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    This is my attempt at introducing myself to the scripting community A few months ago I was looking for a specific script but couldn't find a public/premium version of it. Instead of thinking about asking a premium scripter to make a private version for me, I jumped at the idea of making my own thinking "how hard could it be?". So I started learning java off youtube and I've made the small achievement of not giving up even though I have no computer science background. Currently, I'm on video # 36 out of an 87 video tutorial on Java and if I survive the next 49 videos, I'll finally start looking into the Tribot API and making my own simple scripts. Obviously, I'll be googling or looking at the tutorials posted here first for most of my questions but if I bug one or two of you premium scripters, I hope you'll be patient with me. I would greatly appreciate any posts about recommended tutorials or links that you guys/girls can think of (or general advice). P.S. I hope to one day apply for scripter rank and then premium scripter. P.P.S. I'm coming for your profits
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    This release will: Attempt an experimental fix to a long-standing issue involving the break handler not working as intended Fix Screen#isInViewport when NPC chat is open. Fix bug involving interface bounds Fix bug involving world sorting Fix depositAll functionality Fix Hint Arrow return values Implement some Inventory API additions - Add List support for common methods - Change method grouping - Refactor methods to utilize Java 8 streams Fix broken ID value for Advanced Option Interface Add fix to allow GetWildernessLevel to work with a certain HD client's default plugin. NOTE: this is a DEV release, so for no reason run this release for an extended unsupervised amount of time. Most of these changes were in the last release, but I mistakenly forgot to document them so I wanted to make a new release. Note: If you are using LG, please restart both the RS client and TRiBot.
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    When the client creates a new socket object, it now has a bidirectional communication to your server. You just query the socket input stream on another thread to receive messages asynchronously. I recommend checking out a tutorial on this with examples, such as https://www.baeldung.com/a-guide-to-java-sockets This is alright but primitive, as jagex will be aware of every communication. With Java sockets, communication is done over the Internet, not through jagex.
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    If you purchase the 1 instance twice you will end up with 2 instances, and not 28 days for 1 instance ?
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    I had your intro bookmarked as soon as I started looking into java haha, thanks for taking the time to write it out. The videos are my first step since I'm using them practically and following along with the methods/classes the youtuber makes so I know how things are used together, after that I'll get down to reading yours and other people's written guides while I try to piece together the puzzle that is actual scripting. Thanks for the general tips as well, I'll keep a filter up and develop some thicker skin
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    obviously we make them alot of money cuz of the bonds our bots buy, they know they have weath to ban most of the bots, just imagine how many bonds we buy daily
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    pleaseStopStartingYourScriptsWithLowerCase Gz on the release, but also I'd suggest stop saying you're going to be releasing as Premium. You need to reach Scripter before you can even think about reaching premium, and stating on every thread that that is your goal won't help your application. Either way, cool looking script. Gl with it
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    There are quite a few open source tribot scripts, once you finish your video series and are comfortable in the language, that would probably be a good starting point.
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    Please thank the entire dev team. lots of work from everyone
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    To automatically train your Agility skill.
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    https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/3195 VIDEO GUIDE: https://youtu.be/qEchCZYLgo0 The script will now automatically detect your mule's name, world, and location... Make sure friends chat is enabled on the mule account, the script gets the world through it. The script can be ran on both the mule account or the accounts your training. In the first ~10 seconds or so, it asks if the account is your mule account. If you don't answer yes, it default selects "no" and runs the script as a normal account. Start your mule first, the script needs a mule account associated with it or it won't run. Currently, the script just goes and trades the mule account, splashes for 37 mage, then does the quests from my botQuester script (Cook's assistant, Imp catcher, Doric's quest, Goblin diplomacy). The accounts end with 37 magic and 8 quest points. I'll be adding more quests/training methods eventually. The finished script will automatically detect what's been done and what hasn't, but for now it shouldn't be interrupted in the middle of the questing phase. It detects what quests need to be done by what items are in your inventory so if you do have to stop it, make sure when you restart it you don't have extra quest items. (ie. If you've done cook's assistant, don't have a bucket of milk in your inventory or it's going to try redo the quest) I might be creating scripts for tutorial island eventually. For now, I recommend using Fluffee's Tutorial Island to get through tutorial island... It's a pretty impressive script Mule Items: Iron platebody Iron platelegs Iron kiteshield Iron full helm Goblin mail x3 Blue dye Orange dye Egg Bucket of milk Pot of flour Yellow bead Red bead White bead Black bead Clay x6 Copper ore x4 Iron ore x2 Coins x100000 Fire rune x100 Water rune x100 Earth rune x100 Law rune x20 Air rune x5000 Mind rune x5000
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    My $100 a month profit isn't good enough to you?
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