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    Welcome to the official Vitality project thread and thank you for checking us out! We have been in development for a little while now and are at the stage where we would love to share our progress with you, and for those wondering we are currently loading the latest OSRS client and data. The main aspect of Vitality will be instant PvP action with flawless OSRS emulated combat and tons of PvP incentives to keep the Wilderness a lively and dangerous place! However... Vitality will be a server for everyone! We will provide a vast array of PvM and skilling content, including all Ironman modes. We hope to provide a thriving RSPS community for OSRS players to practice their PKing alongside RSPS veterans and a place where competition is like no other, no matter what your play style is... Another big feature of Vitality will be our rewarding tournaments system, with big game rewards and real cash prizes! Raw Envy - Founder Trick - Manager Palidino - Game Developer Polish Scape - Game Developer Flnal Wlsh - Head Administrator Napalm - Assistant Manager Miika - Administrator (Credits also to Extea and Edu) Be sure to join our forums, Discord channel & use our support signature. [CENTER][URL="https://discord.gg/3Yt5NUu"][IMG=https://i.imgur.com/mPdFsmW.png][/URL][/CENTER]
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    Trying to run Brimhaven Agility https://pastebin.com/5x8DqME9 It just says "unable to find target dispenser"
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    Hey Einstein, I first wanted to iterate that your Fisher V2 is exceptional while only utilizing the minnows element of it so far. Despite having two months of this script, I will test many of the variances when I get time. However, I wanted to notify you of some potential anti-ban mechanics or minor flaws that showcase "bot-like" functionality and how to possibly avoid it. In order to provide some insight of my current process, I am utilizing the 32-bit OSBuddy jar with the latest updated version of TriBot 32-bit while incorporating the Looking Glass feature. 1. The first instance I noticed this was when the fly-fishing method was detected. When this occurred when fishing minnows, there would be times where the cursor would hover over the initial spot, but "ghost" click and continue to stay in the fly-fish spot where I continue to lose minnows. 2. The second instance of when two fishing spots have fly-fishes coming up, the bot continuously clicks between the two spots regardless of this check and looks very suspicious rather than waiting or performing another action of waiting. This is one big concern that is very "bot-like." 3. With the third instance of the fly-fish method, sometimes the bot will not target which side of the docks to fish and if you are closer to one side (when the fly-fish is occurring at the edge of one dock), it will then proceed to the other side which is very suspicious and it doesn't just maneuver to a clean spot on the same side of the dock. 4. Apart from the fly-fish method checks, I believe this is more just related to the anti-ban system, but the camera tends to stay fixed in one spot for a long time and doesn't seem to move to appropriate angles to fish minnows without misclicking. 5. When looking at the anti-ban patterns, this is just preference and nothing bad, but the cursor does not interact with tabs to stimulate exact human movement and is fixated on whatever tab you previously had open before initiating the bot sequence. Despite these matters, I am aware some matters of anti-ban can not changed easily or without data or creating some form of your own methods to enable better movement and pattern integration. Regardless, I'm very happy with the work that has gone into this script, but as far as immediate changes to create a dynamic bot especially at the minnows platform would be to look at 1-3 in terms of highest priority while 4 and 5 are more driven to creating a safer bot in terms of anti-ban. It is hard to capture these moments as they are not systematically reported within the debug, but I am up to help replicate or describe any of these situations more in-depth if needed. I am easily accessible through TriBot or Discord depending on what you prefer. Thank you, Perserverant
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    I have a suggestion regarding thieving the baker stall in ardougne. I don't know since when but you can stand where the baker stands and never fail a pickpocket. Maybe you could make that the preferenced theiving spot?
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    Thank you to @Usa(Tyler) for second chances. I hope we can all start fresh after many years have passed. I see a lot of new faces here, as well as some old ones. I hope to get back involved in this awesome community that I have missed for quite some time. I look forward to talking to old friends as well as making new ones. Talk to you all soon.
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