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    START IT AT THE TREES! How to Start - Have an Axe in your inventory or wielded Must be in lite mode. If axe is in Inv make put it at the top (Powerchopping) Keep in mind the banking does not always work. Features - AntiBan - Switches between randoms tabs. Chop ANY Tree. Will walk back to centre tile if lost. Banks - Most of the time. Does not require ID's (Always Working) Runs from Combat Avoids Ent Picks up Nests Option to Powerdrop using MouseKeys Supports every axe in Inventory Simple Paint Download - Script Repository If you liked this script and wan't more like this in the future feel free to donate below . Getting Tree Name - Proggies - Upcoming Ideas - Change Log -
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    Model grabbing code is now back up to full speed Fixed some client lagging issues Added some RS world IPs to the firewall exclusion list
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    @Beyond246 Thanks for the detailed report! The issues with the login screen being stuck were indeed client bugs that got fixed in the last few client updates. The only things that i am currently working in: - (Blackjacking) Fixing the worldhop after running away from combat, even if a house seems available. - (Any) Checking why it sometimes doesn't detect your food in your inventory, only happens rarely. Apart from that, ALL modes of this script work fine, I've fixed any other issue people had over Skype or Discord, most were wrong configured settings. Feel free to contact me if you have any issues.
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    Opps, I wrote a script report a few weeks ago, I can't believe I forgot to post it, now I feel my information is out of date. THIS REPORT IS FROM JUNE 6TH Blackjack report - Does not lure, found a target in the house, the target manage to walk outside of the house before we got inside to close the doors. The script description should be edited, as the bot seems to be designed only to attempt to pickpocket bandits already perfectly in position. Quick world hop seems fine. Something I noticed in the past, is that this script is very sensitive, make sure to have OSBuddy minimised and at the very least Block User Input on the Tribot client if you wish to monitor. 7 Minute mark, failed first pickpocket recovery, bot ran away and came back to the room much more efficiently than I remember, the bandit was stll in the corner,, for some reason he decided to change worlds after closing the door with himself and the bandit together, not sure why. 16 minute mark: 25.4k current thieving xp, expected 93.3k ph 5/24 monkfishs left 20 minute mark: Went to swap food, didn't go back to original room in the south-south, walked into an earlier room with a lower level bandit, then decided to world hop. 22 minute mark: bot found new target, xp, 30k, xp/ph 80k, 24 monks in inventory. 24 minute mark: 32k xp 79k/ph, going to go get food and afk the bot. 29 minute mark: noticed he was just standing there, not sure if it was abc2 or just a hiccup, I paused and unpaused a couple of times and he eventually continued as usual. 43.7k xp 81.8k ph 49 minute: just got home WORLD 65 61.9k / 74.6k xp/ph around 80 minutes: Trilez bot having problems relogging, had to click 'Existing user' before the bot would continue, exp down to 60 xp/ph due to me to bringing the bot back in time. 2hrs 10 minutes, my second break was going, had to click Existing User again, after signing in bot stood there for a minute and I decided to end the step due to interference on my end. I'm running OSBuddy 64Bit, latest Java 64bit, Looking Glass, 2048 available memory and this was also running on my second client (my other bot with a different script also had problems logging back in using the break handler), there seems to be memory leaks for the tribot app, so I recommend giving each client far more than needed, unless you plan to close the applications in task manager every few hrs. 8 minute mark: tried to hop to world 65, didn't make it through the dialogue confirming about high risk world, so it went to main menu world hopper - which we know is broken. [22:19:25] <:219d00>[Luring]: Attempting to hop to world 65. [22:19:25] <:219d00>[Luring]: Trying to use the ingame worldhopper, if it fails we will logout to hop worlds. [23:26:14] <:219d00>[Luring]: Attempting to hop to world 17. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This log is a bit old, when I tried the script tribot was going through lots of problems, I DO recommend this script for blackjacking, I have not tried this script in three weeks, so new issues may have occured, and also old issues may have been fixed, please make sure you know how to bot properly before you blatantly say something doesn't work. I will most definitely be looking at this script again when I decide to go 75-91 Thieving. Side Note: When it comes to using food, don't use food that after eating it, something will be left in your inventory, so no cakes, jugs or pizzas, most bots have trouble comprehending the additional item number and can effect steady progress. Hope this helped some people.
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    You've literally been spamming the shit out of this place over $4? Jesus christ dude relax.
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    I can sell you 4 for 4.6M if you're interested.
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    I have 5 I can sell. If you're still interested PM me.
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    You could always buy OSRS GP with PayPal, BTC or CC and then buy credits off of people. If you're interested I have 12 credits that I'm looking to sell. Can only sell 5 per month though.
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    Let me know if you decide to take BTC.
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    PMing you about this now
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    True lol. I autoclicked 55-90 mage. Switched to a script that alched for me so i didn't log out every 6 hours and got 90-91 before i got banned. auto clickers with random intervals is op
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    the mans made thousands of dollars from the script. he's not poor.
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    Give me $1250 and I'll make you a cow killer which collects arrows and hides then banks them.
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    Once you start running multiple accounts proxies are the bread and butter for botting. It is your choice to figure out which ones work for you!
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    If only Dax was updating the client itself wholly we would have zero issues. You're a god!
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    Great, that means you should be able to figure it out on your own: http://www.tribot.org/doc
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