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    The results are in ! Most Money Made 1st Place: @cheeko with 162.61M (2.35M/hr) using wZulrah Slayer by @Worthy 2nd Place: @justpixels with 28.42M (182.38k/hr) using nMercher by @Naton Longest Runtime 1st Place: @sevant with 135 hours running ExShopper by @erickho123 (This technically doesn't fit the "Must be an 'actual' script that gains xp" rule, but since no one else applied for this category, he wins by default) 2nd Place: Me! No one else applied! In case I missed any entries (ex: someone sent via Discord instead of TRiBot DM), I'm going to wait 5 days before distributing prizes. If I've missed your entry, please send me a TRiBot direct message with your submission. Congratulations to the winners ! Please DM me with how you'd like to be paid out: Crypto, Credits, or GP. Happy Botting! Apply to another competition here to win free TRiBot credits! https://tribot.org/forums/topic/80913-contest-announcement-2019-botters-choice-awards/
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    sir please you dont not understenderer if i adee cooking they shrimp can be burned like this look pleese yes see defenley no good thats why thei removed
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    I hate this update No shrimp/anchovy support , what's a level 1 supposed to do ?! Cook and drop was the est feature, is gon now bad scrip You are right friend , let's riot !
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    Hi Einstein, I purchased the script but it seems to not be fully working at Fossil Island. It doesnt regcognize the other tree and will stay at 1 tree and wait for it to respawn. Edit: resolved by creating a custom area, not sure why this does work and the regular doesnt but problem solved.
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    has the cooking feature been removed? or am i blind? hahah


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