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    To start, you need to know how to create an RSTile: // Creates an RSTile object RSTile tile = new RSTile(x, y, z); Then, as Jamie said, you would add your tiles to an ArrayList of RSTiles: // Creates empty array list ArrayList<RSTile> tiles = new ArrayList<RSTile>; // Add individual tiles to ArrayList tiles.add(new RSTile(x,y,z)); // Creates method to add mulitple tiles public boolean addTiles(ArrayList<RSTile> tiles, RSTile... newTiles) { for(RSTile tile: newTiles) { tiles.add(tile) } return tiles.size() == newTiles.length } If that doesn't help clarify things I'd recommend spending a bit of time learning more about Java.
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    @adamhackz requested deposit box support as well, and I think that it's a great idea. It will definitely be implemented in a future release, but at the moment there are other development priorities. Thank you for your suggestion.
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    I've seen much worse. When you click an object, item or NPC and your character needs to walk closer in order to interact with it, this is automatically handled by the game regardless if there are any obstacles (such as a fence) in the way. However, upon talking a closer look, this tree is placed in an area that is confined by the fence and by some unwalkable tiles, which means that the tree cannot be chopped down. This is just an example, but it's very likely that are hundreds of such trees scattered across the map. The only viable solution to this problem is to re-write the tree finding algorithm in order to exclude the trees that cannot be reached. Very constructive bug report, thank you. A lot of time has been put into its development and this is still a work in progress. The goal is to create the best Woodcutter available for the TRiBot users, which might or might not have already been achieved, but that's for the users to decide.
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    You would need to open a separate dispute, as the circumstances for this refund were largely based around the script being sold to other users. You'd need a different case
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    Hello all, Lately I have been working on a ZMI Runecrafter. I am posting this to gauge interest. Features: (~means maybe) (Done, Working on, Not done) Rune Pouch support where you choose runes Custom Payment runes ~tick perfect crafting (Trouble figuring out how to get this going correctly) User picks placement of pouches and runes in the inventory Follows players to altar (sometimes) ~ Mule support Sets up the bank for you: placeholders removal (for deposit all) bank filling Ideal placement for stuff that will be withdrawn in the bank Changes player settings for efficiency food/potion support Teleport using Lunar spells Fixes pouches via NPC Contact Human emulation antiban Recorded a lot of player data from videos, and myself/others crafting here. The script will emulate that behavior very well. Prayer support via quick prayers and recharging at altar Will pass the "Wife Test." Playing side by side video of the bot performing actions, and myself performing actions. "Wife" or whoever else is available, will try to pick out which is which. All behaviors that appear bot-like to the individual will be re-assessed and changed to further reduce bans. Intuitive GUI Will sometimes do things too early and missclick. All intentional antiban. Human data was gatherd to determine how often a missclick happens or pouches are empties too early etc. Carves were generated based on this and implemented in. Req's: Ability to use Lunar spells NPC Contact and Ourania Teleport req'd pouches and runes in bank Recommended: Plenty potions and food. Don't want to be walking there! I've got the script running for the most part. Much of it I need to babysit still until full support is added. I've done many 5+ hour runs though and has been very good. I wonder if I should release this to the public though, as it is one of the only methods right now that we do not have a script for, and I would rather not be overwhelmed with bots and become useless. The antiban is very good, so it could be fine. Current bugs: Sometimes identifies as not in area where I actually am. (every 2-3 runs) Sometimes returns true that it clicks the altar when in reality it didn't even try to click it. (every 6-7 runs)
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    Eventually. Got some other things to finish first.
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    Lul. ArrayList's have nothing to do with the Tribot API. You'd just call yourArray.get
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    I agree, I too was waiting on the developers. However, I didn't need to, and in the future, I won't. I'll ensure that these massive delays of no communication don't happen again.
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    Thank you for at least giving us some sort of insight on the issue, The problem was, at least for myself, never the time it took for a fix to happen, the issue is the lack of communication. It is becoming way too common to have an issue arise and pointed out by multiple users only to have absolutely no response from either Admins. Just a simple post " XX issue has been acknowledge " is better than being left in the dark for almost a week Nobody reasonable will expect an immediate fix for the price they pay a month using the client, but ( IMO ) to be ignored and left out in the dark just feels like a slap in the face.
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    This is being looked into by Todd. I don't personally have an ETA on the fix, but we aren't ignoring the issue. My apologies for the lack of communication, hopefully I'll have some better news soon! Are you referring to the bug where the client won't log back into the account and just sits at the login screen? If so, please see my note about this above, we will hopefully have a fix soon!
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    they use to be for me, I just found a new 1 before I lost membership acme built in script
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    Script is not what it used to be, in the past (1 year ago) got 2 acc to 99 at minnows just fine 12 hours a day Now 1750 total account never botted (was friends ex ironman he never used it) 4 hours at fishing trawler yesterday with a 1 hour break And i was randomly typing on the acc, dunno if that does anything sometimes i think it will lower banrate And account permabanned, Not even a 2 day ban WTf jagex XD
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  14. 1 point
    After deliberation with Todd, a 300 credit refund will be issued to @SparkySin. After the 300 credit refund is issued by @JoeDezzy1 the private script will be able to be sold publicly on the repository. Joe has 30 days to refund Sparky with the 300 credits.
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    Wat An RSTile is a Java 'Object', The same as a String or an Integer. Therefore an Array of RSTile's 'performs' exactly the same way as an Array of Strings. It has nothing to do with the Tribot API..
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    Thank you so much for releasing this. Theres a handful of scripts Ive wanted to release/get feedback for but I didn't want someone just taking my script and mass farming with them. Once again i have fallen in luv with u Einstein uwu
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    Nice! I'll be the first one to vote no. Looking forward to seeing your code.
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    Thanks for this, saved me some work. I'll be releasing 3 scripts open source soon as I plan on applying for scripter at some point, so you can laugh at my code then.
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