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    Hello all, It seems that the latest update has broken an important aspect of TRiBot causing some scripts to not work properly or at all. We are working on a solution and will update when we can.
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    I bet you're so popular, with loads of friends.....
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    We need more people with zulrah bot proggies to post. Thanks.
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    Ok that's fine then. I mean if I get permed, I wouldn't mind doing everything again. I made some mistakes anyways.
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    Shouldn't auths timers be frozen or something ? Many people have multiple auths for many scripts and i'd assume they will be pissed when they come back and find out .
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    Do this every time, doesn't work when they do certain types of updates. Today seems to be one of those updates.
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    Script not working for me after update it just stop itself 10s after i press start .
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    @wastedbro is gonna save the world
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    I Googled the title of your thread + the word "tribot" and found these solutions: Happy botting
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    Type Environment Variables in your start menu, click Environment Variables, add a new one, name it JAVA_HOME with C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.8.0_161 as the value.
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    This is my favorite antiban for(Thread thread:Thread.getAllStackTraces().keySet()){ if(thread.getName().contains("Antiban")||thread.getName().contains("Fatigue")){ thread.suspend(); } }
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    FC Questing Update v1.14: Issues with Mining Instructor phase in tutorial island should be resolved (if not, I've added extra debug to help with future issues) Tweaked some time intervals to relieve some of the debug spam Modified walker engine to utilize teleports a little more intelligently Framework will now fall back on the default TRiBot web after a certain threshold of DaxWalker failures
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    In order to run any free scripts you need to purchase VIP https://tribot.org/repository/user_panel/vip/ Alternately buy from people on the black market: https://tribot.org/forums/forum/142-selling/ Should you be trying to run a premium script, Please copy the bottom of the client by pressing in the box, Ctrl+A and then Ctrl+C. Paste it into this forums post to help us understand a little better as to what problem you're having.
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    As long as you are alright with manually switching between clients you should be fine. Just make sure Dreambot has proxy support if you plan on using proxies when you switch to TRiBot.
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    Maybe, didn't look into it. What I ended up doing was that I saved the length of the RSItem array (Amount of buckets +1), when using Inventory.find, and use that value with Inventory.getAll()[length-1].click(). Buckets are all at the top so this would click the bucket, whether filled or not, at the Inventory index I wanted it to.
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    We do not recommend using any bots besides TRiBot You would need a custommade program to accomplish something like this. We've got great tutorial island scripts here:
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    Alright, sure. This might be kinda long, I'll try to keep it short and sweet, though. GEAR: The difference between completely maxed magic gear/range gear vs ahrim robes, dhides with a combat bracelet and a serp helm is 2 to 3 kills at max stats. Obviously that isn't worth it with a bot. Risking that much gold with a heavy chance to getting perm'd is dumb. Same goes for range. Armadyl is great if you're playing without botting. But if you're botting, or have ever botted Zulrah, do not use the best gear you can afford. Small note here: SERPENTINE HELMET SAVES YOU NEARLY 2M PER 24 HOURS IF YOU USE IT. IT PAYS FOR ITSELF IN LESS THAN A WEEK. USE IT! Personal gear recommendation (magic): Ahrim rope top, Ahrim robe bottom, Serpentine helm, Occult amulet, Wizard boots, God cape, Combat bracelet (alternatively any RFD gloves above mithril), Zaros book/Malediction ward/any other shield with a positive magic bonus. Weapon will always be Toxic Trident. Personal gear recommendation (range): Armadyl d'hide body, Armadyl d'hide chaps, Amulet of glory, Ava's accumulator. Weapon will always be Blowpipe w/ adamant darts. Whatever slots are left can remain with the previous setups magic gear slotted in them. In both cases, wear a Blessing of War (or whatever blessing you'd like) in your ammo slot. Saves prayer, costs 50k. In both cases, use rings of recoil. If you have questions about the gear section, please quote the portion you are confused by and I will explain why x instead of y. SUPPLIES/SETTINGS: Sharks, 3-4 karambwans, 2 prayer potions, 1 range potion, 1 magic potion, zul'andara teleport, ring of dueling. I use this as a default loadout for all my accounts. I know some people prefer to use house tab -> ornate pool, but again, I minimize my losses for the inevitable ban by investing as little as possible into these accounts. If your bot has stats above 80 range/magic/hp, you can reliably farm 2 kills a trip, and at 85+ you can do 3, so feel free to use that setting. The bot will not use prayer potions lower than 4 dose, so remember to drop by the GE every now and again to decant the 500 prayer potion (2) sitting in your bank Have your bot log out and swap worlds every 45 to 180 minutes, or any variation of that number. Keep prayer on during non attack phases (less clicks, more hits!) If I missed something here, please ask and I'll answer. BAN AVOIDANCE: We still do not fully understand why certain botters get banned and others remain unaffected. That being said, I have been botting 24 hours a day for the last month on two separate accounts and have not received any form of ban. -Only use low population worlds. If it's about 700, stay out of it. Your chance of ban increases 100000000% if you get reported. -When you restart your script, clear your Tribot cache, and restart the client completely. This is likely personal superstition at best, but that also leads me to my next point: -Taking breaks is something I have never done. If you do not care about the account you are using, feel free to go 24/7 like I do. If you are botting purely for IRL cash, this is the most profitable method. Zulrah ready accounts are like 110$ from reputable account sellers. But if you really cared about your account, you wouldn't be botting, right? -Keep your mouse movement below 250 but above 190. Tribot's antiban will progressively slow your mouse movement speed to mimic human fatigue, so I prefer to keep mine at about 245 to prevent slow clicks near the 20+ hour mark. That is a general write up of how I do my setup. I bot because I like money, lol. Runescape has paid for my rent for 3+ years now, here's to another 3! Happy botting
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    @chachacha and @beauwindsor1 The most popular, updated, and bug-free quests in this quest script are: Waterfall Quest Rune Mysteries Doric's Quest Monk's Friend Cook's Assistant Tree Gnome Village I will attempt to keep the bullet quests above updated consistently. The ones not listed and not quickly supported are: Death Plateau, Dwarf Cannon, Price Ali Quest The reason is, I plan on rewriting this questing script, from the ground up. I would rather not spend too much time putting bandages on the old code and rather writing a new one. I will add a disclaimer to the one page saying that these scripts are the bug free ones and the rest may require baby-sitting. I will try to patch bugs in those non-supported scripts eventually. If you bought the script planning on using the non supported scripts then PM me for a refund.
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    You could have just done like 3-4 lines. Instead of wasting everyones time scrolling down your post.
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    public static int SPELLBOOK_SETTING_VAR = 4070, STANDARD_SPELLBOOK_VALUE = 0, ANCIENT_SPELLBOOK_VALUE = 1, LUNAR_SPELLBOOK_VALUE = 2, ARCEUUS_SPELLBOOK_VALUE = 3; public static boolean isOnStandardSpellbook(){ return RSVarBit.get(SPELLBOOK_SETTING_VAR).getValue() == STANDARD_SPELLBOOK_VALUE; } public static boolean isOnArceuusSpellbook(){ return RSVarBit.get(SPELLBOOK_SETTING_VAR).getValue() == ARCEUUS_SPELLBOOK_VALUE; } public static boolean isOnAncientSpellbook(){ return RSVarBit.get(SPELLBOOK_SETTING_VAR).getValue() == ARCEUUS_SPELLBOOK_VALUE; } public static boolean isOnLunarSpellbook() { return RSVarBit.get(SPELLBOOK_SETTING_VAR).getValue() == LUNAR_SPELLBOOK_VALUE; }
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    script doesnt seem to work after update? doesnt recognize tile, sees every tile as X: -1 Y: -1 when i try to set it as fighting area??? [14:20:44] No Player Information to grab. [14:20:44] GET: http://webwalker.dax.cloud/web?x1=-1&y1=-1&z1=0&x2=3154&y2=3688&z2=0&apiKey=a2b5fbaa-ecbc-4eca-9999-6dc7d606514c&token=MBlXBGaRYNT9C8hHwQcZ0g%3D%3D [14:20:44] Response: UNWALKABLE [Position[-1, -1, 0] is an unwalkable tile.] also, the tile projection debug function does not work anymore, it does not show the blue lines on the ground, it seems that jagex has changed something after the update in their tile projection which is now not recognized by bots anymore??