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    wait, let me call Mod Mark real quick edit: he said high
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    Looking glass or some variant is basically required to bot tutorial in my experience. bot as in successfully complete without getting banned
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    how could you say there is no client detection definitively? Jagex always knows whether each user is using either the official client or a trusted client (e.g. OSBuddy). I'd try running them through looking glass and see if this still happens (on your home IP that was flagged), just out of curiosity
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    Also heavily depends on which scripts you are using, rs bot detection is really just pattern detection so if you are using a script that has a known pattern to Jagex you will most likely be banned within the first day of using it. This is why ABC2 is an amazing update because it should take care of most of the patterns in scripts, why I also highly recommend only using ABC2 scripts. I would also highly suggest using LG, some users believe that LG doesn't do anything however I have definitely noticed a reduction in bans when using LG vs not using LG, so definitely something to keep in mind. And botting at night times is definitely not an immediate flag by jagex, I just have noticed my bans are a lot less when I only bot during my daytime hours which actually happens to be almost exact opposite of UK time(my day time is their night and their day is my night.) . Huge reason why my Blast Furnace script is a low ban rate is because of ABC2.
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    Don't bot more than 12 hours a day(I usually go around 8 hours a day), don't bot overnight, and don't bot the same thing for more than a week. Those 3 things alone make accounts last a lot longer.
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    I don't use the break handler
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    What an incredible script and still alive after 1 year + [wow!] If anyone of you is looking for a fletching script, i highly recommend this. i started using this script a little over a year ago, [ retro botter] andi have never EVER gotten banned or anything. Very legitimate script Swift and smooth when running. 2 anti bans to choose from. professional mouse movement. Flawless banking and realistic human methods.. you can seriously suicide this script at G.E I started on Monday 6\27\ and i'm 89 Fletching lol. BEST Fletching script by far. But there is one thing i'd like for you to Fix druid, if you could please figure it why my character runs to different bank booths in varrock west bank and fix it, i'd appreciate it. although i prefer G.E, sometimes i like to switch up locations to increase anti-ban but that's it.. there is absolutely nothing else to complain about or anything. Great work. Thank You Druid <3 S2 K3 Sincerely, Le - x
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    What's all this spam about? No one said this was a super top secret illuminati 9999k all day method. Dude's just sharing some info and trying to help out the community.
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    Well at least he was nice enough to share.
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