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    While the frequency of updates is not an accurate representation of script quality, a lack of updates when the script doesn't work properly is. Everyone has brought up some good points. I will take this into consideration with some of the changes happening in the next few months.
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    I always encourage people to support the scripters that update their scripts and are responsive on the forums
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    messaged tacomanstan about the issue (not writing offer name) let me know if there are more critical issues.
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    It's been sped up a little bit (and depends a lot on LG versus non LG) and the script efficiently right clicks the portal to press Build mode. I'd say with this script it ranges from 200-300k.
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    About This script is aimed to bank-standing skills such as Fletching, Crafting, Herblore or Cooking. It comes with a task-based system that you can set up to train with different items and even multiple skills in one go. Tasks You can create or load from a previously saved file multiple tasks to be executed by order. A task is complete once you reach the desired amount or level. A task can also be unfinished if you don't supply enough items for its completion or if you don't meet the required level to execute it. Script Argument The rules for script argument are the following:1. Each task is separated by a vertical bar, "|"2. Each task setting has an associated key and value, "key=value"3. Each task setting is separated by a comma, ","4. Option settings follow the same rules as task settings 5. Not case-sensitive Available task settings: skill - the skill you are training with this task. This setting can be ignored if task doesn't give experience in any skill item - item's amount and name separated by a space. The first and second items will be used on each other. The last item must be the product. E.g. 1000 cookies. master_interface_id - set master interface id. This setting can be ignored if there isn't any interface after you combine first with second item child_interface_id - set child interface id. This setting can be ignored if there isn't any interface after you combine first with second item component_interface_id - set component interface id. This setting can be ignored if there isn't any interface after you combine first with second item amount - the amount to combine on the task. If this setting is not present, or a number of zero or lower is set, the amount is ignored.stop_level - the stop level that interrupts the task. If this is not present, or a number of zero or lower is set, the stop level is ignored. Also, this only works if you input a valid skill on "skill" setting inventoryTimeout - the inventory timeout for this task. Value is in miliseconds Available option settings:mouse_speed - indicates the average mouse speed to usesave_on_system_update - when set to true, attempts to save the task progress on a .dat file right before an ingame update. The task can then be reloaded on guiantiban_reaction - enables with value "true" or disables with value "false" the antiban reaction sleep after an inventory has finishedantibug_debug - to print anti-ban actions debug on bot debug panel. "true" to enable, "false" to disableclose_with_esc_button - to use escape keyboard button to close the bank. "true" to enable, "false" to disableExample: skill=herblore, item=14 avantoe potion (unf), item=14 mort myre fungus, item=14 super energy(3), master1_interface_id=309, child1_interface_id=3, amount=5000, stop_level=75, inventoryTimeout=20000 | skill=crafting, item=1 needle, item=26 leather, item= 10000 thread, item=26 leather gloves, master1_interface_id=154, child1_interface_id=93, amount=100, inventoryTimeout=50000 |mouse_speed=110, save_on_system_update=true, antiban_reaction=false, antibug_debug=true, close_with_esc_button=true User Interface Note: The last item must be the product produced by combining the first and second items. Exact non case sensitive names are a must. You must press enter or click on a empty row to set the last row's value on the table. The setup above has four tasks: 1st. Using a Knife on a Maple logs to produce 27 Maple longbow (u) per inventory. Ends after 500 Maple longbow (u) are made, or a supply is missing from bank. 2nd. Using a Bow string on Maple longbow (u) to produce 14 Maple longbow per inventory. Ends after 500 Maple longbow are made or a supply is missing from bank. 3rd. Using Jug of water on Pot of flour to produce 9 Pizza base per inventory. Ends after 10000 Pizza base are made, or a supply is missing from bank. 4th. Using a Needle on Leathers to produce 26 Leather boots per inventory. Ends after 1000 Leather boots are made, or a supply is missing from bank. Paint Updates 18 April 2017 - Ability to combine two items with same name. Ability to bypass "make interface" by setting master or child interface id to -1 value. 27 May 2017 - Ability to combine items that require going through a selection interface and then an amount interface. 02 July 2017 - Added script argument. 20 November 2017 - Updated the script to support the new interfaces. Script argument changed. 06 February 2018 - Changed the script to support more than 2 items on inventory. This will allow the combination of a greater variety of items.
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    Hi TRiBotters ! I using emojis to express myself, I hope you do too! Unfortunately, TRiBot forums do not support emojis , And only @TRiLeZ can help change the setting! Let's use this thread to show him how much we would emoji support! All "emojis" used in this post are .pngs ;'(
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    A recurring problem I've noticed throughout TRiBot is that once a premium script goes to market, scripters can't get away with not updating scripts for a lengthy period of time. I'm going to use Tau Grand Exchange as an example but scripts by some other premium scripters are by no means better updated. Minimum Script cost: $20 Licence expires every: 30 days Posts by the Author related to the script. Now consider when the script was actually last updated: 5 Months ago.
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    Can file a dispute and get a refund here: https://tribot.org/forums/forum/172-script-dispute/ Which may not even be necessary, as it looks like taco is giving refunds if you ask. Script can be discontinued if he doesn't upkeep it. Report it here if necessary:
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    Which scripts have you tried? Looks like this free one is working:
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    If you can’t support your product, then you need to discontinue it. Simply as that. Doesn’t matter what the reason is.
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    This only applies if the script in question has 0 bugs whatsoever. Also, it depends on your definition of script quality. If by "script quality", you aren't including adapting to new RS content, changes in antiban techniques, increased scripter resources like DaxWalker, then yeah, you can ignore last update date.
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    Last update date is an almost completely irrelevant measure of script quality. If a script is written well, it should never need updates save for a massive change to something in the game such an interface redesign.
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    Yes, I do agree with you and it is really annoying. Some people are joking about @TacoManStan and his situation, but he has been going through a tough time . I already messaged him IRL about the issue and pretty much done the best I can do to get it fixed. As a side note, the whole TAU support team has not been paid for almost one year and nobody left the team which means that we basically have worked for free to support Taco's customers and him in his current situation. Speaking for myself: Since I was lucky to make money during the last Crypto bull run, I stopped botting & being very active on TRiBot, but am still here to help him. Hopefully this somehow proves Taco's situation Maybe once everything works as it is supposed to, I can convince Taco to give the people who bought during these downtimes a huge discount code. regards
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    To anyone whos having issues with pots what works well for me is i transfer the pots from the barrels into my bank so the bot will withdraw from bank and not barrels (just make sure you put correct id's to withdraw and amount ) ill make sure i have at least 10 runs worth of pots in the bank so i dont have to worry about it
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    You should post in the script's thread. You are much more likely to find a solution / make the author aware of the problem.
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    1. Learn some Java https://docs.oracle.com/javase/tutorial/ 2. Get familiar with the TRiBot API https://tribot.org/doc/ 3. Start scripting Here is a beginners guide:
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    There are essay writing services online, see what they charge, then convert to OSRS GP for a general price estimate.
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    It wasnt funny at all so forgive me if I didnt see it as a joke.
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    The bot hasn't been working for ~6 hours. The $ value equivalent of that is 7 cents. I assume you made this post immediately after you started up the client and it didn't work (15 minutes ago). In that case, you've missed 3 tenths of a cent in VIP time. I tell you what, I'll be generous. Come pick it up, and I'll give you the full 7 cents as a gesture of good will.
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    Replying to sign post this reply.
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    Somehow it lost my void gloves :(, heart breaking everyone! fml