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    ran about 10 of these bad boys, started at 13 magic they all made it up too 70 ish magic and 60ish defence, lasted for about 5-6 days, just made 8 new ones since 2 of my previous ones survived the ban wave, very solid script could get some minor tweaks but can't complain thanks usa
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    It is a VIP-E feature, so you need to purchase that. Then follow this tutorial to set it up:
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    Thank you for the quick reply!
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    @Usa Ok I just spent ages trying to figure out why it happens. If you open the poll booth and then click on one of the active polls it won't realise it is open and will get stuck.
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    The issue is the latest JDK, downgrade from 121 to something older, like 112, or 102. That should fix the issue
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    I searched the old thread and came up with this. The old script was removed due to a runescape update which changed the way path finding worked, the old script was built upon this system which basically broke the entire code. the only fix was to rewrite from the ground up, and a script like this takes a lot of time to make. if you have bugs write where and what happened with logs and try too reproduce it if possible, any info you give mute will speed up the creation and improve the stability of the script.
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    This might honestly be the most ground breaking release here on tribot.