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    Hey guys, Here is the code i wrote to create dynamic signatures for your scripts. What does it do? - Posts the username, runtime and up to 4 other variables from your script to your webserver. - Encrypts the data using the Rijndael-128 algorithm to prevent data tampering. - Generates a png image with your own background/font/text placement, preserving transparency. - Caches the png image to disk to prevent the php code from executing again. - Cache is renewed as soon as new data is posted for that user. - Uses regular file endings. (ie: yourdomain.com/users/laniax.png instead of yourdomain.com/signature.php?username=laniax) - New: supports a 'All Users' image by default. (yourdomain.com/users/All Users.png) - New: shorten values. Like '1000' into '1K' and '1000K' into '1M'. Requirements: - A (Apache) webhost which supports PHP, Mysql. - The apache module mod_rewrite should be enabled. (these requirements are usually default on 99% of all shared webhosts) Superfast instructions on how to install: - Upload php files to webhost - Chmod the /users/ folder to 777. - Copy paste and call the java function in your script. (on script end is best practise) - Change the URL in the java snippet to your domain. - Generate 16byte keys for the private key and IV and put them in both the db.php and the java snippet. (keep these secret!) - Set up a database using the query in the source, fill in the database auth info in db.php - Upload a background image and change the output() function in function.php to write the data on the background. Code available on github: https://github.com/Tribot-07-Scripts/LANDynamicSignatures Enjoy!
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    Review: I have used this script for about 3 days now. First impression from the thread itself, seems to put it very low on operational scale due to BJ. I personally have not tested that feature but the ones i have tested works flawlessly. Only complaint would be that during cake stalls at ardy, it will run mad far when being attacked but in reality it only needs to run east about 3 tiles. It also sometimes tries to steal even though the guard lost aggro but is still next to the thieveing tile, which makes it reaggro and run again. Hope to see some optimizations on that. The dropping/eating feature while being stunned is very resourceful with the down times. The GUI is legendary, probably one of the cleanest and nicest looking so far. Support is great. Love the mouse, nice trail and mouse pointer. Love the outline of MF and hope to see more scripts with this type of cleanliness and organization. Overall 10/10 for the features i've tested. I highly recommend this script to anyone, be safe and bot like maniacs!
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    Review: So i have had this script for sometime. I have used it at multiple different level ranges through out my accounts. Clean, informative paint. CPU usage seems to be less than most scripts which is a plus. Through long hours of using the script, LG tribot doesnt seem to lag like most scripts would. Has some very interesting features like cat/fishing trawler/minnows. Only improvement i can see is that it should be a bit quicker when doing trawler. Sometimes it doesnt click as fast and the bar depletes but its not often. It switches targets often which is no big deal but seems to make it miss out on leaks as well. Overall 9/10 for a premium script.
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    Looks like a corrupt TRIBot.jar file. Try deleting the dependencies folder in .tribot
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    No one will share their money making methods. Period. Asking will only get you trolled and roasted. Thanks for your time. More people knowing a method = less profit for the person. Why would someone share their gold to not get anything back in return. That is like shooting yourself in the foot.
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    The vast majority of information that you will need to get started can be found here: There are also multiple other useful guides and walkthroughs available in the TRiBot Tutorial Section.
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    In addition to what @YoHoJo said and his guide, if you have access to the emails of the accounts that you use and you verify them prior to them being locked (before or during tutorial island) then the recovery process is much simpler and can be done in 30 seconds. However take care, recovering too many accounts too quickly with this method gives your IP a temp ban from recovering accounts. I've yet to fully test how long the ban is for and how many accounts it takes to trigger and within what time period. My latest test got me temp banned as I attempted a third recovery within 10 minutes of the previous two. I hope this helps.
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    Very unlucky indeed. If you wish to prevent this possibility in the future, you may wish to have your account hop worlds every so often as this will reset the 6 hour timer. Also, in the near future there will be duration parameters (run for x kills, run for x time etc.) which will also help prevent that.
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    Most people just accept the lock, and unlock: I heard of some people creating multiple accounts, some don't get locked, so they keep those.
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    @lyndon111 Give it 15 minutes and it should be fine. Use that time to double check everything. Make sure the client is in fixed mode etc. Also the next time to run the script and something goes wrong, make sure you show us the debugs as they often point to the problem.
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    @erickho123 The script is not selecting Fire wave spell after a game ends to start another. I have to manually click it, so it can continue normally the banking process and starting another game or my character just sits there doing nothing. Tested it a few times, and everytime this happened, EDIT: It also happens if i get a disconnection. The script logs back in and never select the spell, I gotta manually click it, then it continues. EDIT 2: Forgot to mention that it started happening after the update for Dragon Slayer 2. So this probably is occurring due to some change with the spell's IDs with the introduction of the Surge spells or something to do with the layout of spells in the Combat menu.
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    I do believe that botting is more complicated than just a flagged IP or botting in moderation. I have botted an account for about 3 weeks now. Doing different skills and using straight from this site. I think it varies on the bans. I have a ton of skills 80+ from this site and others. I played for maybe 10 hours when first making the acc and then started botting. It was a fresh level 3 and it still is low level (keeping it a secret to avoid being looked at). I do use a Proxy just because i dont want my home address to be flagged/known with a bot acc. I do sometimes log on it with my home address by accident though (mainly negligence) but still no bans so far. You just need to find out a way that works for you man.
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    I agree with you returning as scripter, but not as premium scripter. Admittedly I have my own leave of absence wherein I lost a premium script, but I did maintain one in that time. Jumping right back into premium sales seems like a stretch for me.
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    Every few days there is a new post like this... Just use the forums man, there is all kind off information in here, atleast take time to do that, no one is going to spoon feed you
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    Yes. There hasn't been a good track record for those who have gone inactive and then tried to make a comeback, but hopefully you can be an exception.
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    Weren't you the guy who leaked scripter info? Also, you need to apply with 3 open source scripts, one of which implements ABC2 level 10. I only see a splasher and a flax spinner (yawn). I like your activity though and you seem mature enough. If you would add a source of a non-beginner script i would probably vote yes. --- Edit: I've talked to wastedbro on Discord to clarify the info leak i mentioned. He claimed that it happened from his account when it was hacked in early 2015, when he himself was inactive and as such it went unnoticed for a while. @wastedbro I don't judge anything not included in this application, so saying that your WC script source is far from beginner, or that your old application has content is irrelevant. Also the point that your script is 'multiple scripts in one' is a poor argument, most of those things wouldn't stand as a stand-alone script. I still stand by my original comment, you should add a 3rd script. (as is required anyway)
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    Dude.... wow... I'll totally try this out tonight on a new account.
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    I would love to test this, and may be willing to provide a few proxies.
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    Scammer's Username: @llamasoup111 Link to Scammer's TriBot Profile: https://tribot.org/forums/profile/354757-llamasoup111/ Chat/Discussion Methods: Discord Chat Username(If Applicable)*: https://gyazo.com/0f1b29cd3c9171e937d47238bf3c823b Describe in detail in your words what happened: We were trading my $800 btc for his 1b 07. I sent the bitcoin, he didn't give me my 07 Evidence**: https://gyazo.com/35f7c831f6590ec2d9e7b1c3c1070fb0 https://gyazo.com/d5e4d3a4b68eadb977064958c1ffb7a7 https://gyazo.com/8d3c25f621ffb8e324fa00d0d9dbe5d4 https://gyazo.com/3d65f3d9b315b9e12b7895145974ffa9 https://gyazo.com/ca76d9721a8b3d5eee5ae8918061c04c https://gyazo.com/ab8f6b7ce4987c281a7babaec5159672 https://gyazo.com/4d464d6f047a5bd6c2f379ffd9b2d6ac https://gyazo.com/05db670a40aa45506bf0a6486159e749 Other: Proof it's him: https://gyazo.com/538ed812941a3234786c1a06217fe28d He is a scumbag and charged people back in DragonDyce too.
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