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    You're offering compensation even though it was not your fault, respect it man. For my self no need compensation, just keep your great work going on, Thank you.
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    Update: With @JoeDezzy1's help, we have fixed the issue of downloading repository scripts. Any and all scripts affected by this problem need to be re-uploaded to the repository.
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    Still, they had to come to the conclusion that I was botting, simply doing that activity and acting a certain way isn't enough. If I went there playing myself and pretended to be botting, walking and "getting stuck" and such, would I get banned? Or if I did that activity legit would I get banned? If I wouldn't get banned doing that myself then it's not the activity per se, but the monitoring and if my history is clean and I've followed good botting habits: - They would probably look at account age and activity history on some time span - They would maybe inspect my accounts behaviour (mouse movements and playtimes) - They can't just ban me for moving a certain way, they have to have some kind of more conclusive data, either the client or the behaviour of the scripts Now, if they can tell by other factors than the ones I can personally effect (detect the client, or the script/client behaviour) that I'm botting, then botting for anything but gold and expecting to get banned makes no sense. What I'm looking for is a way to ensure that even by manual inspection they couldn't tell I was botting, and if it's not possible then I might bot for gold on other accounts and just play legit on my main, or not play at all. If you're here with the mindset "I'll get banned anyway", then yes the ONLY way to not get banned is not to bot and rather get cash for the fun stuff with other accounts that goldfarm and will certainly get banned. EDIT: One good example I can think of is with CS:GO:s anticheat, here's why: VAC Anticheat: Detects actual modifications and concrete things that modify the game and/or are 100% possible to tell it is a cheat, this would equal to a client being detected. VAC will ban you if this is detected. VAC will not ban you based on HEURISTICS meaning detecting enough things in your behaviour are "close enough" and banning you based on that, because there's actually a small risk of banning legit players and it is harder to implement. However, there's also overwatch where a human eye can see you playing and can pretty easily discern if something is off. FACEIT Anticheat: Detects the same things as VAC, but in addition uses HEURISTICS and STAT ANALYZING. These things mean that no matter how undetected your cheat is, if you're "too good" or otherwise your behaviour is irregular compared to normal players it will either ban you right away or rise a flag for an actual person to check it out. More often than not this will result in a ban, however if there is no 100% evidence there is always a chance of a false ban, and you need to be very confident in the system to trust it doesn't do so, especially if banning is automated. This in Runescape would equal a clients or bots BEHAVIOUR being detected, or having inhuman playtimes. The bad thing with heuristic analysis is that some cases come out certain, for example playing 20hrs every day doing the same activity. This means with botting you shouldn't be seeking to get FASTER but rather be able to do something else with the time you would otherwise be spending on Runescape. If you extend the time you play with botting it is a certain ban. No one can play all the time, and if other factors become suspicious a flag will be risen which will tell a jmod to take a closer look, at which point you're probably screwed. Now of course priority #1 would be to prevent yourself being flagged, but if botting is 100% reliant on that then any stray jmod will get you banned and it makes botting so limited and even then risky that it's not worth it except if a ban doesn't matter to you.
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    You botted a gold-farming activity, and you got banned for it. I can bot certain activities 24/7 on 'main' accounts on a residential IP, and yet 30 minutes runecrafting could be enough to get that account banned. I suggest avoiding any activity that attracts gold farmers. Air orb runners take only a few hours to get up and running, and only about 10 hours of run-time to pay for themselves, so it's a common spot for people to farm en-masse.
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    Last stages of development, should be up in the next few days. Sorry for the delay.
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    Hey dad, eta on goldfarming support?
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    I have a bot farm pulling 120m+ a day.... I don't get why you all have issues It just takes maintenance.
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    I know the answer to #3 and that is NO. There are a ton of smart people on here that are very knowledgeable.
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    If anyone's curious about the success rate of this script, I woke up to having around 4 or 5 fresh accounts banned at around 75-85 agility That's out of roughly 20. Not bad, by that level the accounts make x4 their cost, took about 3 or 4 days to bot to that, looted 50m from the accounts this morning, thanks @Aropupu still waiting on the level 80 polv travel fix, also when the accounts are at rogues den, they don't detect the bank chest unless manuall opened (Automatic detection of the rogues den bank chest would be a small nice QOL so I can just straight up hit start after trading amylase over instead of manually clicking the bank (or just add gold farming just spent 45 min transferring wealth ;-;)
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    This has been an issue for several months but I've been too lazy to report it up until now. Once acounts hit 80 they break. Equipped: Dueling ring and necklace of passage (Expected teleport to at leaste castle wars to get proper teles and items)
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