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    Safest way so yeah lol. Obviously have to do RC,Hunter,farming by hand those are usually an insta ban in my experience.
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    My botted main. Doing RC by hand cause it's the only skill I've ever been banned for. Edit: Farming was done by hand as well due to lack of quality scripts.
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    I noticed TRiBot has a lot of successful main botting lmao. versus other platforms.
  7. 1 point
    No its useless sorry typing on phone short messages I bot 24/7 when I bot, the only spacing is due to being busy, lazy, and at one point I was permanently banned for a month but I got myself unbanned cause it's not hard to beat the automatic system lol Nice Same rip my 2 letter rsn and 2000+ total with 1b bank from 2015, my red party hat from rs3 I lost back in 2012, my childhood account 2017,etc.
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    Has anyone considered looking into AI like DOTA 2 did. Someone told me there was a guy using AI to play runescape and has 2k total no ban.
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    Had a 75 attack pure with 90+ strength 90+ range, around 1300 total entirely botted. Had a sepreate 75 attack account with 99 strength and around 1200 total entirely botted. Have my current pure that i dont really bot on anymore with 1600 total with almost 10 90+ stats
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