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    Keep wishing only booty you getting tonight is your MUM booty ewww..
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    You should set the heap size according to the script requirements rather than on the specs of your computer. Refer to Max Heap Size:
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    I'd rather no booty the fuck is that
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    Spent many hours rewriting this script. A concurrent thread is now handling some of the computations. I expect an increase in efficiency. Enjoy F2P progressive lobsters - updated to version 3! Completely rewritten - the script is vastly improved Longer sleeping times - improved efficiency Separate thread for slow computations Current task info in the paint Picks up lobsters if anyone drops them in Karamja Accurate trading, no more missclicking Necessary fail-safes implemented
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    Great script man, bought it today and got my first kills on my ironman
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    Cleanliness is preached on TRiBot because for the most part, if you're able to write clean & elegant code, you're also able to write well-performing code. Not sure whether you mean efficiency in terms of resource usage, or in terms of how well a certain script is able to perform a task. It's obviously important to strive for both. In my opinion, learning as much as you can regarding software design will give you an advantage when also trying to write efficient code. Clean code is much easier to maintain and build upon than spaghetti code. Also, if we're talking about efficiency, lets not forget about programmer efficiency. Which system would you rather build upon or apply bug fixes to - A well designed, modular, clean architecture? Or thousands of lines of unorganized spaghetti code?
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    This is meant for people who take software engineering seriously, and want to improve themselves. If you treat programming casually, and don’t see the value in learning best practices or writing clean code, that’s fine. It’s fine if you enjoy slinging around spaghetti code, especially if you’re simply a hobbyist or are keeping your code private. However if you’re looking to be a serious software engineer at some point in life, rather than a code monkey, I would recommend a different point of view.
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    happy birthday, had to stop here:
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