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    Yes this is still the same script. The GUI equipment setup has not changed in many years, however there have been more features added to the script, all of which are listed on the first post. The script only supports banking at clan wars and castle wars, so to answer your question no it does not. ________________________________ UPDATE - V2.743 [SLAYER], V1.023 [MULER] - fixed bot connected count on paint due to reconnection update (V1.022) - fixed an issue with the bot buying multiple holy blessings at the GE / withdrawing multiple from the bank
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    Login bot still doesn't handle this message while the development release version does handle it, when is it going to be added to the main client?
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    Working as intended now, it is letting us actually create presets. Cheers
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    I can give you some feedback I've ran this starting a fresh level 3 account that is 100% botted I'm currently 60 attack 70 str 85 magic, 70 range. I have also botted all quest requirements and botted all quest to 40+ quest points and still continue to run this script in 10 hour sessions over night. I do go out and kill some bots in the wildy every now and then considering this account is a pure so maybe that's some good faith on my end and saving me from being banned lol.
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    I fixed the issue, I just noticed I was using the wrong port. Sorry
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    Simple fix, just press enter after typing in the box
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    Yeah, I bet Anyhow, its best and seems to be also the only script on the market which really works with butlers and mahogany tables!
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