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    Gods Haunted Mine I have used this script for all my Revenant accounts and I decided that I would release it so my users or anyone who needs Haunted Mine completed on a bunch of accounts can do so easily. What this script will do: This script will complete the Haunted Mine quest only. It will complete the entirety of the quest up to the boss fight then it will wait until you manually do the boss fight and walk outside the door. This script will complete the quest within 10-15 minutes. I am not including the boss fight because it is a complicated boss fight that will for sure get deaths, bugs throughout different users systems. This is to be considered more of a "Helper" then the full quest. It will make questing your accounts very easy. There is an argument you can enter if you'd like the script to buy the necessary supplies to complete the quest, more information will be below. How to use this script: Simply start it at the grand exchange or next to any bank with the gear you want to complete the boss fight with equipped and the supplies either in bank or in your inventory. If you'd like the script to purchase the supplies for you, all you need to do is type "buy" into the argument box and click start with gold in your inventory and the script will navigate to grand exchange and purchase the supplies. The cost for supplies is less than about 200-300k. I do recommend running this script on LG, it is fully compatible. I have yet to receive a ban from this script and I've run 100s of accounts through it. Requirements: Priest in peril completed, and able to access morytania. Range or melee stats to fight the boss. Recommended stats: 75+ Range Recommended gear: I recommend a magic bow (i) as this will quickly kill the boss, you could also use a blowpipe too. Supplies needed for this quest: Pricing: 1 Auth | 10 credits for one month 5 Auth | 30 credits for one month Please let me know if you have any questions, any requested features or anything you'd like to see in this script. Bug report format:
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    Nice release, should be using it soon
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    holy shit dude lol... i think i have recieved over 600mil fishing xp on different accounts, but god damn nice one
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    From 2 weeks of loot, around 4-6 hours per day. ~45m
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    Money is a given, but you still need respect. Good luck with your search.
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    Undeniable proof that this this tutorial will make you write the @BestScripts in the world. Sorry @BestScripts, I've just seen it. Welcome to the forums and good luck with your code.
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    Deeply sorry for the lack of updates everyone. I'll be giving 1 month free compensation to everyone when the next update is pushed. I've been struggling a lot with motivation and energy lately, I really want to get on top of everything and im neaarly there with this update. ❤ Much love and thanks everyone for the ongoing support.
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    Got banned today using this script. VIP too but couldn't get the mirrior thing so i ran on normal client. Not sure but says the client was detected and Ive only logged onto this and been using it a few hours so..... beware i guess
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    AS topic sats. I want my own VIP scripts and HELP and Maybe a guy WHO isnt arrogant ? I Got lots of $$$ so the better you are - the better .$$ PM


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