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    I'm currently developing an advanced framework to improve on the faults of TRiBot's Keyboard class. If the community and admins assist me in this process I will release the entire source code. To see for yourself, you can use a test script I wrote that observes OSRS client KeyEvents directly: https://pastebin.com/raw/dL0MtDRf. Unless you type with a single finger, you will very likely see how alarming the difference is. Here are some major issues: Typing is not asynchronous. To type the string "ab", the "b" can only be typed after the "a" key has been released. Humans type so that just the presses are synchronized, the releases happen independently. If keys are ALWAYS pressed linearly (and they are), it's easy to see from a KeyEvent log that the player is a bot. Calling Keyboard.sendPress(capitalKeyChar, correspondingKeyCode) will insert a "shift" press event. This is not mentioned in the javadoc. This should be decoupled because it's unintuitive. This directly prevents any scripter from having full control over the base functions typing is comprised of. This is the primary reason I can't write the framework I plan to (and it's almost entirely done). Some events fire incorrectly Typing a single quote (') not only inserts a shift before, but also uses the keyCode for right arrow key (39) instead of the correct one (222). This causes the corresponding events to not properly mimic human behavior: [21:56:57] TRIBOT KEYBOARD [21:56:59] Pressed Shift, code: 16 [21:56:59] Pressed Right, code: 39 [21:56:59] Released Right, code: 39 [21:56:59] Released Shift, code: 16 [21:56:59] ACTUAL HUMAN KEYBOARD [21:57:03] Pressed Quote, code: 222 [21:57:03] Released Quote, code: 222 Not only is the wrong keycode being shown, but also what you can't see is that the press and release KeyEvents have shift modifiers, which would be impossible for a single quote char on most keyboards. I'm sure there are more issues, the Keyboard class seems to have been left unchanged for quite some time. As I've mentioned, I'm almost finished with the framework I'm designing. I just need the decoupling mentioned in bullet point 2 to be taken care of and I'll release it publicly, free, and open source. @TRiLeZ, @Todd, @JoeDezzy1, @erickho123, @Encoded, @wastedbro.
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    During last twitch prime event I couldn't get all my bots up and running and was disappointed to find the lack of a working script to make Flax into Bowstrings So here you guys go. It supports turning wool into balls of wool and flax into bowstrings. https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/3268
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    Version 3.50 is live with the following changes: - Fixed resuming run in tunnels if we had to tele out due to no food - Fixes trident recharging sometimes failing if inventory was somewhat full - Adds Iban's staff out of charge detection/teleporting/ending - Adds a "time since last time" timer on items paint - Chest log files will now also contain the cached prices the script is using, note the items are identified by item id - Tweaked prayer restoring levels while in tunnels to make prayer drops less likely
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    Making KC is optional but would defeat a lot of the purpose of barrows, higher KC is what gets you maximum runes in a chest which is a lot of your profit. In addition, skipping the last brother drops your item probably pretty significantly, so I'm not sure this would be a smart option.
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    Apologies for the late response. 1. That is a good observation. My intention was that the blue tile will show where to stand during the next phase. When a red phase occurs in which you must dodge, the green tile does swap locations temporarily. 2. 1.,3,4: I will add this. 2: This is due to an incorrect setup. There is a video tutorial which demonstrates how to set up 2 gear sets for one preset. In TRiBot: File > Settings you can disable Dismiss Random Events.


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