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    There's no code to suggest they do. The problem with doing it is legality. Spying on people's running processes is probably not legal in many countries. Well, not traditionally. There are a lot of technical implementations that would allow you to do it without too much privacy violation. However, it's not likely. It's legally gray, and not very useful. The running tasks on your computer are not identifying, really. I could easily change the process of any program I write. It's not hard. Most viruses get past it ridiculously easily. Also, Jagex is huge company with many investors and stakeholders. Sure, your average internet loser that makes runescape tools can get away with spying on you. In the real world, however, when millions of dollars are on the line, pulling shit like that is much more difficult. Ultimately, the owner of Jagex isn't a programmer or Runescape player. The owners don't care. They don't want something like that. It's risky. And it's ineffective. We could lose thousands of dollars, sure, but they could lose millions.
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    // Use Interface and item ID to check if an item is in stock public static boolean inStock(int Master, int child, int component, int... ItemID){ //String detectactions = Interfaces.get(Master,child,component).getComponentName().trim(); int detectactions = Interfaces.get(Master,child,component).getComponentItem(); General.println( detectactions ); if (ItemID[0] == detectactions && ItemID.length > 0 ){ return true; } else return false; } //Minimum in shop means the shop must have atleast that much of the item before attempting to purchase //Amount to buy should be "Buy 1", "Buy 5", "Buy 10", or "Buy 50" public static boolean buy(int Master, int child, int component, int MinimumInShop, String... Amounttobuy) { String[] detectactions = Interfaces.get( Master, child, component).getActions(); int avaliable = Interfaces.get(Master, child, component).getComponentStack(); RSInterface buyactions = Interfaces.get(Master, child, component); if (Interfaces.isInterfaceValid(Master) && detectactions.length > 0 && avaliable > MinimumInShop) { General.sleep( 500,1200 ); } return Clicking.click(Amounttobuy, buyactions); }
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    How exactly are you checking the IP via Tribot. That might be your mistake. Are you pinging a website or using the client to see the IP.
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    it goes to break, says goes for 13mins (i have set no randomness in my breaks) and it goes to break randomly BUT always longer then that. ALWAYS https://gyazo.com/0ab4a81b4bf3587393ff608eda9fd04e Is this script fault or client? I have deleted .tribot folder + my breaks was working O.K with different script from what i remember.
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    Hey all! Just released my 3rd H1Z1 highlights video. Go check it out if you want! (Be sure to watch it in highest resolution).
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    Generally a terrible idea but the dude has 3378881 transactions I think you'll be fine honestly
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  8. 1 point
    Beat you, Open source @HeyImJamie public boolean HostFinder { if (serverMessage.contains(SomeSmartAssRegex || someHighLevelConstructionPlayerIsNearTryHim() || regexForAUsername.lookupStatsAndConfirmHeCanMakeSomeNiceShit()) { return enterHouse() && scanObjectsForAlter() || (tryAgain() && thx()); } } But, if you did make that smart ass regex up, don't open source it bud
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    Made a private script for me in a timely manner. Script worked as expected with a slight number of bugs that he fixed in no time. Overall, great service 10/10
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    Unlocking is as simple as doing a password reset by email. If you didn't use a bogus email it's very easy.
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    Yes I am. It's already partially completed I am just working on finishing up some other features before I add restocking.
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