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    Takes a plain text file with a list of accounts and adds them to the TRiBot account manager without all the pain of clicking. Source Code Jar Download (Packed with TRiBot client which accounts for 99% of its size.) Run it will the following command: java -jar TribotAccountAdder.jar C:\PathToMyAccount.txt Example: java -jar TribotAccountAdder.jar C:\accounts.txt Accounts.txt structure (pin/preferredworld/xplampskill not required.) email:password:pin:preferredworld:xplampskill Example: [email protected]:qwerty1234 [email protected]:qwerty1234:1234:308 This will not overwrite existing accounts and you must have an existing accounts setting file in the settings folder. Bored as fuck and wanted to make this for the luls. Enjoy whoever uses it.
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    4th person to buy an Auth! just purchased mine, friggen FLAWLESS script @xCode. thanks a lot!! got this bad boy for the next 30 days <3
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  4. 1 point
    I noticed this happening in Dax Combat, bot was trying to click some loot through a wall. I asked Dax about it a few months ago and he said: His code: Maybe you've got to monkey patch it for now?
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    well, you could get started and produce more scripts. im pretty sure you will be making bank if you really commit into making scripts such as this.
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    your orb charger is the only legit that works so far i can tell among all the other bots. if you could make this premium, you would be rich x)
  7. 1 point
    haha, aw And sorry, I can't make the script premium, for that i'd need to be a premium scripter rank and i'm not even a scripter rank It wouldtake probably 6 months - 1 year to get premium rank;
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    Congratulations on release I'll try to snipe cheap (unf) potions to get 99 herb for my main soon !
  9. 1 point
    Looking glass Allows you to mirror another client (osbuddy, official client, browser) to tribot. Many people believe it reduces ban rates. Less bans if you are a believer, significantly more cpu usage regardless.
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    Sorry for your loss @patoon17 that really sucks. It's very difficult to prove without a doubt who the perpetrator was in a case like this. Since there isn't enough evidence to prove without a doubt who hacked your accounts, I'm going to have to close this dispute. Stay safe y'all!
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