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    I believe it has an efficacy rating of 16.34
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    @SparkySin, @chrissnow and @rSNEBULA Feel free to join the discord for help and updates! http://discord.gg/yeCVsad - Worthy will also post here when the trident bug is patched
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    My gear setup is as follows: Mage Setup: Elite Void Mage, Eternal Boots, Swamp Trident, Mage's Book, imbued god cape, occult necklace, blessing, ring of recoil Range Setup: Elite Void Range, Fury, Blowpipe with Mith Darts, Ava's Accumulator This setup uses Tribot Looking Glass feature and human mouse movement, I get between 15-17 kills on average/hour. I have used this script in the past and again now. I have about 650 kills and of those about 30 are from me doing it legit. What I've learned is that DPS the key to getting the most kills per hour as well as your stats. Higher Def and Mage make it more likely to finish the kills and not die this increasing kills/hour. You get best DPS with having Best in Slot Gear. I have yet to test it out using Ahrims/Karils. My stats are: 94 Def, 99 HP, 95 Range, 95 Mage, 81 Prayer. My computer is pretty fast and my connection is stable, I also utilize Worthy's script for determing best world ping. Lower ping worlds make you less likely to lag, making you less likely to die as well. Tribot settings are Client Paint Delay (0)---This affects your FPS for the running script. Uses more cpu but makes the script react faster to the game. Tribot Sleep Modifier is (1.0)(default) no need to change as I understand from researching the function. Mouse speed variance Limiter is set to (0). The Zulray slayer script options are mouse speed 155, Eat at 60%, use f-keys, range and magic potions, manta rays for primary food with 3 karambwans and 2 prayer pots(only need 1 to get 2 kills per trip), I use zul-andra scrolls for increased speed, and thats it.
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    Not sure if you want it unlocked the achievement diary/to make tabs, but if you just want to use the spell you can use the tabs without unlocking it. Otherwise, be prepared. It's a few hours of focus intensive manual play. I wouldn't be surprised if they wanted like 25M+.
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    I am taking a look into the script when I get home tonight! The script should be fixed by tomorrow morning
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    I used http://google.com to find it Here's the info you should provide in bug report:
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    Please post script related issues in the script's thread
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    @Tri whereeee art thouuuu? I understand life happens but it's been like 2 weeks brother, at least give us a time frame on when you can get the cannoning and alching fixed. Much love, 1LF
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    Script seems to be working well. Ran it for 7 hours now with no issues.
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