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    Did you try reloading your client?
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    Update v2.162 (minor bug fix) - Makes sure to cure venom at all times and will eat food + run to the FFA if venomed without antivenom. Added some more failsafes
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    V true. I used to by very happy with my handmade bronze dagger. It had great sentimental value since I made it myself, and it was my very first weapon. But, now that I have money, I can't be seen with anything less than an AGS. Sometimes I long for the simpler days... Mo money mo problems
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    Money buys food, food = happiness
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    Has been studied to some extent. Money does buy happiness, but only up to a certain income level, after that it's other factors http://www.huffingtonpost.com.mx/entry/map-happiness-benchmark_n_5592194 Think of all of the celebrity suicides, breakdowns, rehab visits, etc. you hear of, and that's just a very small fraction of wealthy people. Edit: Are you having us answer your homework essay question for you Boota?
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    no Money can alleviate unhappiness, boredom, loneliness for a while but eventually you it will not be enough and you will want more, much like building tolerance to a drug. This is just the human condition.
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    So I realize I just ran out of VIP E. So I can't even read my postings and hard work. Been hooking people up with free gifs, made a gif that took me 4 hours, never got to hear the feedback because I just ran out of VIP. Didn't realize you can't see certain postings without VIP or VIP E, Also pp is messed up right now. So wasted like weeks of time helping people and I can't even get feedback. Well here's examples of stuff I made for people for no other reason then to be nice. I'll probably go to another forum. I stopped botting three weeks ago so have two 45 attack 70 str accounts Idk would give those away with email to help get VIP back but I think it's BS you need VIP to see your own threads, Experienced botter just stopped for awhile. I am always on here helping people with their issues too... Examples:
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    Scroll down on this page: https://tribot.org/repository/user_panel/vip/