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    By chance did you have any Monkfish?
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    So it does the special banking loop with the ornate pool and jewelry box where after every kill it refreshes the stats to save on prayer pots and food. Afterwards, it uses House Tab > Ornate Pool > Jewelery Box (Castle Wars((bank)). Are you suggesting keeping the special loop? I would recommend dropping by the Zulrah discussion discord. Official discord: http://discord.gg/yeCVsad
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    was a little finicky but i figured it out lol. had to just delete the preset as it kept auto selecting it everytime i reset the bot. i set it to 24 override and use hotkeys. thank you!
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    oh dear, that explains why, thanks!
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    Yeah, it is simple economics guys. The gold farming market is only as valuable as the people who know about it, think it is. It's price is dependent on the supply of gold, and the people who are willing to buy it. As Einstein said, as bots become more advanced, the game, will inevitably see a drastic change in its market value.
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    I've heard this too, but it's very unlikely to be the case. The truth is, the demand for gold has steadily decreased; meanwhile tons of kids are getting their hands on goldfarming software and everyone is opening a RS gold shop. The market is flooded with gold and there is simply not enough demand for it. Whenever that happens, the price falls. It goes the other way as well: when there is more demand than available gold, buyers overpay, and the average price rises. Jagex can help increase the price of gold by: adding good features to the game / do something to get more people playing (we've seen this happening with the mobile release) banning more bots / mules, thus cutting down the gold supply adding a gold sink to the game, increasing the value of the GP relative to the in-game items. If gold become more valuable in the game, it might become more valuable in a real world trading context, however this is not guaranteed and the main factors that dictate its price are the first two points (demand and supply respectively).
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    Try our development release by checking "Development Release" on the TRiBot Loader. Note that these new features are currently in beta. This release features: Re-sizable mode support for both LG and the regular client Slightly improved login bot Removed final access modifiers from API classes Added RSServer hook wrapper to get the client's cached list of server/world info [NEW] Bug fix for intelligent banking [NEW] Improvement to the stability of LG over time [NEW] Vastly improved the reliability and speed of Screen#getColorAt on both LG and the regular client [NEW] Fix LG login problems [NEW] Fixed re-sizable mode container bug [NEW] Fixed re-sizable mode mouse bug [NEW] Use of public constants in the Banking API [NEW] Use of other various constants such as Projection#NULL_PT and Screen#EMPTY_COLOR More features to come very soon! Please test it and let us know here if there are any new bugs introduced in this release.
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    $0.88? It's even lower than that. I've heard that there's been a dupe about since a couple months ago, and is still actively being abused. Jagex needs to step their game up...
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    Oh my days, I'm a complete jackass. There are 1000 ms in a second not 100.. But yeah I'm using a timing condition now, thanks for the help guys.
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    I have some dedicated server resources to spare, so I have spots for few gold farmers. I highly recommend you use proxies for each client. While the IPs are not flagged for now, you can't survive long with single IP if you run more than 1 client. This service is meant for power users that have multiple bots running. I intend to handle payments and support manually for this, so the stocks are limited to total 4, which also affects positively on server performance. Plan 1: (0/2 In stock) Farmer - 8GB / 8 Cores - 30€/m BTC or 40m RSGP • Shared 8 cores (Dual Intel E5-2660) • 8GB Dedicated RAM. • 50GB SSD disk • Resources guaranteed for 8 clients. (can run up to 12). • Unlimited Bandwidth (Runescape) @ 1Gbps port. • 1 Dedicated IP address • TriBot included. Can use browser to get any other clients. • Manage via remote desktop • Support via Discord Plan 2: (2/2 in stock) Ultimate - 16GB / 16 Cores - 60€/m BTC or 70m RSGP • Shared 16 cores (Dual Intel E5-2660) • 16GB Dedicated RAM. • 120GB SSD disk • Resources guaranteed for 16 clients. (can run up to 25). • Unlimited Bandwidth (Runescape) @ 1Gbps port. • 1 Dedicated IP address • TriBot included. Can use browser to get any other clients. • Manage via remote desktop • Priority Support via Discord You can reserve spot by replying bellow. Payments will be done via BTC after you have tested the service for 24 hours. (I will hand out details before the payment). If I don't receive payment within 24 hours, after handing out the server info, I will suspend your VPS.
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    I don't think that's a phishing link...


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