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    No there is not. You can run them for as long as you want. Yes. No. Hope this helped you.
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    Ok, I think I've solved it. Please try it and see if it works for you, if not please provide me with the debugs it will print Via PM.
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    can confirm @Aropupu is a fucking boss scripter
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    Script isn't dated. It's kept up to date. Your personal experiences does not reflect everybody else. Keep ban discussion off my thread, please. You know where it goes. ABC 2 is a plan for all my scripts.
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    It will detect the name in the settings automatically. It will then determine your location. Relleka North, North/East or Waterbirth for Rock Crabs. Or the Sandy beach for Sand Crabs. Based on your location it will make them aggressive again. It seems to work pretty well but due to combat hooks being outdated it attacks Crabs that are already in combat right now. Once the hooks are fixed, it should work pretty well. Let me know
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    If it was a credit card charge it will be automatically refunded in the next few days; however if a few days passes and it is not refunded, feel free to let me know
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    It could be a factor, but we don't know for sure. However with most combat scripts spam clicking/ trying to attack other npcs while already in combat, it is fairly botlike and could get flagged easier.
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    20/07/2016 (Version 18.0) - Script status is now displayed - Fighting core improved - Banking core improved - Rock Crab support (beta) - Sand Crab support (beta) Please note that TRiBot combat hooks are currently outdated. That is the reason for many of the reported problems, such as spamclicking, moving to different monsters and many other problems. Unfortunately this has not been fixed yet for multiple days now. Once it is fixed, the script will automatically perform as you can expect again. For Rock crabs and Sand crabs: add Rock crabs or Sand crabs to your monster list. Start the script, it will automatically start a "sub script" which walks to rocks to turn them into crabs. Due to outdated hooks, the support is in BETA because I was not able to test it under normal circumstances. I will be on holiday from 20 July - 3 August. During this period script sales are closed. When I'm back, I will be working hard on new updates. Thanks everyone and see you in two weeks.
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    so youre telling me your service 100% not botted but you made another post asking how to mass start a script for all accounts logged in? obviously trying to bot the tutorial accounts all at once. gtfo kid nobody buy from him hes planning on botting them
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    What's all this spam about? No one said this was a super top secret illuminati 9999k all day method. Dude's just sharing some info and trying to help out the community.
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