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    These forums have a light and a dark theme so when you make your text a dark color (black/grey), those of us using the dark theme can not read it . Same goes for those who use a light color (white/light grey/yellow).
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    You need to stop. Admit you're wrong, because you are. Don't try to justify your actions, because none of them have been justifiable. Admit your answer to Encoded's problem was terrible because it was. Admit your naming conventions are bad. Admit your API knowledge is terrible. Admit your null checks are nearly always wrong. You will never improve unless you admit you're wrong. Just stop.
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    RedSandCrabs This script kills sand crabs in the island of Zeah. Features: ABC2 Antiban Simulates AFK training All sand crab locations supported Fixes stray crabs Eating/Banking supported Click here to add to your repository Progress Reports:
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    Didn't jagex release something saying they were going to be banning lurers, ge doublers, and staking scammers? Still seems to be a ton of them though.
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    Put bad info into proxy -> set proxy to bad proxy -> click select world (or login) -> failed to connect
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    There's definitely some useful information that can help beginners, but you make some misstakes like stated earlier. If you want to improve you'll have to accept constructive feedback and improve on that, especially if your goal is to learn people how to code.
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    {% if theme.dark %} White Text {% else %} Black Text {% endif %}
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    @Deluxes i appreciate your concerns, your points are valid and they are true, and i agree there are points where i need to improve, i never said i am the number 1 tribot scripter, i am a candidate here i improve based on practice, its okay if you feel my code is terrible, thats your right, but i dont agree with your comments, in the snippets your quoting you can clearly see that i am explaining how test and debug, whether your want to continue the script or do something else thats up to you and actually included in the video where i am actually "constructing" a script , not in single area of my tutorial did i claim in my tutorial that these snippets are the best practices to implement, however i mentioned where possible that we are only testing and debuging and problem solving to find out how to overcome things. i respect your opinion, and people are free to vote no or yes both are welcomed by me, i am not here to make a war space with you, all in all i do have some areas that i should improve, but my code works. feel free to find me wherever i post to criticize me, however dont make me feel like this is personal, and your trying to get me denied on something because we are both grown ups here right the tile speaks for itself, i do not need to justify any further, thank you anyways for your input, i appreciate the fact that you are an individual that care enough to follow up my work and progress thanks for boosting myself esteem.
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    Personal progress report
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    I will look into the profile issue today. As for the Webwalking, theres nothing I can really do for that unless I created my own custom travel system, which is not something I'm interested in at the moment. Thanks for the feedback, I'll fix that issue after work.
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    private RSObject[] doors() { return Objects.findNearest(10, new Filter<RSObject>() { @Override public boolean accept(RSObject a) { if (a == null)// we check if the object exists return false; if (a.getDefinition() == null)//check if the object definitions exists return false; String[] actions = a.getDefinition().getActions();// cache the actions of the object if (actions.length == 0)//check if the actions exist return false; if (!Arrays.asList(actions).contains("Open"))// check if the object actions contains the action needed return false; return a.getDefinition().getName().equals("Door"); // return the objects with name Door after satisfying conditions above } }); } private RSObject door() { RSObject[] objects = doors(); if (objects.length > 0) { return objects[0];// grab the first object from the array } return null; } @Override public void run() { while (true) { if (door() == null) return; if (door().isOnScreen() && door().isClickable()) { door().click("Open"); } else { Walking.walkTo(door()); } } } These snippets, along with every other example you provided that uses the same format are absolutely terrible examples of scripting. Your "door" function should only be called once and cached and act opon that rsobject, not every single time you are doing something with it you call it. Just like in your scripter application, which people said MULTIPLE times that you should be caching variables before calling them, this is another simple example of why people should be voting no. @Override public void run() { while (true) { RSObject door = door(); //still terrible imo if (door != null) { //returning stops the script what if we want it to continue to run while we walk around if (door.isOnScreen() && door.isClickable()) { door.click("Open"); } else { Walking.walkTo(door); } } } } Naming is also fairly bad and not descriptive of what the functions do. door() or doors() might be better to name getDoor() or getDoors() as a scripter can expect that they are retrieving something from that function.
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    I think it's a good resource. I've studied Java, but I have had to learn about scripting for Tribot and these tutorials really help!
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    As Erick pointed out, your code has potential to throw a NPE. When you do check for null, it often isn't needed. You also over complicated your code, there is no need to use a map. Here's the solution I came up with. /** * Sorts the given RSNPC array in ascending order by distance to the player's position. * @param npcs RSNPC array to be sorted * @return sorted RSNPC array or null if npcs was null */ RSNPC[] sortByDistance(RSNPC[] npcs) { if (npcs != null && npcs.length > 1) { RSTile playerPos = Player.getPosition(); Arrays.asList(npcs).sort((npc1, npc2) -> Integer.compare(playerPos.distanceTo(npc1), playerPos.distanceTo(npc2))); } return npcs; }
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    Let's pretend this never happened.
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    Eh. I moved it to random actually. That section is for runescape achievements. Congrats!
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    Back again. Had to make a new account to bot on. Got tagged with a temp after using agility bot He he he.
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    I'm voting no. Your code is way too inconsistent and even AFTER pointing out mistakes on your code, you keep repeating them over and over. This was my speculation for a whole now and wasn't sure to what to vote until your response to Encoded scripting challenge. private RSNPC[] targets(String name) { return NPCs.find(new Filter<RSNPC>() { @Override public boolean accept(RSNPC a) { if (a == null) return false; if (a.getDefinition() == null) return false; return a.getDefinition().getName().equals(name); } }); } To begin with, your naming is very vague in this method. How about something like findTarget for your name instead? You are simply just finding a NPC with a name, use NPCS#find(String... name)? This tells me you are not familiar with the API. You keep making inconsistent and weird mistakes. I don't understand why, but if I have that doubt in you, then my vote is no. You are not PROPERLY null checking. With the criticism you were given in the discord chat and maybe in this application, you are still inproperly nullchecking. This code could result in a NPE. This is not something you can just "mess up" on and go back and fix when pointed out. This should be DONE automatically whenever you are scripting. You still haven't grasped that concept yet despite being told so. You need to cache the definition before using it. if (target.getModel() != null) { p = target.getModel().getTriangles(); } Once again, you are not properly null checking. You need to cache the model in a variable then use it. Please check out this link Also, while your code works, it is written in a weird and complicated way. If you were given script writer now, you would continue to write bad code (As shown in your response to Encoded scripting challenge). You keep repeating the same mistakes for some reason despite being told so. It will take time and practice to begin writing good code.
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    We talked about this over PM It goes to the nearest bank as defined by Tribot. This may be added at some point in the future. Please send me a picture of your GUI settings.
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    I've decided that if I do make a high score list, it is going to be exclusively integrated into the script so any random person cannot just go online and view it. Also, just like with dynamic signatures, you will have an option to opt-out of the high scores list, if it is in fact implemented. Yes, it is working. It is possible you denied the firewall connection. My support team will be able to help you further once they are online and available.
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    They don't monitor CPU usage, although they do stream over how many cores your CPU has. My theory is that if a bot client slows down the client FPS, then that will trigger a flag as the client will slow down the rate at which it communicates with the RS servers. Another theory of mine is that sending the client bad/inconsistent mouse/key events will flag you as a bot. This is something I've focused on with an upcoming system.
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    2 newb botters arguing about detection *PSA PSA*
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    @Final Calibur thanks mate for the support, i intend to start with the basic fundamentals of java, then start making short progressive videos on scripting, will try to make each video 20 mins max, hope this helps out.
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