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    nMagic is a complex magic bot that supports an incredible variety of features. These include a powerful progression system, lunar spells, grand exchange restocking (for gear and spell items), and muling. Note that some features are still in beta, specifically lunar spells which require achievement diaries or dream mentor. Repository Link: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/3166 Information/Instructions: It's recommended to start where you want to cast the spells. However, you are able to configure locations to travel to using the progression system. Set up the GUI to how you would like to run the script Ensure everything is properly filled out (ex. dont leave the item to alch empty), advanced preferences can be ignored if you wish Feel free to join my discord if you need any assistance, link is further down in the post, in my signature, and in the GUI If you are having issues, please follow the instructions below Please delete hooks.dat and the jagex cache before running the script Please disable the TRiBot firewall as it does nothing but cause problems If you run windows you can use this: (https://tribot.org/forums/topic/77307-windows-delete-hooksdat-and-the-jagex-cache/) Things to be aware of: Note that while restocking is supported for all spells, make sure the script can actually reach the grand exchange (by walking), and return to the location without issues (ex. don't use restocking if you're alching in your house). Make sure that the script is able to return to the location you are casting your spells. If you are using bank standing spells then you don't need to worry as it can continue at the grand exchange. If you are splashing/cursing/stun alching or something where you need to travel back to the location, you must use the progression system and select a location to travel to in the advanced progression settings. Breaking is not currently supported with splashing (if you try to break, tribot will keep trying to log out while in combat). If you are safespotting an npc then this isn't a problem. Requirements: Supplies to cast the specified spell(s), or gold to purchase the items Script arguments: As with all of my scripts, you can load your last settings with the script argument "settings:last". You can load any specific settings profile with "settings:settingsName". Pictures/Videos: Features: Splashing Alching Cursing Teleporting Stun alching Tele alching Superheating Enchanting bolts Enchanting jewelry Lunar spells: All teleports Bake pie Humidify Tan leather String jewelry Superglass make Spin flax Plank make Other features: Grand exchange restocking Progressive spell changing Progressive gear changing Progressive location changing Progressive purchasing gear from GE Muling - cash in gold/mule off gold Custom GE pricing A ton of other customization options ... and much more, try it out yourself with the free trial! How to set up Mini-Breaking/Random-AFK'ing: Click the spoiler to open the guide View Free Trial: A free one hour trial is available at https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/3166 if you are VIP Progress Reports: Dynamic Signatures: To be added (data is tracked already) Highscores: http://nscripting.com/highscores/magic/ Pricing: Pricing is subject to change at any time $5.99 for 2 instances per month $9.99 for 5 instances per month $17.99 for 10 instances per month $29.99 for 20 instances per month $39.99 for 30 instances per month $49.99 for 50 instances per month Refunds will only be given in the case that there is an actual issue with the script. Need Help? https://discord.gg/RKRJTzV Bugs/Errors: Please delete hooks.dat and the jagex cache before reporting bugs. Also make sure that you have good internet connection and are not disconnecting/having extremely poor FPS. Please ensure to post a detailed bug report including a detailed description, a gif of the bug report, both the bot and client debugs (paste these to hastebin/pastebin), and script stack trace (if applicable). If you do not provide an informative bug report I may ignore you. Saying "this doesn't work" wastes both of our time. I will attempt to fix bugs immediately, if provided with a proper bug report
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    From what i've gathered VPN's are a poor choice because they share the addresses between multiple users and there for the chance of the ip being previously flagged is high. You want to use a dedicated private socks5 proxy. For additional information and sources, see the link below. It is a step by step guide that should answers all your questions in detail.
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    1. Download java 8, jdk 32 bit specifically 2. Download RUNELITE, 32bit/ALL CROSS PLATFORM (i suggest the latter) 3. Run Runelite once, then close it 4. Now open Runelite, once loaded, run Tribot then select Looking glass. 5. It should hook properly, and make sure your RL doesnt have GPU plugin turned on
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