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    Updated Bug fixes Small GUI changes Woodcutting Guild has been greatly improved: a lot of bugs have been fixed and all four tree types have their own enclosed area
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    Well done! This is the longest proggy I have ever received. PM me for a 25% discount off. Anyone who can beat this, the same applies! (Note I have confirmed this picture in my database of proggies).
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    Saying that you are "not on that scale yet" is not a valid reason to push it off. I urge you to develop these features as soon as possible, or I will be releasing my Grand Exchange Restocker.
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    This script has argument support, progressive woodcutting and auto-logs trading to a mule account. You will still need to push accounts manually in the TRiBot account manager, but as far as I know @Fluffee might have a free program that does this. The three features I mentioned will drastically reduce the maintenance time of your farm, as you only need to click start. My testing account made it to level 78, despite the fact that it's level 12 combat.
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    Also it doesn't matter if ur botting on jagex hours or not, The only time you should be avoiding jagex hours is if you're botting something that requires you to have a decent amount of money on your account, so you would bot off-jagex hours and transfer the valuables to your mule before jagex hours. If you get caught botting, it doesn't matter if you're botting on jagex hours, you're going to get banned regardless. Some tips u may find useful Try botting on old accounts. Avoid F2P as it's really high banrate, you're almost guaranteed to get banned botting in F2P Avoid heavily-botted areas.
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    I've updated this script while waiting for one of my new accounts to come in for another method I'm working on. I've always loved the simplicity of this script, a great way to get some new accounts up and running with no effort. Also if your looking for just spinning, try out Auto Crafter Elite (free), it can spin anything. Warfront1
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    I like how active you are on this thread. More people need to be like that.
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    But its a paid script, like i want to run 2 paid scripts like construction and nmz
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