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    EDIT: Taking it down for now after multiple different requests. Talking to some people and then might put it back up. I'm trying to gauge people's interest so if you are interested, post here. I ran this script for ~2 months and accrued over 250m with it. I was convinced I wasn't going to ever get banned since it was a private script. Got cocky and ran it too much I guess. Here's what I got to with it, every kill besides the first ~5 were botted with this script. I actually got to ~1900 kills and further than the pics suggest but this is all I have screenshotted. I originally wasn't going to release this to the public, was going to hoard it to myself and become a Runescape billionaire. Depending on how much use it gets, I'll either work to become a premium scripter and release it or I'll modify it and keep it for myself. Here are some highlights from my few months of using it: It does work with LG but it breaks more often. Tribot will randomly stop detecting projectiles and you have to delete your hooks and restart. It doesn't happen as often with the normal client but I always used LG and would run it consistently for hours without it breaking. It seems like when the account logs out is when it needs reset. The script checks for equipment before boarding the boat each time. Here's the required items: I just added the option to skip this equipment check, but this means if you have items in the collection bin and you go in and die, those items will disappear. This should in theory be impossible since the script detects when you're in Falador (for now Fally is the only acceptable death spawn) and then goes to the collection bin and withdraws items until 0 are remaining. The requirements for this script are: Bastion potions, Extended super anti-dragonfire potions, Anti-venom(+) potions, Prayer potions, Gold (to rebuy items), house teleport tabs, Manta rays, dust runes and chaos runes. It doesn't support rune pouch (yet). You also cannot have Fremmy hard diary done as it uses the banker without a seal of passage to get teleported to Relleka. Your house needs an altar and a Lunar Isle Portal. Goodluck botting!!
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    For anyone else stuck with this problem I have a fix, simply don't use the new version. Use the version that ends in 5,. Not sure if its necessary but I also deleted the version that ends in 6 from dependencies and changed the build path of my scripts from 6 back to 5 as well, assuming that is probably important too. Seems to be working so far.
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