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    R0gue EZ Cooker Summary Start R0gue EZ Cooker from anywhere near a bank and it will get you all they way to 99 cooking without you having to lift a finger. For optimal use, start with enough cash in your bank and some Varrock Tabs and Games Necklaces. The bot will buy the necessary food and supplies as needed. Supports Travel and Buying Supplies The bot supports traveling to the Rogue's Den as well as the Grand Exchange to buy raw food and items to cook. Just start the bot near a bank and it will buy Varrock Tabs, Games Necklaces, and fish as needed (there are limits so you don't spend too much money at once). Food supported The bot automatically checks your cooking level and will cook the necessary item until you are ready to cook a new fish. It will cook the following: Level 1-15: Shrimp Level 15-25: Trout Level 25-35: Salmon Level 35-50: Tuna Level 50-75: Lobster Level 75-80: Swordfish Level 80-99: Shark Jugs of Wine The bot also supports making Jugs of wine after cooking level 50 if the user desires. Just select the option in the GUI on bot startup. If your player is not level 50 yet, it will cook fish until your player reaches level 50 then automatically switch to wine. It will buy the necessary grapes and jugs of water as needed and will make the wines in the GE. Antiban The bot implements ABC2 methods as well as custom anti ban methods in order to prevent bans. GUI Paint Features a functional paint that includes the bot status as well as training method, time ran, XP gained, and XP per hour. Feedback Would love any feedback as this is our first script and we can make updates and changes as needed!
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    Always nice to see new scripters joining the forums! Congratulations on the release; you should consider releasing the source code if you want some feedback.
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    Title says it all, seems like its been 2 weeks since the log in bot has worked, how much longer until it will be working?
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    1) Scripts are uploaded the the repository almost instantly. 2) However long it takes for you to develop a premium quality script (plus the premium application process) 3) Premium scripters can make money from their scripts, while regular scripters cannot.
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    Disconnect Recommended providers in my sig.
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    Yes, it is. Execute TRiBot.jar => select proxy => repeat process.
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    At level 30, amazing! Assuming that you switched to oak right after getting level 15, and you received the pet on the last willow log, you've chopped so far 394 logs with 1 in over 300k chances of receiving the pet for every log. The cumulative chance of receiving the pet at level 30 is about 0.001%. ??
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    The admins are aware of it but there is no eta or information on when it will be fixed. I am experiencing this too but it is pretty rare, if it happened every time you logged out then it would be patched faster. The main issue for the admins is how to replicate the bug, seeing as for me at least this bug is completely random, and it is not clear at all what is causing it to sometimes not activate (from our end) we can't tell them how to replicate it so they can isolate and fix it.
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    shift drop doesnt work with normal trees. tabs with multiple clients somehow blend client 1's settings to others. please fix
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