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    Back-end problem. Expect a fix in 10 minutes.
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    Second break may be overlapping too much with the first. Set the time in Column 1 row 2 to 5 minute sor higher, see if that works. @deva
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    Is there an update or something going on that I am unaware of? When i click 'start script' the box pulls up but all my scripts are missing?? I even tried to deactivate then reactivate them. Still nothing is showing up. Someone please help
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    Lmao, good luck with that homie.
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    By my calculations 33.645% edit: repeating of course...
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    First I thought that when u are setting mupltiple breaks per on profile it would go like this in my case first image: bot for 1 minute (+-randomness), then breaks for 2 minutes (+- randomness) then bot again for another 3 minutes (+- randomness) and break again for 2 minutes (+- randomness). In this case when setting multiple breaks per one profile, the runtime does not mean how long account is going to bot (except first break), but what it will do at time of running. @YoHoJo Thanks.
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    im not sure to be honest, im just botting for the xp. I'm trying to bot 1m cooking xp a day and i hope not to get banned
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    There's a built in spammer now friend: Blue one.
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    No worries, thanks for the info Really enjoying the script. just had a minor issue with the ardy knight house, with "the door seems to be stuck". Bot would just keep trying to click the door to close it. I was babysitting so just moved it manually, nothing in the debug either. Might've been someone trying to fuck with bots? not sure if there's something you can do for the in your upcoming antiban update
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    This thread is an effing life saver. Especially this piece here. Bless you TrileZ.
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    Nevermind, i'm new so only just saw the upgrade option in my account. Sorry for the post.
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    rest in pepperoni @godspower33 , this is some ABC3 shit right there
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    Anecdotal evidence? Are you saying this % is not given by your "calculator"? https://gyazo.com/f4be52f53b4d8d8cf6d372439fee44fd Thats the exact stats of the last stake I was doing with a guy who was doing 0.7x. Who the hell are you trying to fool here, anyone can go and check this out themselves at the arena. Even the god damn bots were giving me 0.6x at 75%+ by your "calculator", so obviously there are other bots/calculators out there giving tremendously other data then yours. So either you calculator is correct (with a few % +/- margin sure) and every single x'r i staked just wanted to throw money at me, or its bullshit. I wonder how many people have lost gp because of your extremely false data. Awful.
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    I can't believe what I just read lmao. this scripter is a douche. no support whatsoever.
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    "so yeah no" is all the explanation i'm getting, wonderful. I don't really care about the 10$, worth paying it, got to see people like you are allowed to sell their bullshit on here ---> now know to stay away from here. But don't try to defend your shitty calculator with some other bullshit. Right now If I went to duel arena I'd get constant 0,6-0,7x bets from opponents ur "calculator" shows I have 80% chance against.
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    Registered to tribot just to buy this calculator and it's absolute bullshit. Can people literally sell a random calculator here and claim it will help you stake? If someone claims this calculator actually is CLOSE to reality, please go to duell arena and make yourself the easiest bank ever. Opponents, who according to this calculator I should be winning 78-80% of times were all willing to fight me with 0.6 to 0.7x. So at any time they were willing to call my 10m for 6-7m. So if I kept doing 10m stakes, against their 6m at 80% win rate, I would on average out of 10 games win 8x6=48m and loose 2x10=20m. ???? Either everyone on duell arena are retarded and willing to duell at these odds or your calculator is ultimate bullshit.
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    Find it funny how I bought this script when it came out and it didn't work, dude would not refund my money and was overly rude about the situation. Kept telling me "you get what you get" and ignored me for days. The fact that this POS made money off the worst premium script in botting history is a crime. Sorry for the rant, just mad I was robbed for 20$.
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    Hows it going! I'm new to the tribot community and recently released my first script at the beginning of the month, Pures Chompy Hunter. Please check it out, I've been looking for feedback but however I've received none. But I have like 7 users so far so yay! I'm in the process of developing a Rogues Den runner which I plan to have out in the next 2 weeks or so. Currently 30% or so complete. But I would love some community support and feedback. When I finish the script (which as of now will definitely be a free script) would anyone like to be one of the first to try it and give me feedback? Possibly just a beta testing period for the first week. Also what are some other scripts you guys would like to see? I'm always browsing the Requests section and creating a list for future projects because scripting is so much fun. 9/28/17 UPDATE: I've been busy with school, but Script is about 70% complete. Unsure of when it will be available. Feedback might motivate me to work faster tho..Demo below. Working towards making this flawless. 12/17/17: Dead due to lack of interest.