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    That's not a guarantee. Sometimes they apply a 48h suspension, sometimes a permanent ban on first offense. It's completely at JMod's discretion. The script is great though, and I have reached lvl99 agility a couple times with it, so it definitely is possible.
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    - Lost City - Fight Arena - Tree Gnome Village - Vampire Slayer - Mountain Daughter These are the quests I usually unlock for NMZ.
  3. 1 point
    Bot goes to break but never comes back from break. Still happens to this date (have been 6+ months). Happens on different java / client versions obviously - cuz its 6+ month old bug. Happens with random scripts - with some more often, with some never (if anyone needs the list of scripts that gives / does not give this bug, PM) Java version:1.8.0._181 Max Heap Size:386 TRiBot client version:10.14.0 Operating System:Linux Screenshots (if any):
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    Antiban/bugs to fix if you have not addressed them yet . NPC contact <- Cant withdraw runes Ourania altar in view but proceeds to click on minimap ( A normal user would click on altar if it is in view ) Same like banking concept. After Banking the first click on the minimap seems to be about the same distance everytime, maybe randomize this more ( Distance ) Randomize order of filling/emptying pouch ( It is always filling up the same sequence or worst if your rune pouches are arranged differently. ) Add slight camera rotation for fatigue Add option to fill pouches outside of bank @Encoded
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    This should be the only content in your thread! Request: Looking for a simple bot that can cut yews like someone who is afk, maybe with fletching into longbow after inv of logs cut as well. I am not interested in using premium as I know that it would increase ban rate. Looking for a unique script made for me that I would only use on my one account Description: The request states pretty much exactly what I want. Payment Amount: 40-50m would ideally be my price range, but if you need more than that (with providing reasons) I am open to negotiate. Time: Ideally relatively soon, but I am in no rush and could wait a bit until you have time
  6. 1 point
    Ah okay thank you man. Sorry i thought it would be a bug <3. Love your scripts.
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    Welcome to Tribot, where communication and consistency is nil.
  8. 1 point
    So sad not a single staff has looked into this
  9. 1 point
    Whats happening with the world hoppingh bug ?
  10. 1 point
    Hey got the issue past 2 days , the scrip doest seem to hop anymore i mean crashes while trying to do so . Is it possible to fix the issue ?
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