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    If you don't receive the credits the debited amount will be refunded in a few days, same thing happened to me, although i'm not sure how you managed to buy 1 credit at a time, since 5 is the minimum
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    Yet another free script that works when the paid ones dont how odd xD
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    Only check one area, but determine that area based on mining level. RSArea getMiningArea() { int miningLevel = Skills.getActualLevel(Skills.SKILLS.MINING); if (miningLevel < 40) { return COAL_AREA; } else if (miningLevel < 60) { return GOLD_AREA; } return null; // return something other than null? } // validate method return !getMiningArea().contains(Player.getPosition); You could do this in a more efficient way, but this is the gist of it.
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    Oh nice, that looks really promising. Didn't know they had item dumps available on the wiki.
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    Thanks Einstein, this is definitely helpful for someone who hasn't dabbled in scripting before. Now to find time to put work into a decent script. Perhaps a great addition to this would be to give a basic example of a GUI and progress display? Assuming you want to pursue further tutorials. Great work!
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    Updated. Fixed critical bug at equipment buying.
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    Should be added in the latest version. Also added stamina potion support. Have stamina potions in your inventory when you start the script. It will withdraw the same amount from bank when it's time to bank. Let me know if there are problems with it.