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    DCows Kills cows at a less popular location Version: 1.0 About DCows I made DCows as clean as possible for my Scripter application. I have ran the script the entire day without any problems. About DScripting DScripting creates scripts with one or multiple tasks. The key thing in our scripts is that it has to be fast, yet efficient and human like. A human does not misclick its target, and than goes afk 20 seconds, at least not that often. Focus on what the script should do, stress test it on at least 10 accounts for 10 hours, see what happens. Bug free? Ready to release. Losing from others often? Fixing it. We repeat the process until the script is exactly what you need. And is on the high-quality end like you should be able to expect from all DScripts. Features ABC2 Looting support Kills cows & cow calfs Simple informative paint Full banking support Supports 6 types of food Option to bury bones Frequently asked questions: Q: Where do I start this script? A: Anywhere in Lumbridge should work, recommended to start at the cow field Q: End Timer? If I make it stop after exactly 1 hour, that would kill my anti-ban? A: Yes, and so we made it totally random. End script after 1 hour? That means it could end anywhere between 60 minutes and 119 minutes and 59 seconds. Q: I found a bug / glitch! A: Please send me a private message on the forums including the following form: Update log: Get it now!
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    Thanks for this 2 year old video very relevant
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    Definitely a fine piece of script by Worthy.. effectively killing zulrah multiple times with one inventory.
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    you've been my insipiration lol ive only seen your iphone 6s plus thread and the nice jacket one lol
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    Nah that's wrong, there are a lot of GDK bots still. Even though they are high ban rate there are still tons of them. They have just migrated to different spots.
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    In order to sell any amount of credits, you must have at least 100 post count and be a member of TRiBot for at least two months. Once you have reached 100 posts and you've been a member for two months, you can transfer up to 5 credits total per month. If you'd like to transfer more than 5 credits per month, please see this thread where you can apply to have your credit limit increased. Increase Credit Transfer Limit request
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    Oh I see, thanks for the reply man. I think that means you have to put your actual str level there or att lvl. So if you have 70 str, you tell the script 70.
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    The logic system only supports banks for the time being. Banking with an NPC requires reworking the logic system. The potion task will drink when the desired skill is at or lower than x. In your case, it will drink when your strength level is at or lower than -1, 0, or 1
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    tbh i dont see how people are getting banned using this script its running perfectly fine for me, anything aropupu makes is quality ive used his free thieving and this script to 70 agility on 1 acc and 33 agility on another acc and not 1 got banned
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