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    I made this NMZ Pot Sipper in my free time after taking a Java class this last fall semester. I am very new to the Tribot API and Java in general so it is not the best script, but it seems to work well. Features: - Drinks an overload potion when needed - Drinks prayer potion when needed - Dynamic Sleeping - GUI with useful information To start the script simply go into NMZ put your melee prayer up and start the script! I am looking for more proggies and testers so any constructive feedback would be wonderful, please no flame I am not claiming to be good at scripting nor am I claiming this NMZ script is good in anyway just practicing and improving. Repository Link: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/2618 GitHub Code: https://github.com/kingboypwnz/KingboyNMZ Coming Soon: - fix HP XP/Hour - Super Restore Support - Absorption potion Support - Rockcake Support - Updated GUI/Paint - Better Anti-Ban (still no bans reported as writing this)
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    Source: Total Marketcap All Coins Logarithmic Regression Source2: Logarithmic (non-linear) regression  - Bitcoin estimated value This was a prediction OP made in 2014: [QUOTE=]Calculate today's trendline price HERE Projected: 1.000 24-04-2015 10.000 22-11-2017 100.000 16-07-2021 1.000.000 06-09-2026 [/QUOTE] Don't get blinded by all the "2018 will be crypto year" talk everywhere. I marked the beginning of 2017 with a red circle, this is where the majority (hopefully) of us here either joined the Ethereum(ETH) train, which makes me less concered, because we (luckily) caught the bottom of the bubble bursts. However I see many new threads (offsite) being opened lately with new "investors", which is why I decided to post this. To sum up: Don't raise your expections, make sure to take out some profits to rebuy at a cheaper point and be don't be greedy, which is why i'll probably cashout 50% very soon. My guess: we will touch the 1 Trillion market cap and then collapse, which would be a nice opportunity to rebuy. NOTE: this is a BTC chart, i am assuming that alt coins will follow BTC, if not alts will go up even higher and BTC will lose in terms of market cap hence why I dont cashout 100%.
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    It may be impossible for some users to purchase credits via the repository due to the limited payment methods or you've being blacklisted (fairly or unfairly), therefore I am offering a cheap alternative at near cost price for you to purchase credits via RSGP! Effortlessly purchase credits from a verified re-seller (Also a long standing TRiBot Premium scripter and Support member!) Current price: 1.2M per credit (minimum purchase of 5) Contact me Via PM or Skype (druid.tb) for a quick response!
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    its rather embarrassing having all these old af scripts from 2013/14 that obviously dont work. the repo is literally filled with them. you would think if the devs want to make tribot a reputable botting site then perhaps a cleanup of the scrips so users (particularly new ones) dont need to dredge thru broken or half working scripts. i know u can report broken scripts... and i have... and guess what they have been recognized by mods and they are still in repo... broken... whos gonna spend the 5 mins archiving the scripts that havnt been updated in 1 year+ thats something that is easy and u dont have to test the scripts, then if the mods work with the active users here we can get rid of the other broken scripts that are newer @Usa @TRiLeZi dunno who to tag
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    Every single team meeting or staff discussion, this issue is always one of my top priority topics. As long as I remain on TRiBoT, I will push this topic, as I believe it is crucial to delivering a positive customer experience. When I look back at some of my best botting experiences, it was due to the pre-combed through quality content. The content management was tight allowing good content to rise to the top, and bad content to be removed. It is imperative to delivering a premium botting experience. Not only is a onetime cleaning necessary, but also an effective on-going management process. Warfront1
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    Maybe the IP address wasn't flagged, but instead you were using a different IP now than you did originally with the account, and then that raised a red flag that led to an investigation. Just a possibility.
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    Account selling is not allowed on this site
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    OP is obviously annoyed at this outcome, and he probably should be more prepared for such events (they do occur, as we see), but you're attacking him based on assumptions that you're making up. He's just asking for some help to prevent bans. He's not asking for a way to never get banned. You're replying to a fictional character. Are you familiar with the mathematical concept of probability? Are you familiar with emotional reactions to events that are assumed to be improbable? For example, a lot of people go to casinos knowing they can win some money, yet they are somehow surprised they won a few hands of cards, or maybe a low-tier slot machine jackpot? Are these events possible? duh. Are they astronomically improbable? No, it's not like they win millions of dollars. Are they still surprised? Yeah, assuming they are reasonable people. I literally have f2p woodcutters that have lasted longer than what OP is reporting. You don't find that strange at all? Maybe cool your role in the future, because you should learn eventually that your interpretation of "common knowledge" is nonsense. To help answer your question OP, the client is not detected. You had some bad luck. It happens unfortunately. Jagex's anti-bot is complex and tricky. There is no way to completely understand why you were banned. Hunter is generally a hot area for bots, and a little more risky than other methods. With that being said, a lot of people find success in it, with the exact same script as you. You can't base your information off of a single event. This is 1 account, 1 bot, 1 instance. As far as antiban goes, Trilez suggests not messing with the bot as it goes. The sudden shift of input style and such contrasts and shows a clear distinction between two people. I personally have never found this convincing. While I make scripts and test, I basically have to mess with the client while my scripts are running all the time. I almost never get banned. As others have said, it could be your IP if you botted a lot on it. Maybe other factors. The only way to find out is to keep trying, unfortunately. There's only so much information you can gather from a single ban. Shit, we've all went through dozens, sometimes hundreds and still don't know for sure.
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    Sure thing, try the argument 'alch' and let me know if that works.
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    Try this, https://github.com/kingboypwnz/KingboyNMZ
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    Congrats on the release. Instead of making a "temp thread" you could just enter https://tribot.org/forums/
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    It has to be something wrong with your path. I just downloaded your files and tried to upload it to the repository myself and it worked perfectly fine. I tried using your script currently on the repository though and it kept giving a bunch of class not found exceptions
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    Must be in a package called scripts ex package scripts.castlewarsv2.actions;
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    How about you worry about your hairline. Idk if you notice but its called “Service” so what is your point?
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    The point is people who make these accounts either don't bot or don't want to risk the chance of losing their account botting to Zulrah so instead they create the account and cash out
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    @michaelpwn where the loot tab kid?
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