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    Please note that the script is not complete and may contain bugs. If you have any issues with the script, please post below with details explaining the issue. The script does not currently support all locations or plants, most should be added in the next few days. Extra functionality for curing and watering crops will also be added. Setup: The setup is pretty easy, most of the items required will be automatically added to the Inventory list. If you would like to use teleports, you need to ensure you have them in your inventory and/or on the inventory list. Support for glory's and other jewelry is currently not supported. GUI: Updates: To do: You can get the script at: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/1845-wbfarmer-beta/
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    There are some issues with Tribot after it was updated to support resizable mode. Some users have reported that changing from fixed mode to resizable mode in Runescape settings can fix some issues. The other way could work too, from resizable mode to fixed if you were using resizable mode. You should restart your tribot client after changing it. Some people have reported that deleting hooks.dat and restarting the client can fix issues too. You can also try reinstalling tribot by deleting the entire .tribot folder which is known to fix some issues. Consider doing a backup of your setting files and any other important files there to not lose those.
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    just got locked out of running my paid script because im not VIP right now??? got an hour or so in with the WarriorsGuild script which is a paid script and then i got logged out and redirected to the subscription page??? This script has recently been taken off the repo even tho it is FULLY functional, and that means too bad for me even tho ive paid for it??? it hast been updated for a year??? well when a decent script is made, like this one, it dosnt need constant updates. There was one complaint and it was deleted from repo, thats just ignorance. someone fix! @YoHoJo @Fluffee @Usa @TRiLeZ
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    TRIBot is closed source
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    The script will now print a message to the debug when it detects TRiBot's GameTabs to be broken. The GameTabs being broken prevents the script from being able to interact with items (dropping, depositing, etc). The script will also fail to use the minimap. The cause of this is switching screen sizes (fixed, resizable). To fix it, you need to restart TRiBot. If that did not work, try deleting hooks.dat and restarting TRiBot again. DO NOT SWITCH SCREEN SIZES WHEN USING THE TRIBOT CLIENT OR ELSE IT WILL BREAK THE CLIENT WHICH BREAKS THE SCRIPT.
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    @Tri I see that you have added support for Brutal black dragons - have you considered adding support for brutal blues/reds? They are the exact same mechanics, just in a different location. Profit is a little lower, but they dont have the 77 slayer req. Would be a very nice spot to have.
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    heads up the draynor rooftop seems to be having problems, after you jump down it fails to restart the course just keeps clicking on search crate
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    Where is it clicking exactly? Please reply to my PM. There are some issues with the Tribot client after it was updated to support resizable mode. Some users have fixed issues by changing from fixed to resizable. Most users don't have issues with fixed mode though, including me, so not sure what's causing it. I think this is an issue with resizable mode where Tribot can missclick on the world map. I'll have to add a failsafe for it. You should use fixed mode for now to avoid it. Unless you are not using resizable mode? EDIT: updated a failsafe that should close the minimap if it's open. Restart script without using the rerun button to update it.
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    I've always gone with the "Right click -> Trade" method.
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    iv purchased the construction bot twice and it isnt working keeps saying searching for gui settings.
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    First off you commented this in a completely random forum section, second of all it would help if you said which construction script and maybe someone would be able to help you.
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