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    As people are aware, Jagex seemed to nerf world hopping by limiting number of logins and increasing the exceeded max logins timeout by 5+ minutes. The latest update that I just pushed slows down world hopping (with antiban), adds sleeps between hops, and also waits longer before clicking login to prevent refreshing the login cooldown. These options will become optional in the future, once more data is collected. Hopefully with this update, y'all will be able to run your shopping bots again! Edit: Looks like the longer click before clicking login won't work at the moment, because TRiBot added support for the login message (finally), but now it clicks it every 5 secs... Will file a client report about it lol Edit 2: It's now optional and you can determine how long it should sleep for now. It is in world hop settings.
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    Really could use a fail safe for no xp gain. Sometimes if the camera angle is right it just stands at ardy bank spam clicking the mini map where it can't walk. Should also have the bot logout when it runs out of food in the bank. Currently it just stands there withdrawing dodgy necklaces and then banking them over and over. Pretty stupid.
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    No. I think adding a selection option for over a hundred items is highly ineffective ad inefficient. The preset creation system works very well. I have spent the time to test that yes indeed everything is working perfectly. Here is me creating a preset for wooden bookcases: Here is me creating a preset for oak chairs: Here is me creating a preset for oak armchairs: Note I did not discard any videos of failed preset creations because there were none. Please try to immitate what I am doing above, or show in more detail the issue at hand (I used ShareX to record a gif).
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  5. 1 point
    Please delete hooks + the jagex cache. Banking works fine. Make sure "use hook storage" is not enabled in your tribot settings, and if it is, disable it and reload your client.
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    Havnt gone through all the comments but I have a few ideas if possible for the script. After tut island, kill a few chickens to a targeted level of user or your basic needs for script progression. Bang a out a few simple quest, rune mystery and cooks assistant Get basic skilling skills to 10/20 Also if the account has membs knock out varrock museum miniquest and abyss miniquest. I dont know how easy the quest parts are or not but yeah a few ideas for a new account to get things done.
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    Hi all. Posted a little _3 update with the nature run fix. We're focusing on the back-end of TRiBot right now to help with server stability, release cycles, development and more. As always let me know if you have any questions.
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    This is the best miner on Tribot. The script is almost perfect, and i'm happy just sat watching it work. Considering you've learned programming for the sake of writing scripts on Tribot, I say you're doing very well. A few suggestions: 1) Add the option to take multiple pickaxe's with you for progressive levelling. This is important for the lower levels and goldfarming. I understand this will conflict with the "drop all" checkbox, but you could add exceptions for the pickaxe item IDs I'm sure ?. Currently, if you start at level 1, it will bank all pickaxes except iron, walk to the mine and get to level 5, then it will withdraw steel pickaxe, get to level 21, then withdraw a mithril pickaxe. 2) Support the black pickaxe In my testing, the bot didn't withdraw or use the black pickaxe. Is this a design choice or an oversight? 3) Maybe randomize the way items in your inventory are dropped. The order in which I drop items isn't always the same. Additionally, I occasionally misclick and fail to drop an item in my inventory. This inaccuracy validifies me as a human. It may seem counter intuitive to make the script less accurate, but it would certainly be better for antiban. Just a suggestion 4) Also, random mouse movements with random time in between, with a random deviation each time the script is run. Add these options and I'm sure the ban rate will drop. I will rarely use it since I'm a little scared of getting banned on my high total account, I ran it on an alt today. If you added antiban I would certainly use more. In fact I added plenty credits today so I could go wild spending. Update it, and you'll have my purchase
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