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    It's also Zulrah Helper - So neither accounts are likely to be banned unless flag city returns. Nubs
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    410k gp/hr vs 1.4M gp/hr, pick your favorite If OP doesn't have issues with bans, given same botting time, he'll come out on top.
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    Welcome to Worthy Scripts |w| Zulrah Helper NOTE: This script does NOT kill Zulrah for you. It guides you through the kill process and tracks information. Think of it as a plugin for RuneScape (as the script never directly interacts with the game, but just paints information on the screen). Features No risk of ban from the script itself (the only other factor could be the Client but @TRiLeZ states it is undetectable) Easy to set-up GUI Hiscores system (below) Automatic screenshot progress report system every hour Supports resizable mode! (side-panels and transparent chat box support). The bot can remind you to Recharge the blowpipe/trident/serpentime helmets Select the best prayers Wear the selected armor Change combat styles Eat food Cure venom Equip rings of recoil Drink prayer/mage/range potions Use special attacks Repair barrows armor Pickups pets The script guides you to kill Zulrah in the most efficient manner, even taking in Melee safe spots into account Now supporting resizable mode! You may even adjust the size of the script while the script is active! GUI Settings How it works (note this is a human playing) How to setup an equipment profile (from my Zulrah Slayer but same concept) Requirements - 80 to 85+ range/hp/def/magic - 43+ prayer - Regicide, Underground pass, Biohazard, and Plague City required Hiscores System Link Proggies Pricing - 9.99 CREDITS | 6 Months | 1 Auth Get it here now! Dynamic Signature [center][url=https://tribot.org/forums/topic/53608-/][img=http://www.worthy.rs/tribot-php/ZulrahHelper/sigs/USERNAME_HERE.png][/url][/center] Things to note: Green tiles are where you should currently stand Blue tiles are where you should get ready to stand next Red tiles are where Zulrah will spawn Do use karambwans and magic/range potions for faster kills. Do use function keys (esc, f5) so switch tabs quicker. If a karambwan and food is glowing in green, eat the food first and then the karambwan. When battling a certain Zulrah phase, hover over the blue dot on the minimap, and the second Zulrah dives into the ground, click the blue square. Afterwards then wear your new armor, pray the new prayers, eat (if needed), and change combat styles (if needed). Watch this informative video detailing how to deal with the JAD phase This script is just an overlay, it is not supposed to be meant with LG as it does not interact with the game. TRiLeZ has stated the client is undetectable, and the script does not interact with the game, so there is no chance of a ban, thus LG is not plausible to use. IF using Looking Glass, use 64-bit OSBuddy. Additionally go into File > Settings on the TRiBot client and increase the paint delay to 50+ to reduce lag. With the required stats, you should be able to "legit" Zulrah in a few kills. There is also a two hour trial with the script! Don't be alarmed if you don't kill it on the first try though, it could take a few times to get into the rhythm. Regards, Worthy
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    /** * Gets your quest points. * * @return amount of quest points */ public static int getQuestPoints() { return Game.getSetting(101); }
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    Jagex does there ban waves during working hours normally your best bet is to start your bots around this time right now or even a bit earlier and you will find your bots last longer.
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    Amazing script, im currently setting a farm up with your script. Only problem is FC Quester is buggy, doesnt open some doors/gates and also gets stuck randomly. :/
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    Your sig says he's made more money than you though
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    Added you on Skype but there's quite a few imposters, get back to me when you can Thanks Yohojo
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    A vpn (virtual private network) is a IP proxy you can use with your bots, a VPS (Virtual private server) is a virtual computer that you can run your clients on.
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    I have something similar but I don't bother gold farming (IRL job OP). I have 2 Dell PowerEdge r710's each running 2 x 8 core Xeons and 147gb ram (Got them 2nd hand from my job for free) Use VMWare to manage the hosts which is really nice. Unfortunate I only have them set up botting skills for myself and friends. I'm sure if I found a good gold farming method I would give it a crack with a private script! Of course running a unique proxy on each client. I'm sure if I really wanted too I could run a 60+ bot farm all on unique PC's with proxies from my basement wouldn't know where to start though!
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    Thanks @sane90! The more you know right?
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    Just make a text file with the desired worlds inside, one world per line. For example: 386 394 393
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    rock crabs gives steady 65k/hr. You just have to run around aggroing. This spots better if ur account has the defense level tho
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    Define an integer like numToMuleAt and you then only have to change it in one spot


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