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    So I'm not gonna moan and complain as many others have about how they're leaving and being immature about it, but in some ways some of themy bring up valid points. If you actually take the time to visit my profile you will see I have been here for some time now and I have thousands and thousands of hours botter and have been a pretty regular customer. Throughout this time botting has changed where it became absolutely necessary to have vip+ features, top of the line premium scripts, and even proxies to keep things in a safer manner. Before this month a normal botting session would cost me about $11 a month if I was to just utilize some of my 'lifetime' premium scripts that I had the honor of getting as I was a veteran long time customer of tribot. With the removal of lifetime status scripts, which is not sitting well with me as I had been under the assumption it would be a lifetime script honoring what it was sold as, botting is becoming nearly to expensive for the average player. With now it becoming vip+($8), proxy(roughly $3 each), and the cost of a premium script monthly(can reach prices of close to $15-20) it's becoming quite hard to justify my daily monthly expenses on a video game especially on top of rent and other responsibilities. I feel as though even some gold farmers are going to be throwing the towel in because the cost of everything including VPNs are out costing the amount they profit each month. This is just my food for thought, tribot is absolutely fantastic and I will rep it until it's demise but the inflation of what I am being asked for nowadays is becoming a little unrealistic to continue at the steam I was working at. I know I'll be flamed out of here and some may stand by to support my words but I just wished to share this. Thanks, Ace_001
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    Updated: Improved Minnow Fishing Added flying fish detection. Solved the bug in which the script didn't pick the same target. I've collected over 500 data samples in about 2 hours of fishing minnows: The new algorithms have been adjusted based on this data. Although most reactions are fast enough for a profitable fishing session, some of them aren't. It would be very easy to change this and use lower values for the reaction times, but safety will always be prioritized over efficiency. Although any script is capable of reacting almost instantly to an event, in order to avoid detection, our scripts need to mimic the inefficiency and lack of focus of real human players.
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    Not exactly. The script is capable of telling precisely when the spot changes, but I've added a reaction (delay) after that happens, because real players are unable to react instantly. However, I need to collect more real human playing data. I've observed the same thing and I agree. This will be changed in the next update.
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    Just found out the bad news also. No way in hell I'm gonna buy from here again.
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    I've run the bot for the minnows for 10 hours now, its pretty good, have caught about 115k minnows, 26k xp/h. It is pretty weird though in the way it works half the time, because when the fishing spot changes every 15 seconds sometimes it notices the one on the other side first and goes to that one first, very suspicious looking from outside view I think. Also when the fishing spot changes, the bot doesn't recognize it until the player animation for fishing stops which is a couple seconds
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    Reanox is an og for staying with that profile pic respect
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    I'm on pretty much every day Thanks for the mention!
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    Users who bought lifetime auths should be reimbursed to a degree. If they didn't already.
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    Today's Update: Worldhopper has been completely fixed. The script now correctly knows when you're out of runes while autocasting. The script now tracks how many cannonballs are loaded in your cannon. I have removed a few GUI options and just randomized when you will load (Info in debug). Removed some unnecessary client debug. Fixed a camera angle bug ( make sure to restart your TRiBot client ). Optimized some old code to reduce CPU usage. The new JavaFX gui is nearly ready! It is looking beautiful and should make the script even easier for new users to use . If there is any new features you'd like added let me know and I'll try add them in asap. The script is running perfectly!
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    Yeah the premise was people were using and abusing their life time auths but most people who bought them seem to have bought them because it was convenient to just have them around whenever you decide to get into botting every once in a while RIP
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    I refunded him because even though he bought the script he ran it for less than the trial time.
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    @Einstein That is amazing, thank you for the pointer! I coded the current version with the State framework, it however became a bit messy because of it. I will remake it and use the node framework and incorporate this in there. I will send you an update on how it goes once i'm done
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    @Einstein Thank you for the reply Einstein, i really appreciate the time and effort you put in to helping me! The explanation is great, thank you. I understand the labeling now. Because of your explanation instead of writing a method for a static amount, i started making a method for a single tile which can then be used for a different method to get multiple different tiles. For the consecutive line of 10, the approach i have in mind is: - Get a list of all the tiles in the area( which are available). - Create a hashmap where the key is 'x' + the x coordinate + the row number or 'y' + y coordinate + the row number. - For each tile, get the x and get the y. - loop through every x -> start at the lowest y and y++, if RSTile != null && RSTile.length > 0 then add to hashmap where the key is the current coordinate type ('x') + the actual coordinate + row number. else ++ row number(Making you basically create a new consecutive row) - loop through every y -> start at the lowest x and x++, if RSTile != null && RSTile.length > 0 then add to hashmap where the key is the current coordinate type ('y') + the actual coordinate + row number. else ++ row number(Making you basically create a new consecutive row) - create x arrayList - create y arrayList - for each item in the hashmap of x if hashmap size is bigger than the x arraylist then add to x - for each item in the hashmap of y if hashmap size is bigger than the y arraylist then add to y if x is bigger return the RSTile arrayList of x else if y is bigger return the RSTile arrayList of y else return void; Any thoughts on this approach?
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    absolutely not a problem encoded. This is gonna be the end all be all script for me so i'm patient. I really just want to help this script out-compete certain other wc scripts. This one is a lot more fair to the community and so deserves our support in turn. I will be reporting any bugs i find.
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    You actually managed to get the client to restart when a update happens, but when it does it just gets locked and i am unable to start, pause and stop a script which makes it useless for now, but you are getting there still if you manage to fix this issue it will make tribot way easier to use after updates thank you
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    negative. tested his scripts on 3 different test accounts (NMZ/RC) and both banned within 3-4 days of usage. can go endless hours with apropu & encoded's scripts with ease. also the scripter is lasy, arrogant and doesn't respond to his threads or messages just my two sense
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    Started this script on a fresh level 3 with 2m yesterday morning, already at almost 7m and still going. Perfect with very cheap twitch memberships EDIT: Now I'm at 8.3m, easy 6.3m profit on a fresh level 3. After factoring in the twitch price account cost, 6m profit on one account (3m a day).
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