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    This should be fixed for you now, please try logging in to the client again!
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    got it to work, i put it in lite mode then disabled use of past hooks
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    no pr0blem, I asked them to fix now ewerything is under control
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    Unacceptable! I've called Jagex to request flag removal. Will update once they respond.
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    Wow, thanks for that amazing answer, you're right about this. I don't really need to do that, i've wanted to but not really for some good reason like just try to know the feel... but yup i'm gonna focus on what is more important.
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    First, ask yourself why do you want to gold farm? -For me, I though it'd be a great passive income. But then I realized it'd be better to focus on my studies then follow down a rabbit hole where very few make it big and the income is dependent on the lifespan of a videogame albeit runescape's very long established history, if game dies your income dies. I have to disclose that I blew $1k+ in investments in attempts to gold farm. I had a decent zulrah private script that didn't have good kill/hr but it got the job done. However, Jagex super vamped up the bot security of zulrah where the J-Mod publicly announced it on reddit and apparently, their increase in security was good enough to destroy my private farm that just started to ramp up. I had about 6 accounts with good stats, heavily geared, etc but didn't get a chance to cash out before the massive zulrah ban wave. This is my personal experience and while there may be many botters who probably had great success, this made me consider do I really need this passive income? Do I want to play the game to enjoy the game? Why do I need this in-game gold? My answer to the above was that I didn't need this passive income, I found it better to focus on my studies, finish my degree, and got a career path lined up. My QoL greatly increased as I didn't have to stress about my high level bots getting banned, etc and I found it much easier to just buy gold and enjoy the game on my main. I was initially botting to support my main account but my ambitions got the better of me and when I got smacked to the ground with the ban wave, it worked out better for me. What is your goal? Are you botting to support your main account? Botting for passive income? I'm asking since you said "cost not really a problem for me," and if the first, just buy gold and enjoy the game. Second, do you have any programming experience? You might make it somewhat with the premium scripts on Tribot but if you have programming experience, making your own private scripts will probably get you a lot further. Third, how ham do you want to bot? Gold farm of autonomous 100+ accounts vs 10 end-game accounts vs etc numerous options. I believe it's best to define/outline your goal and gameplay before just jumping into the world of botting. It's very addicting and for me, was pretty dam stressful.
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    Ordered quests from him yesterday on 2 accounts. tried to login today and was greeted with a permanent ban on both my accounts. Wouldn't recommend.
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