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    v3.7 is live to add 2 major feautres: GE Selling/Restocking and trident cost inclusion in profit (please note this will lower your profits significantly in the paint as it now includes the cost of operating a trident). Please read below before using the beta restocking: -Restock levels are the amount of an item the script will "top up" to in the bank -Sells will be executed first, then buying tasks -If not enough gp on the account for all buying, the script will end -For now price adjustments are handled by the script, this will be user customizable at a later date -Selling runes options currently will sell all blood runes, and sell any excess chaos/death runes keeping 2k in bank, this will be user customizable at a later date
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    when would u guys recommend using the extra ring of recoil option in the gui? for multikills only? also can my account even do multi kill with 85 mage 75 range?
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    User has been banned, what an incredibly sad story.
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    V1.013 Released: - Fixed issue that prevented access to Water, Fire, and Mind Rift's via the abyss runecrafting method Thanks @visualizedddddddd for the report, Warfront1
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