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    I made this NMZ Pot Sipper in my free time after taking a Java class this last fall semester. I am very new to the Tribot API and Java in general so it is not the best script, but it seems to work well. Features: - Drinks an overload potion when needed - Drinks prayer potion when needed - Dynamic Sleeping - GUI with useful information To start the script simply go into NMZ put your melee prayer up and start the script! I am looking for more proggies and testers so any constructive feedback would be wonderful, please no flame I am not claiming to be good at scripting nor am I claiming this NMZ script is good in anyway just practicing and improving. Repository Link: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/2618 GitHub Code: https://github.com/kingboypwnz/KingboyNMZ Coming Soon: - fix HP XP/Hour - Super Restore Support - Absorption potion Support - Rockcake Support - Updated GUI/Paint - Better Anti-Ban (still no bans reported as writing this)
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    its rather embarrassing having all these old af scripts from 2013/14 that obviously dont work. the repo is literally filled with them. you would think if the devs want to make tribot a reputable botting site then perhaps a cleanup of the scrips so users (particularly new ones) dont need to dredge thru broken or half working scripts. i know u can report broken scripts... and i have... and guess what they have been recognized by mods and they are still in repo... broken... whos gonna spend the 5 mins archiving the scripts that havnt been updated in 1 year+ thats something that is easy and u dont have to test the scripts, then if the mods work with the active users here we can get rid of the other broken scripts that are newer @Usa @TRiLeZi dunno who to tag
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    Every single team meeting or staff discussion, this issue is always one of my top priority topics. As long as I remain on TRiBoT, I will push this topic, as I believe it is crucial to delivering a positive customer experience. When I look back at some of my best botting experiences, it was due to the pre-combed through quality content. The content management was tight allowing good content to rise to the top, and bad content to be removed. It is imperative to delivering a premium botting experience. Not only is a onetime cleaning necessary, but also an effective on-going management process. Warfront1
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    Account selling is not allowed on this site
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    Sure thing, try the argument 'alch' and let me know if that works.
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    Try this, https://github.com/kingboypwnz/KingboyNMZ
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    Congrats on the release. Instead of making a "temp thread" you could just enter https://tribot.org/forums/
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    It has to be something wrong with your path. I just downloaded your files and tried to upload it to the repository myself and it worked perfectly fine. I tried using your script currently on the repository though and it kept giving a bunch of class not found exceptions
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    Must be in a package called scripts ex package scripts.castlewarsv2.actions;
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