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    I have completed a massive upgrade to this script, should be coming soon
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    Here is a script that will obtain spices from Hell-Rats and Hell-Rat Behemoths in Evil Dave's basement, or just idle in a bank and feed your kitten when its hungry. It should implement ABC2 properly. The GUI is pretty self explanatory, but I will go in detail below. DISCLAIMER: Hell-Rat Behemoths can potentially kill your cat, especially if you are laggy. Several cats/kittens were lost in the making of this script. There are several types of cats that I did not get to test with because I hate the ratcatchers quest. If you run into issues with them, let me know. Catcher: Select which spices you want it to loot. It will auto-combine smaller doses into larger. Manage kitten will bank for food and feed the kitten when it needs it. If you don't have a kitten, don't check this. Kitten idler will only manage kitten (make sure to check both boxes) and not catch hell rats. It will idle in a bank. Battler: Select one spice to gather. Either let abc2 decide what hp to heal your cat at, or pick a number. I recommend 3, as all food seems to heal the cats for 3 and they have 6 health. This mode will potentially lose your cat. I have done many successful kills with it, but I can't promise you there won't be issues. Server lag or poor connection will likely result in a dead kitty. I recommend disabling abc2 eat %, and choosing 3 as the health to eat at. All food heals them for 3, and they have 6 hitpoints unless Wily. I don't think you even need food for Wily, but I don't have one. Food: Pretty self-explanatory. It will automatically scan for raw fish if you don't enter anything. If you do enter something, please make sure your cat can actually eat it... Withdraw defaults are 3 for catcher, 20 for battler. Repo link: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/2649 Source link: https://github.com/FALSkills/TribotScripts/tree/master/scripts/ezhellratcatcher
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    Something interesting I've noticed: When I call WorldHopper.isMembers(Game.getCurrentWorld()) it sometimes returns false when I'm in a members world. I know for a fact that I am in a P2P world, and it only does this sometimes so call me a conspiracy theorist but it seems like either the TRiBot hook is broken or Jagex is intentionally changing the membership flag for different worlds to see if the player behaves differently. It also seems the effects of this last only a short while and then revert back to normal. Anyone else notice this? EDIT: Could also have something to do with the world I was in being full. Nope not that.
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    Ty Netami. The script works very well though besides occasionally crashing. Would like to see an option for special attack option in the future also. Whether it's dds or blowpipe or something, would be nice to see.
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    I think you may be onto something here
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    Used this script for the past month, it's running flawless. if you added looting to the dragon defender cyclops i'd happily pay more for the script love it.
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    The 'account disabled' screen changed very recently. That would be why. Use colour detection to fix it.
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    No there was not. If it happens again, I'll let you know. Thanks for the reply.
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    @WillB I got a few ideas for farming that could make the script 50x more simplistic for the most farming xp possible on osrs. It will be a little more expensive but definately worth it!
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