining guild the script keeps randomly opening the settings tab and opens up the f key shortcuts could you please look into it? thanks
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